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  1. Don't switch to another language and immediately switch back. Switch to another language, load a game, and pull up some dialog where the icons would be present (the info on whatever monster group was spawned). See if the icons are back. (If not, then nothing will happen in your original language.) If so, then quit and switch back. The icons should be fixed now for all languages. Of course, 1.4.3 should have fixed this by now.
  2. I found that if you switch to another language and then back to English, it fixes this problem. The problem is the proper font is not being retained through the update. I wonder if this happens with every language after the update or only with English?
  3. I thought that on quests you got [X gold/hero](half if you lost the quest) plus all the gold from the search tokens. But, with the new update, I've noticed this is not the case. The gold reward is just the base amount per hero. My mistake. I thought the gold collected from search tokens was included in the total on the quest rewards screen, instead of going straight into the party's coffers.
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