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  1. Cammos are usually in the context of camouflage textures / patterns originally developed by the military... You can usually best blend with a civilian crowd wearing civilian clothing but that is also usually not what the term "cammo" is about.
  2. Indeed. While the blade (not the hilt) has no weight to speak of, the field generated to contain the energy resists penetration (and thus cutting things). This would be what makes lightsabers so difficult to wield effectively (aside from being dangerous). The hilt itself would still have some weight to it. A connection to the force and being in tune with the kyber would enable you to feel the lightsaber as a mere extension of your self, making it way better to handle. As for Lucas changing his mind without any regards for what was established or any reflection on the quality of his whims, that is old news by now... In the end, the comparison of the original and the prequels shows pretty clearly how much of Star Wars relied on Lucas being forced to rely on other people and the heed their advice. The prequels simply is what happened, once he could do as he pleased and relied few if any people who dared to advise him. Sadly I am less and less convinced of the job Lucasfilm is doing under Disney though. That being said, I did like Rebels for the most part. To me season 3 was having a few steep lows and season 4 continuing the downwards trend... with the final few episodes making me thankful it is over.
  3. Yes, that is actually part of what I said... even though it was not Lucas... but that is a different story. On the things of the prequels doing the swordfighting better... no, actually they did not. They just went to the other extreme and not always on the better side of silly. A swordfight between masters ought infact to be quite unspectacular for the most part, unless they do it for show. The latter part being what we have in the prequels and in Star Wars since, which is fine of course, since it is a show. Adam Driver as Kylo Ren (and the coreographer in question) did quite a good job though. Kylo does fight sloppy (very fitting, due to anger and what not), but it is way closer to a swordfight and likely a good blend between show and fight.
  4. That does only show, the important and positive influence, that limitations can have. Star Wars overcame a lot of the limitations of its time, while being kept in check by those it didn't. However I am pretty certain that the helicopterblades were at no point of Star Wars a thing that was too difficult to show.... For Rebels, I gather, it simply was a lazy and bad idea, that was too easy to do.
  5. Not to say that everything was ultimately bad but... man that was bad... I really do not like those episodes and their arc. Also no matter how you twist or turn it... teleportation and time-travel just feel wrong in the Star Wars context.
  6. The way things went, it seemed to me, that Kanan could simply have survived, if anyone would have cared to get everyone out alive. It all felt somewhat lazy...
  7. Yeah... I however do not think, that as the Artisan / Racer / Shien Expert that he clearly seems to be, needs to be sneaky at all. Sentry kinda also suits him. Who ever said, that Sentinel equals sneaky? But as I already pointed out, it is more for sport than anything to try and force characters like that into a system like this. In other matters: For the martial arts spec of the warrior I would somewhat expect Teräs Käsi to pop up.
  8. Both Ahsoka and Anakin would be Sentinels in my book. But if Anakin would go by the rules at all, he would still go beyond the scope of a career anyway.
  9. They are hardly immune though... It can take you quite far if you are wlling to use dark pips, yes. In that case we are not necessarily talking Jedi anyway, not in the long run at least. Additionally, should characters with high brawn, with or with out cybertech be virtually immune to poison? Maybe not and maybe they aren't. I've seen people fail checks in the most unlikely and hilarious ways, and especially so when using the narrative dice. In my eyes this topic is still in the realm nitpicking, busy with overthinking. There is enough fluff to argue either way... and while FFG has been a bit wibbly wobbly with their wording now and again, Enhance does still strike me as pretty straight forward.
  10. A lot about this has been said. This topic went pro, contra and then some places. For me there is a very important rule applying to things like this... keep it simple stupid or in short KISS. FFGs SWRPG already strikes me as somewhat bulky for a narrative system, so let's not add overthinking or overinterpreting this. What is actually gained by strongly limiting how enhance can work for resiliance. Is it more fun? Is it really a balancing issue? Is anything really gained by trying to go all GM-Prosecutor on this? I'd say no, it just overcomplicates things and I think this here is overthinking. Should that not be convincing enough, I shall add that the wording does appear quite simply and clear to me.
  11. I think you are doing fine... rewatching the movies will certainly help and portraying Darth Vader is nothing I would describe as challenging. If you have any device handy to replay sound, put the breathing on a loop while he is in the scene.
  12. It may be nice if you infact want to overspecialize, in the long run though starting with an even spread is the better starting position. Even after 100 xp it is nothing to scoff at. Like I said, the abilities you get in exchange rarely are able to compensate for that green die you are short on what is more or less half a dozen of skills. Now one can have an issue with that or not, it is not sound.
  13. As has been thoroughly explained by Absol, there is a logic to this, to me it does however not appear to be completely sound. The developers seem to have viewed the game from a certain perspective, a definite way to set up a character, when they set this up. This view however, does not hold up to what I have perceive as practical truth, while analysing the mechanics, setting up characters, playing the game and observing others play the game. That is ofcourse unless they wanted most species below 100 starting xp at a loss. It is my impression, that there is little that holds up to a raise of characteristics. Since those are difficult to develop later on (and rightly so), the most effective thing to do at creation, seems to be raising as many characteristics as possible. As soon as you go below 100xp (and be it just 95), you are losing out on options and the advantages given rarely compensate for that.
  14. To me there is just the force. The dark side is no more than an influence, a corruption, a cancer. Life and death are both part of the force, the dark side comes into play when extremes and cruelty beyond the way of life take over. As such being afraid is ok, but being reigned by fear leads to darkness. And yes, to me there is no such thing as the light side, there is the force. The destiny pool however is a game mechanic that can be painted with narrative. It is a tool to somewhat govern who gets to break the established how often, ideally for the narratives sake. While one can interpret narrative to the destiny pool, what one mainly should be doing is interpret the pool into the narrative, when used. So my view of what the force is has, for the most part, no effect on the pool or its workings, only on how I narrate them.
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