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  1. Nebulon-B Title: Conviction. Costs 4 points. "At the start of the first round, exchange one defense token for a redirect token."
  2. Just popped in here because I dreamed up a fairly similar Leia build and I was browsing the forums to see how I could tweak it. Glad to see someone having success with it!
  3. Ditto, I like the idea of Tarkin and Sovereign, I just lack the know how to put it together.
  4. This will probably be the next build I play with after regionals. Looks like a resilient pile of shield stripping fun! (Between HIE on the dictor and ACM on a Kuat ISD).
  5. I'm about to start trying him in a list with dual Kuat ISD's, a supressor comms net Gozanti, and a light fighter ball. I think the flexibility will be very beneficial to the list. Facing a sloane ball/bomber cloud? Spam three engineering dials, and have regen shields every turn while also navigating. I'm not sure if it will be any good or not, but he's a different enough commander I think he's worth trying out. I definitely agree with the above comment though. He's best in lists with ships who want to do multiple things at once. Star Destroyers, and Arquitens immediately jump to mind.
  6. If you're going flechette torpedoes I'd swap out the gunnery teams for ordnance experts. Double rerolls on that one black flak to fish for crits is almost necessary if you want them to go off consistently.
  7. I've been trying a BTAvenger on the kuat chasis and I think it works just fine. What I've found works best is to have external racks in the ordnance slot. Double arc the target (easy with JJ) and then trigger BT and flip their Brace and a redirect. If that's all they have, great. Go to town. If not you fire your side arc and external racks first, I've never had someone not use their remaining redirect to divert that shot. Then your front arc for the standard BT avenger shot.
  8. Good point, if I stick with the BTAvenger I'll probably go that route. I may keep the KDY and just outfit it with Gunnery teams and that new offensive retrofit that lets you ram. Just crash in and unleash ****, then let the Cymoon finish off whatever else. So many new optioms to try!
  9. Oh I see, sorry Mad Cat. That does make sense. Instead of it being a one shot attack make it a one-two punch, makes a lot of sense.
  10. Kuat doesn't have a Turbolaser Slot sadly, otherwise that would be perfect. That's true, I was thinking of Leading Shots being nice to fish for crits. Use Vader to reroll every black that isn't a hit/crit, and then leading shots any blank black dice.
  11. Hey everyone, wave 7 has me excited to try a dual ISD fleet for the first time. Here is the initial build. Vader's All Purpose ISD's 391/400 ISD Cymoon 1 Refit (179 Points) Darth Vader (Commander) Minister Tua/ECM Gunnery Team Spinal Arnaments X17 Turbolasers ISD Kuat Refit (137 Points) Strategic Advisor Boarding Troopera ECM Leading Shots Wide Area Barrage Avenger Gozanti Cruisera (27 Points) Comms Net Hondo Ohnaka Squadrons (48 Points) TIE Fighter x6 Objectives: Advanced Gunnery Contested Outpost Intel Sweep I'm not 100% sold on my blue objective. I initially thought of Solar Corona, but that just leads to conservative deployments by my opponent (and would probably get picked most of the time). With Intel Sweep all my objectives either give me a nasty advantage (Advanced Gunnery on BTAvenger) or forces the enemy to come to me or I win on points alone. I'm also not sure about the KDY Refit vs the ISD 1 being the BTAvenger platform. With it's low squad value, on the one hand 90% of ships on the game will die, but it's much less sure of a kill versus something like an HMC80. So anyways, thoughts, opinions? Critiscisms?
  12. That's mostly what I'm concerned about. I have an alternate build of this fleet that drops one raider and a TIE + Howl for a kitted Demolisher. I was concerned about that lists ability to handle bomber swarms though. Six TIEs and a Jamming Field (instead of comms net) is not a lot of cushion. But Demo is a serious upgrade to firepower.
  13. Hello everyone! Been a rebel player most of my career, but I've been thinking about switching sides for a change of pace. Comments and criticism please! Moff Jerry's Raiders: 393/400. Objectives: Most Wanted, Contested Outpost, Navigational Hazards. ISD-II Moff Jerjerrod Skilled First Officer Gunnery Team Electronic Countermeasures Leading Shots X17 Turbolasers Relentless Raider 1 Ordnance Experts External Racks Raider 1 Ordnance Experts External Racks GozantiCruiser Comms Net Gozanti Cruiser Squads: Howlrunner TIE Fighter x7
  14. Dropping nav team off the Neb for sure. With QBT's you're already going to be wanting to slow roll in at speed 1, and then jump up to speed 3 with a nav command to jump their ship or run away from an incoming demolisher. If you use the jamming field right it will only help the Biggs Ball tie down a big squadron group, and make it even harder for them to grind through your x-wings.
  15. Hey there! If it were me (and I'm relatively new to this, so take it with a grain of salt) I would make the following changes. Drop Torynn Farr and turn the combat refit GR75 into a standard GR75. Black Flak has a 75% chance to do damage, blue is only 50%. Even with a Torynn Farr reroll it's not going to be that much more consistent than a black dice (someone better with probability fact check me). I like Torynn, I just don't think she adds enough to your fleet to be worth the combat refit and her 7 points. The above frees up enough points to change one of the X-wings into Biggs, and trust me, his ability is well worth the extra 6 points. Between him and Jan you will get more survivability out of those X-wings than you ever thought possible. What's the worst damage coming in usually? Max of four? So another fighter shoots one of your x-wings and gets four hits. Jan braces that down to two, and Biggs passes one of those hits off to another x-wing, so the target x-wing only takes 1 damage. It's insanely good at mitigating damage, and will just slowly chew it's way through even a huge squad ball. Plus the brace is coming from Jan, so they can't even accuracy it. Watch out for snipe squadrons and you will be golden. Making those changes also frees up enough points to put TRC's on all your CR90's. Dual Turbolasers are okay, but for two points more TRC's are great. And sure, throw nav teams on the corvettes. It still leaves you a 6 point bid, and I'm really curious how maneuverable those CR90's would be with Leia giving them Madinesque clicks on each navigate command. I don't see a whole lot of nav teams taken, but you might be onto something combining them with Leia. Throw a skilled first officer on Salvation. Leia lets you jump two speeds in one nav command to get the **** out of dodge, when the time comes to do that it would suck to have one last concentrate fire command with a nav dial under it. For only 1 point, that flexibility (and psuedo command 1 for two turns) is impossible to beat. Most of all, just playtest it! If you feel like you got enough mileage out of Toryn to include her, then ignore me and include her! Just be analytical during your game, and maybe ask your opponent their impressions of your fleet. I think you'll find a lot of opponents surprised by how maneuverable your corvettes are with nav teams!
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