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  1. Shh! Don't jinx it! They will errata it and say they got the cards backwards. Meanwhile, yes, I was sort of confused that Guardians were getting a resource generating weapon while the Rogues were getting a two-for-one killing weapon. Especially since except for Contraband and Act of Desperation all the bonus ammo and the free recursion card are right there in the Guardian card pool waiting to be abused. Allonym does make some very good points to support the assignment, so I won't "second guess" the designers, especially since I regard the Guardian version as a special gift from Nodens to poor overworked, underpaid Guardians to begin with..
  2. As I've mentioned in the past, I haven't played Mystics much, so I could be wildly off on the Scroll of Secrets for them. I've seen others that love deck manipulation shenanigans, which is why I rated it so well. After I posted, I thought of all the OTHER Upgrade and Supply cards that synergize with .45 Thompson (3) - Guardian. (Most of which you mention for the Rogue version for "Skids".) Using it pretty much pays to add them, making its value even more boosted and dependent on how many you can throw on it. All of that covers for it being "just" a 2 damage weapon as I see it. I did miss those Rogue combos for "Skids", which make that version a super-weapon for him like the Guardian version is for Mark. Those are the same kind of stories I expect, and why I went with ?/? for the Council's Coffer.
  3. The theme is "Power Combos" and "Extra Signature Cards". .45 Thompson (3) - Guardian Refund for using it? Yes, please. The combos though make it ridonkulous. Well-Maintained - 1 xp and you get it back. And it is almost completely paid for. Act of Desperation - Mark Harrigan only. Get a full refund for playing Super Man Thug with it on top of the refund for using it. Both of the Above - It is a 3-card combo so I would never rely on it, but if you get it? "Say 'hello' to my little friend!" Pure Awesome. 5/5, 6/5 for Mark Harrigan, 8/5 with Bandolier (2) added and you pull the 4-card combo. .45 Thompson (3) - Rogue Compared to Chicago Typewriter (which is the same object) it is 1 less xp, 1 more ammo, 1 less damage, and instead of getting Fight bonuses for using extra actions you can "double" your damage for 1 ammo if the enemies are swarming. Skids O'Toole can do the Well-Maintained combo. Finn Edwards can do the Act of Desperation combo. Jenny Barnes can try for the triple. Not as Awesome as the Guardian version, but still solid. 3/5, 4/5 with the combos. Enchanted Blade (3) - Guardian Base fight bonus is raised, and the charges now heal horror and draw a card in addition to the damage bonus, AND cannot be wasted. Overall a definite upgrade, but like the original, when compared to similar cards the main benefits are situational by campaign. If the Relic property is critical, along with the three horror healing charges, then it is going to be worth a lot more. Of course for 5 Sanity Guardians like Mark Harrigan and Roland Banks, those three charges will mean a lot, and especially for base 5 Fight Mark Harrigan the unempowered version is a perfectly serviceable finishing weapon. Above average. 3/5, 4/5 for Roland, 5/5 for Mark. (And Mark with this, .45 Thompson (3), Bandolier (2), Well-Maintained, and Act of Desperation is just unfair for monsters - 10/5 for drawing to the inside straight flush.) Enchanted Blade (3) - Mystic An extra charge that can be spent for an extra power-up. Like the other weapons, this works on a per-investigator basis. Agnes Baker, Father Mateo and Marie Lebeau do not have the base Fight to make it worthwhile. Diana Stanley and Jim Culver do, and particularly while Diana powers up it is an excellent weapon. Akechi Onyale is perfect, giving it an extra charge to start and being able to recharge it, but she really should be Shriveling enemies instead. Variable. 2/5 for the weak Mystics, 4/5 for the strong Mystics. Grisly Totem (3) - Seeker The performing investigator draws a card if the test succeeds. This makes the card fully functional when Minh Thi Phan is in play - you get 2 bonus skill icons and a card draw. It is still not that great without her around. Depends on the investigator. 2/5 in general, 4/5 with Minh in play, 5/5 for Minh and Silas - see below. Grisly Totem (3) - Survivor Get your card back if you fail - a Survivor "standard". And good enough at that. But let's combo that with Silas Marsh with Minh and the Seeker version. Silas gets 2 bonus icons for a committed card, he gets a card back if he fails, he gets a card draw if he succeeds. Oh, and he can commit two cards and get both back if he pulls the Tentacles and one back plus the draw if he does not. Depends on the investigator. 2/5 in general, 4/5 for Silas in general, 5/5 for the Minh and Silas combo. Scroll of Secrets (3) - Seeker Manipulates 3 cards at a time rather than 1. Which is nice, but it takes a Seeker hand slot and an action. Except for Daisy Walker because it is a Tome. Fair for everyone but Daisy. 2/5 in general, 4/5 for Daisy. Scroll of Secrets (3) - Mystic Extends manipulation to the Encounter Deck and the tops of decks. An improvement over the base card in that respect, but still looking for the something-something. Like . . . Alyssa Graham to get a free look at the top of the Encounter Deck then this to bury it for an Action and a Secret instead of Doom. The combo makes or breaks it. 2/5 in general, 4/5 in combo with another deck manipulator card. Tennessee Sour Mash (3) - Rogue Bumps the Will bonus and adds a Damage bonus for the end use. Pretty much a custom card for 2 Will "Skids" O'Toole and 1 Will Finn Edwards. They will actually beat Will tests on Treachery cards with this. And they get a solid 2 damage attack when done. Rating by Investigator. 0/5 for Preston (he cannot take it), 3/5 for Jenny and Sefina (they do not really need the Will bonus but it isn't useless for them), 4/5 for "Skids" and Finn. Tennessee Sour Mash (3) - Survivor Cheaper and an extra charge for an Evade against a non-Elite enemy on the combat use. Not spectacular, but not weak for any Survivor. It provide particular cover for Calvin Wright until he soaks some damage and Silas Marsh with his 2 Will. Generally good. 3/5, 4/5 for Calvin and Silas. The Council's Coffer (2) - Neutral Everyone pile on for a once per campaign super-team power-up. It is worth 2 xp and 1-4 skill test (5)'s for a free any card once per campaign? IF you draw the coffer soon enough to make the tests in time? It should win any scenario - but just that scenario. That feels way too swingy for me, but I'd really need to use it half a dozen times to judge it. Mysterious. ?/?.
  4. .32 Colt? Which leads right into: Blackjack (2) and Bandolier (2) in Return to Dunwich, and the spoiled reloadable .32 Colt (2) coming in Return to Carcosa. .45 Automatic (2) was a back a bunch in Phantom of Truth, but it has a reload in the form of Well-Maintained (1) coming up in The Wages of Sin. It really looks like a specific design plan to enable something other than the L3-5 Guardian only, 2-handed, 5-6 resource cost weapons as functional options going into later scenarios. Enhanced more with the other Upgrade cards added to the mix. For which a List of Taboos Machete (2) is a "natural fit", perhaps to position it as an "upgrade" from a Trench Knife.
  5. Well first, I'm not the one who called the Machete the current automatic default. That was you. I was replying to that specific description that you gave. If you want to change that standard, then my counter will be different. Now you declare Machete is not the default because of other changes to the card pool. Umm . . . yeah. Exactly. With the card pool changed, gameplay has been changed. So what exactly is wrong with modifying Machete to reflect the new developments? Not only are there other choices, it isn't even the default. Something being the default is not a problem, but changing the default does not solve . . . something that is not a problem? And besides the problem was already solved by expanding the card pool anyway? Oh, and moving Machete to 2 xp decreases the decision tree for a starting deck, but it increases it for an experienced deck. That's how such a shift works. If its primary benefit is being relied upon when xp is not available and other options are not in play, then it is a default, that pretty much being the definition of the word. And as it goes, I touched on this in my post after my reply to you where I noted that I expect the List of Taboos is something the designers consider, at least collaterally, in designing new cards, and that discussions of cards should not assume that everyone owns everything.
  6. Some other thoughts I've been saving regarding other musings on this. I think that the List of Taboos have affected card design decisions already, if not directly then at least collaterally. As I mentioned before in discussing TCU cards, between Fingerprint and Crack the Case, this cycle has "replacements" for the cluevering powers of Rex and Dr. Milan, especially as modified in the new FAQ. I would even go so far as to surmise and suggest that all new card decisions are impacted to some degree by experience with earlier cards, and probably an ear open for fan discussion and feedback. (I'm sure they hear quite a bit at Arkham Nights events.) And I would double down on that by saying that is a Good Thing (TM), as such puts a huge drag on Power Creep, which is a notoriously "excellent" way to destroy a game. Any steps to keep that under control should be welcomed. I would also add that any consideration of cards relating to development should keep in mind the physical structure of the game as a product in terms of availability. Particularly as cycles advance, that "buy in" cost compounds. I joined after the start when it was $130. A full buy in is now $585, and $90 announced. (Plus another $70 for the side adventures.) That means "no Dunwich Legacy cycle/no Blood on the Altar pack, no Higher Education or Streetwise at all - printed 3 xp OR Tabooed 8 xp version". And I see that 4 out of 6 Limited cards and 4 out of 7 Mutated cards - 8 out of 13 total Taboos - are from the Dunwich Legacy cycle. Start with 2 cores and The Circle Undone and that's all of 3 cards affected that newcomers have barely used, and don't even know are "defaults" they "must" include in their decks (or else?). Comparisons made between the "value" of cards should keep that in mind; again something I rather expect the designers do. Is the List of Taboos the best thing since Lightning Gun Sliced Bread? I think it is far too early to tell just yet. But it is equally too soon to declare it the worst thing since that card that everyone hates and would never use.
  7. I think that's sort of the point. Which is to say, not reinventing gameplay, but just finding a new default. Or, and indeed, as you mention 3 different weapons, eliminating the default weapon altogether, and opening things up so there is no weapon is the default at all. And, as that goes, so other cards are not defaults either. As for the method being negative, with or without warrant, that's a bit different. And why I noted the potential for that list to be modified, including dropping the Machete (2) to a Machete (1) when the .32 Colt (2) becomes available.
  8. Well, maybe when Return to Carcosa comes out, the Taboo list will be modified to reduce Machete (2) to Machete (1), or even just drop it off the list altogether. That's a benefit of an optional list that can be regularly modified. Of course it should be noted that it requires an action to replay the .32 Colt (2), something the Machete (any) does not require.
  9. 😮 Well phoo. How did I not recognize that? Well, time to add an extra starting tactic. :)
  10. I keep finding myself agreeing partially with everyone. I've played Stick to the Plan rather routinely with my Guardians, in particular with my all Guardian team. And it tends to be my first upgrade. Even with nothing else it can store a pair of Emergency Caches and cut deck size by 2 making it easier to draw and afford starting weapons. With a few more xp a Prepared for the Worst, Extra Ammunition, and Custom Ammunition go in, making upgrading past a simple .45 (0) almost unnecessary, particularly if you manage to draw a Reliable, and now a Well-Maintained, early enough. Depending on the campaign, it would probably be my first upgrade if it cost 8 xp, and maybe even at a dizzying 10 xp. I find it is just that good, that often - for my style of play. As for the Bonus Slots versus Permanent Talents, I don't use Relic Hunter, but Charisma is the only card that can displace Stick to the Plan for Leo. Having used them, I find there is a "combo requirement" for both types. Yes, you have to draw and play the Allies (or Relics) for Bonus Slots to work, but presumably you are stacking your deck to begin with. When you have 2 copies each of 5 Allies in a Leo deck, that's a full third of your deck. You have to be all kinds of stupidly unlucky not to have 1 in your hand for at least half the game. With Leo's ability, he always has an action to play them, and with the discount, he almost always has the resources. Other investigators have to work a bit more, but it is far from impossible. I've "used" Charisma almost every scenario I've had it with an Investigator with an Ally deck. Conversely, having just Peter Sylvestre and Leo De Luca in your deck and counting on both to show up all the time is a great way to waste 3 xp on Charisma. For the Skill Cards, you still have to get the resources, and for Higher Education the cards in hands. Doing that requires actions that are often not directed at winning the game - gathering clues and killing enemies. Getting rich doesn't win scenarios. If a Rogue spends 2 actions every turn to get rich enough to Investigate or Fight once, that's not going to win long term. That includes spending the first 3 turns stocking up and then cruising. The Encounter Deck may have left you in the dust by the time you are ready to start playing. As for sitting on cards to fuel Higher Education, it seems it works about half the time for me. Either I get the 2-3 cards (like Death and good old Milan) in my starting hand and never have to play another so I can sit on everything I draw after that, or I don't, and I'm dropping cards left and right to skill checks all game, wondering if I will get to use Higher Education in the next scenario. While I have started taking it as a "mandatory" upgrade, I always find myself looking at Arcane Insight and Guiding Stones and wondering if I should have bought one of those instead. I can easily understand passing on Higher Education for some more of those sweet, expensive Seeker spells and Task upgrades, or leaving Streetwise to grab Skeleton Key first, and then Ace in the Hole and The Gold Pocket Watch are staring at me. Everything that cost resources has an action cost associated with it, and unless you play an all Skill deck, every card has a cost associated with it that impacts using Talents. That pushes the "value" of most cards back to being dependent on play style over card text.
  11. Not directly addressing the issue of the Taboos, but just this section as a game design/development/play issue: There is always "somebody's" feelings to hurt on the other side of the table. I saw way too much envy in supposedly "cooperative" RPG organized play - enough that I continually question my sanity for sticking with it even after I realized just how bad it was for everything from individual games to local venue communities to the system as a whole. No matter how much you do to save everyone else, someone will begrudge you for "not letting them" be the superstar with their cosmetic damage attacks that never hit anyway and wasted spells. Never underestimate what people will define as "fun", up to and including griefing someone else's definition of the word rather than playing and succeeding at the game. After that, try and avoid undervaluing their definitions so as to get the most cooperation and agreement possible.
  12. Thank you. I had not considered those elements, but those are excellent points, and a perfect answer to my question regarding the choice Double on this. I've said variations on that regarding other games I've played for years. Good design is what I pay for, and that continues with good updating keeping me interested in paying.
  13. The Limited List On a general level I am . . . intrigued. They are not full out changing the cards via errata (which would be "interesting" in terms of future reprints of sets and such. And the changes are clearly in response to players - of a generally non-competitive game. So on a theoretical level it is fascinating just for that. For those specific cards: Higher Education - Given the hype, what is wrong with a cost of 8? That puts it on a level with Gold Pocket Watch. In fact looking at it that way, if they change was to add 1 xp to the cost plus the Exceptional keyword to the text it would cost the same 8 xp. And for other cards costing more than 5 xp, we have Ace in the Hole, Borrowed Time, and Stick to the Plan, all with an effective cost of 6, in addition to Gold Pocket Watch at 8. Oh, and the newly mutated Key of Ys is now 6 xp. As such, the 5 xp "limit" has been broken for awhile and gets grown. Scrapper - Well, people wanted a high cost Survivor card, and now they have one. Streetwise/Keen Eye - Streetwise also gets the Higher Education treatment, but Keen Eye doesn't. Uh huh. Not that I mind, I love Guardians. But is Streetwise really as "bad" as Higher Education? Switchblade (2) - Is now Switchblade (3). That seems almost unnecessary for a +2 Fight, +1 Damage (limited) weapon. As printed it is equal to the revised Machete (2) and Blackjack (2). Between this, Streetwise, and revised Elusive (2), Rogue are getting rogued. The Mutated List So Milan Christopher gets taken down 2 notches, and Rex Murphy's cluevering follows right behind. Combined those make the new Fingerprint Kit and Connect the Dots a LOT more relevant. You can't Delve that Deep anymore, which will cause issues with the Limited List for some, and for Mystics upgrading their spells, which boosts Arcane Research.. Also, no more Sleight of Handing those Chicago Typewriters. (Aka, Highlander Goes Rogue.) And no "50 Actions in a Single Round" Ace in the Hole theoretical mega-combos. Seriously, are Rogues truly that berserk? Maybe I need to build and play more. And the Key of Ys only works for a player once, and costs more to use that one time.
  14. For the same reasons Machete is 5/5 even when Lightning Gun exists - it's a great backup attack and it doesn't have charges. Yeah, it doesn't have a bonus to hit. But it gives a penalty, and so won't blow up a friend when you miss. And with those penalties, you can reduce some enemies to 0 combat, so even weak allies can finish them off. Mostly it is getting the time right. Sure the team can clear at location with the same effective number of actions, but did the guy with the camera move into the location first? That is compounded when you are in a situation where you could clear two locations in a turn, and the guy using the camera has to move in between the clearings. (Which is something that feeds my liking of Swift Reflexes so much.) Things like Intel Report and Sixth Sense will reduce that, but it is still going to be an issue.
  15. I like most of them more. Alice Luxley: Alice is pretty much the inverse of Roland Banks' special ability - instead of kill a monster and get a clue she is get a clue and hurt/kill a monster. In fact, I can see a nice synergy there on either a reasonably low Shroud location or just using Scene of the Crime to discover a clue, use Alice to off some fracking Whippoorwill, the use Roland to grab another clue. And with other clue gathering cards and new clue clearing cards proliferating, the synergies go through the roof. I'd rate her a solid for Roland and Joe as well, and even potential with Leo and his horde. 5/5 all the way.Well Maintained*: Again, as the card pool proliferates, combos are getting more and more likely, and anything that plays into that is going to get more and more powerful. Also, I think you underestimate the effect of Mythos Cards that make you discard Assets. Losing your super-weapon because you pull Corrosion just as you drop the last upgrade on it is . . . Well, yeah. As it does require effort I'd knock it down to 4/5, but getting back your weapon AND your Custom Ammo AND your Reliable makes it quite worthwhile.Mr Rook: Mr. Rook is an exercise in living dangerously. How many cards do you dare to pull? I do agree on timing when you get your Weakness, but it is still going to be a risk. 2/5Hawk-Eye Folding Camera: Yet again, synergy with combos for the win. What I would rate this down on is multiplayer, where you have to clear 4-8 clues from a location instead of 1-4. Otherwise this is +1 Will, +1 Int, and +1 San for $2. That's worth a 4/5 1-2 player games and 3/5 in 3-4 player games.Swift Reflexes: I'd say you are. I cannot count the number of times I've wanted to take just one action first - say to engage or backstab or whatever a monster that is engaged with the Seeker so the Seeker can cluever out the location, but don't want to take all actions before the Seeker, or similar circumstances. Adding mucking with turn order to getting an extra action to Rogues is like icing on the cake. I'm going full 5/5 for this, 4/5 for 1 or 2 player.Henry Wan: Yeah. Not awesome. 1/5Wither: If only there was a way to use this before the Guardians go. Some sort of reflexes or something. I really don't see any downside on this unless you HAVE to be the person to do all the damage and get all the kills. 5/5Sixth Sense: I love it more. No charges and a bonus instead of a penalty for drawing a symbol token? More than worth getting a Will bonus or extra clues. 5/5Belly of the Beast: And you can't waste it. (Play AFTER you have succeeded by 2, not before and maybe get the bonus.) 4/5Drawing Thin: Why use it to fail? There are plenty of enemies Survivors can evade even after you give them a +2. For that matter, Agnes Baker and her 5 Will, or Minh Thi Phan and her 5 Intellect and extra skill icons can play around with it with abandon. Even Finn Edwards or Jenny Barnes who routinely play for Double or Nothing will have another version with this. 5/5 for succeeding with style!
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