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  1. I wondered how that was done. Sending that, and another one just in case, now.
  2. Over at ArkhamDB. https://arkhamdb.com/find?q=handcuffs&decks=player And in my email storage - I submitted the question. :P The reasoning is given - there is no "then" after "readies" and before "moves". Therefore, the moving, and by extension engaging and/or attacking, is not dependent on successfully readying.
  3. The third part, about Handcuffs not preventing an enemy from moving, engaging, and attacking, is from a direct reply from FFG about a question regarding that very thing due to other Encounter Cards.
  4. 1. Wow 2. WOW! 3. Awesome!!! I love that commentary. And yes, I thought about The Drifters and Performs myself. And tell Voice of Reason to behave! I will have to come up with my commentaries on Traits on Player Cards now. Most likely in a few days, as I have to deal with a bunch of Real Life at the moment. (Good stuff though, nothing horrible.)
  5. As Allonym said, musing about "errata" is all well and good, but the cards are what they are. As I said, I made the list to set up themes, and while it revealed some "peculiarities" that we can muse on endlessly, it was for building peculiar teams. Maybe FFG will do that - add Ultimatums and Achievements based on Traits. "Complete Return to The Dunwich Legacy with all Wayfarers" "Investigators may not use cards, including Investigators, with the Police trait" For that matter, maybe some players will make up a bunch. Like those. 😛
  6. I agree. And I thought about doing additional commentary on each Trait to note such things, but that would require a lot more work, and I did not want to spam 10 posts of infodump until I checked to see if anyone even cared about the subject. I also checked for player cards that shared these Traits while reviewing this, and I noticed a few peculiarities there as well. For example, Handcuffs have the Police Trait. The Police Badge does not. Even though the Police Trait was used on the Beat Cop in the Core Set along with the Police Badge. So like with Rex who is cursed but not Cursed, they may need some other quirky text to account for "missing" Traits on Player Cards at some point.
  7. With all the investigators now available, it is becoming possible to make teams built around trait "themes", like Team Misktatonic or Team Law and Order or Team Criminal and the like. Only Team Drifter and Team Performer can field a full team of 4 at the moment, others can get close. So here is a list of the currently available Investigators and their traits for anyone who wants to indulge the craziness, or at least just have a look at who and what is available. Symbols ^ = Investigator is available in a Novella and not a campaign set. * = Investigator has another trait. (2 total) ** = Investigator has two other traits. (3 total) Investigators by Trait Agency Roland Banks* Artist Sefina Rousseau Assistant Mandy Thompson* Minh Thi Phan Believer Father Mateo* Zoey Samaras* Criminal “Skids” O’Toole Finn Edwards Tony Morgan* Cultist Diana Stanley* Cursed Calvin Wright* Patrice Hathaway* Detective Joe Diamond Roland Banks* Dreamer Luke Robinson** Drifter “Ashcan” Pete Calvin Wright* Jenny Barnes Luke Robinson** Silas Marsh^ Wendy Adams Hunter Tony Morgan* Zoey Samaras* Medic Carolyn Fern Miskatonic Daisy Walker Norman Withers^ Rita Young Performer Jim Culver Lola Hayes Marie Lambeau Patrice Hathaway* Police Tommy Muldoon* Reporter Rex Murphy Scholar Mandy Thompson* Silver Twilight Diana Stanley* Preston Fairmont* Socialite Preston Fairmont* Sorcerer Agnes Baker Akachi Onyele Marie Lambeau* Veteran Leo Anderson* Mark Harrigan Warden Father Mateo* Tommy Muldoon* William Yorick Wayfarer Leo Anderson* Luke Robinson** Ursula Downs Investigators by Class Guardian Carolyn Fern Medic Leo Anderson Veteran, Wayfarer Mark Harrigan Veteran Roland Banks Agency, Detective Tommy Muldoon Police, Warden Zoey Samaras Believer, Hunter Mystic Agnes Baker Sorcerer Akachi Onyele Sorcerer Diana Stanley Cultist, Silver Twilight Father Mateo Believer, Warden Jim Culver Performer Luke Robinson Dreamer, Drifter, Wayfarer Marie Lambeau Performer, Sorcerer Rogue "Skids" O'Toole Criminal Finn Edwards Criminal Jenny Barnes Drifter Preston Fairmont Silver Twilight, Socialite Sefina Rousseau Artist Tony Morgan Criminal, Hunter Seeker Daisy Walker Miskatonic Joe Diamond Detective Mandy Thompson Assistant, Scholar Minh Thi Phan Assistant Norman Withers^ Miskatonic Rex Murphy Reporter Ursula Downs Wayfarer Survivor "Ashcan" Pete Drifter Calvin Wright Cursed, Drifter Rita Young Miskatonic Patrice Hathaway Cursed, Performer Silas Marsh^ Drifter Wendy Adams Drifter William Yorick Warden Neutral Lola Hayes Performer
  8. .32 Colt (2) Being able to reload the Colt also has significant potential in scenarios with critters you wouldn't want to touch with a 10' pole - because they destroy your melee weapon, or because their combat value drops when attacked by a range weapon - which is of course several more scenarios after The House Always Wins. As for investing in boosting skills, to me that says Keen Eye. A Guardian not burning resources on high cost weapons can afford to pay to zero in his Colt turn after turn, and will enjoy the high ammo and easy reload. Of course that will be affected by the difficulty you play at. Eat Lead (0) While useful with a .32 Colt, it does come off as a bit too little to be quite that useful. If anything, it seems it has more potential to make sure you "only" get an Autofail rather than some horrible Special Symbol effect. Logical Reasoning (4) Really awesome healing, especially for Carolyn who gets to "give away" 3 resources with it, but the xp cost is harsh. Comparing it to Ancient Stone in terms of opportunity effect, I think the big draw with this is the potential to get rid of three Terrors instead. It is that effect I think that makes it worthwhile. The only problem is finding enough xp for it without Delving Way Too Freaking Deep. Archaic Glyphs: Markings of Isis (3) This is effectively a 3 use Unearth the Ancients, with the added benefits of applying to all cards rather than just Seeker cards, and not having to declare the target card at the start of the action. It loses being able to draw a card if you play a Relic as a result, and it costs 3 xp. AND it means you cannot have Guiding Stones or Prophecy Foretold. The first part of this is cool. The second part not so much. It is the third part that makes it a non-starter, as even 10 uses of Unearth the Ancients would barely be worth giving up Guiding Stones or Prophecy Foretold. Alchemical Transmutation (2) Ultimately it is the Chaos Bag draw that speaks against this. No matter what, pulling a Special Symbol token and eating 1 damage, plus provoking some horrible effect in later scenarios of a campaign, just does not come across as making all that Mythos Gold worthwhile. Storm of Spirits (3) Dynamite Blast for Mystics, except instead of the damage being automatic it is dependent on a Chaos Bag draw. Yeah, that's one of the illustrations in the dictionary under "Fun". Stealth (3) The zero level version does not do it for me, but the free action aspect of this intrigues me. I'm thinking of this on Finn, and feeling sad that Rita cannot take it. Suggestion (1) Leo can use this to actually evade a couple of times. Sefina gets almost as many charges from it as Wendy. Jenny can also put it to good use. Gravedigger's Shovel (1) Lantern (1) Pretty much "custom" upgrades for Yorick, burning some xp to reduce the cost on these while he recovers them endlessly.
  9. Yes, I noticed that as well giving them the once over. So you could toss one cat on a skill check of the cat in play - at base ability of 5, then discard the cat in play for an auto-success and put the cat tossed for the skill check into play on the next turn. It is a built in cycling mechanism. Now the really difficult task is figuring out how to have one cat in play, one cat discarded, and the last cat as the only card in your deck to have an infinite recursion mechanism that never exhausts your deck.
  10. See? There is always that one thing that you need another card for. So Preston keeps "You Owe Me One" to drop the Agency Backup, and Ross pays for the arms for Guardians and accessories for Mystics.
  11. Preston Fairmont needs Charles Ross, Esq., and the usual Rogue economy cards so he can buy an armory, grimoire, or Agency Backup for everyone, and never mind "You Owe Me One". I'm really seeing Versatile as exceptionally versatile with the combos it makes possible.
  12. One thing I never see noted much is that Carolyn does not only heal horror, she "gives" resources when she does. Investigators with Carolyn can wind up seriously flush with resources as long as Carolyn keeps the regular counseling sessions going. With that in mind: With Peter Sylvestre and Forbidden Knowledge, Teamwork becomes an option to redistribute some of Carolyn's resources. When not giving resources away, Keen Eye becomes an incredible upgrade, as Carolyn can use it regularly when not healing to get her cluvering into high gear. Also, despite the usual complaints of action economy on things like Clarity of Mind or Liquid Courage, I consider them staples as for Carolyn it means 1 (maybe 2) healing and 1 resource to the target for each action. Sure it means Carolyn is not doing "useful" things like collecting clues with her actions, but it means the target is never "wasting" actions to collect that one extra resource.
  13. If the card is that super-over-powered, then maybe it needs to cost an action to play the card you take to keep it under control. Or maybe it is too powerful, but also too outrageously random to ever be used, like The Council's Coffer. Which perhaps is a balance all its own.
  14. Okay, and when he has not drawn his Fire Axe? Or cannot move? Or needs to save Money Talks? And as it goes, playing "You Owe Me One" then the subsequent card is the same action cost as banking his resources then using them to play a card. As for a card designed for only a single Investigator, just because Preston is likely to have the most opportunity and resources to take advantage of it does not mean he is the only one who gains from it. The only thing I would note on that account is that the card is useless except in multiplayer. But then there are already a number of cards like that. As for Double, Double, is excellent in and of itself. That it also enhances "You Owe Me One" does not reduce the utility of either card. It would be nice if "You Owe Me One" takes only 1 action, but requiring 2 will not ruin it.
  15. Hallowed Mirror + Soothing Melody 2/5 As with my first thoughts on Blood Rite when it was previewed, the problem with Bonded cards is the luck value. At base cost, Hallowed Mirror is 2 Resources and 2 Actions to heal 2 damage or horror among Investigators and Allies and draw 1 card. If you get lucky, it is 2 Resources and 3 Actions to heal 4 damage or horror and draw 2 cards. If you get really lucky, it is 2 Resources and 4 Actions to heal 6 damage or horror and draw 3 cards. Which is kinda, sorta, worth it - If you get really lucky. And I would submit full on good if Carolyn is doing it, as she also distributes up to 6 Resources in the process. And then of course you never draw the second or third Soothing Melody during any scenario of the campaign. Maybe if you can count on a guaranteed tutor effect it would be worth a bit more - if Carolyn passes on Peter Sylvestre for an Arcane Initiate for some reason, or stocks up on the Seeker cards for search and draw, but I'm not really seeing it. I've Had Worse (2) 4/5 More accessible than I've Had Worse (4), though of course with less effect. I would say pretty much made for Diana in terms of xp cost and the cancel element. Occult Lexicon + Blood-Rite 2/5 See Hallowed Mirror Above. I suppose it is "better" as it self-tutors for itself, but the other effect is based on discarding, which I'm not seeing as that efficient a trade. Glimpse the Unthinkable 4/5 Expensive, but when you absolutely, positively, need to mega-mulligan in the middle to end of a scenario . . . yeah. But that 5 xp cost is brutal, and will force some serious choices for Seekers. "You Owe Me One!" 4/5 When you read this review, add the Bonded discussion thread to your reading list. I think it is a great way for Resource laden Rogues, Preston and Jenny, to pay for big tickets from other Investigators, especially with the ready made combo with Double, Double. Double, Double 6/5 "Gee, if Rogues only had a reliable recursion mechanic for their events." And here it is. Yes, it is expensive, but the possibilities! Preston could eat up 8 clues, do 8 damage, or evade 8 enemies for other Investigators. Jenny could go on 4 Hot Streaks. Double Contraband for enough ammunition to just not care. Double Backstab and double Sneak Attack for easy attacks and more testless damage. Double. Swift. Reflexes. And. Ace. In. The. Hole. Wither (4) 4/5 The +2 Will is awesome. The 1 damage is not, BUT! Check that card text closely. More closelier. Reveal a symbol other than Elder Sign or Tentacles and inflict a -1 Fight, Health, and Evade penalty on the target. "Reveal" Not "Succeed" You inflict the damage even if you fail. Yeah. That's worth the upgrade cost right there, especially with draw manipulation. Sixth Sense (4) 4/5 Not as good as Wither (4), but the possibility of a double clue pickup if you can succeed when revealing a symbol. That's difficult, but doable. Lure (2) 2/5 While nice to distract enemies, it needs the right map and the right timing to be truly effective. A bit too much for my liking. Still, if you can get a full team combo going, I would accept it being a bit better. Eucatastrophe (3) 5/5 Especially for Survivors. On top of that, it full out cancels the Tentacles. I'm not sure how this can not be made of awesome. Right, right, you cannot play it for somebody else. So what. If they wanted to survive so much they should have been a Survivor. :P
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