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  1. Hutts in the Lords of Nal Hutta had a Brawn 3 and Willpower 3.
  2. So according to the Force and Destiny Core book, every holocron gives the wielder two career skills, presumably tied to the gatekeeper or creator of the holocron. The gatekeeper can act as a mentor, teaching new force powers, abilities, etc. However to avoid having this get too powerful, you could have the gatekeeper refuse to teach the players until they are "ready." Alternatively, you could have the holocron be damaged and require rare parts in order to be used properly again.
  3. You could add a Sith tomb hidden on Cholganna. I did that for my group's Jedi, where the tomb held the spirit of a dead Sith Lord, ancient artifacts, etc. Another option could be that there are some artifacts stolen by the Separatists from before the war, like a holocron, that are either kept by the captain, or locked away with the rest of the treasure.
  4. I'm away from the book right now, but if I remember correctly, at it's most powerful, Endure allows you to commit a Force die to postpone the death effect until the end of the encounter.
  5. While that is true, I think you're underestimating how hard electing a new Chancellor could be in these circumstances. Assuming the revelation that Palpatine has been a part of a conspiracy to start the Clone Wars, every Senator that has had any interaction with Palpatine is going to be looked at with suspicion. How many Senators were a part of the conspiracy? How many knew the truth, when did they learn the truth, and how much did they know? Padme and Jar-Jar are going to be torn apart for playing a huge role in Palpatine's rise to power, even though neither one had any idea (as far as we know). Even when a new Chancellor is eventually elected, any confidence in the Republic will be destroyed. More worlds might leave the Republic because they no longer know if they can trust their elected Senators. And every day that they don't elect a Chancellor is another day with no Supreme Commander of the Army. Unless you immediately go with the Vice Chair as a provisional Chancellor, but that's Mas Amedda, who advised both Valorum and Palpatine. It was even his suggestion to give Palpatine the emergency powers, so I don't think most people would trust him. The Republic might survive the scandal, but not in its current form.
  6. I second the roll with it option. It lets the players achieve something incredible and makes them feel like they're actually having an impact not just on their own stories, but on the galaxy as a whole. It also lets you have fun with imagining how the Empire will respond to this change. If Darth Vader dies, who becomes the Emperor's new second-in-command? How much chaos will that cause? How hard will the Empire crack down on the players? These can all be fun to explore.
  7. I am going to be running a new campaign over Discord with some of my friends. I've already decided that it'll be an Age of Rebellion style game, and one of the players wants to play a Spy. He and I both thought it would be a good idea if he had Secret Missions the other players don't know about. However, I am wondering how to add secret missions for him to accomplish, and also how to reward him for these missions. Since he will be doing more work, I feel he should get more of a reward, but I don't want him to get more powerful than the other players. I would appreciate any advice more experienced GMs may have! Thank you!
  8. I don't think there are any official stats for this species, but my favorite species to have for a dark Force User is a Givin, because they look very unnerving. So unnerving that I would probably ask for a fear check, just to make kind of drive home how unnerving he/she looks and "feels" in the Force. Givin also don't breathe in the traditional sense, so are essentially immune to poisonous gasses. Regardless of species, maybe give the dark sider Bind and Harm, Bind to hold a player down for a little while and the other to hurt the PCs and ignoring Soak, but keep Harm at around the base power so that your PCs won't die. Take what I say with a grain of salt though. I've only really finished one campaign and my Inquisitors tended to die immediately upon meeting the players.
  9. Last week I ran a one-shot set during the Pius Dea Era from Legends, over 10,000 years BBY, and that went pretty well. When I get a hold of Dawn of Rebellion, I'm planning on setting my new campaign a few days before the destruction of the Death Star.
  10. I'm both happy and disappointed! I've been looking forward to Dawn of Rebellion for the new character options and New era details, but being able to build a starship is the one thing that I've wanted to do since I first read the crafting rules for weapons and armor. I'm still excited to buy this when it does arrive at the game store though!
  11. Well, I'm not really good at making stats for NPCs, but I think that since this is based of Dark Forces, maybe you could name it Project Dark Force?
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