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  1. If you want I'll sell ya my collection I'm getting out of this game.
  2. The fact you think anti role lock is the minority just goes to show you're clueless to the actual meta of the game.
  3. The only way i would recommend this game for a new player at this point is if I'm trying to sell my collection to him so he can have a bunch of cards he cant use due to arbitrary garbage rulings. And living in XYZ isnt the problem I'm tired of people defending this crap rule because "it doesn't effect them" well it effects other players and we're tired of it. How many more of these "Get rid of the role lock" posts do we have to read before Brad Andres and FFG wake up and do something.
  4. The basis of the "no locked roles argument" is WE WANT TO USE THE CARDS WE PAID FOR and not be told we can't when we go to tournaments because some dude from France won a tournament 90% of the player base can't or doesn't want to go to. It's a failed experiment and if this game wants to exist past the third cycle with more than just a playgroup lead by one scorpion player who trolls the forums all day they need to make a change
  5. The game is already stale and expect it to get staler with more scorpions coming in the next clan pack. Excellent foresight FFG! Let us know when you're going to present an argument that isn't siding with the developers because your playgroup in some backwater town that never goes to a kotei or tournament miraculously has fun.
  6. Unicorn have 1 progressive conflict action in the entire game and it requires you to be water role. This game is such a crap show with locked roles. I've been arguing about this since before the first worlds and even to Brad Andres face. And yet nothing other than a restricted list which he claimed wasn't gonna happen "anytime soon" because "i like that these cards cause big swings in game state". When he asked me "what would I do to fix the game?" I should've taken the question more seriously because clearly it was a job interview as the original design team was purged like 2 weeks later.
  7. Orlando had the privilege of getting Brad, the game's lead developer to come to our shop and discuss L5R. I addressed as many issues within the game as possible in regards to balance, themes etc.. While he certainly knows whats happening and that their are fixes to most concerns on the horizon (When discussing Unicorn he said "Oh sweet summer child, if you only knew" which drew big laughs.) I couldn't help but shake that this game may fall victim to many of the issues that previously exist in other FFG games. Which is what I believe is causing people to lose faith in the product so quickly. The hallmarks of balance issues already exist. Cards are printed with almost zero regard to their actual effect on the meta besides "this will make a big splash" which came to light when discussing the card 'Charge'. Ultimately his arguments boiled down to "wait and see" due to such a small card pool. Now I could probably write a book on how thin the "small card pool/ Wait and see" argument is but I'll spare you my further ramblings and just say this: I was going to quit this game but opted not to. His counter points to my arguments, while not perfect, were worth the proverbial "second chance". Though I did walk out of the tournament held in his honor because the current meta is really boring (he had left anyways so the Q&A was over).
  8. This is literally the most exciting L5r related news I've seen in 2 months
  9. I'm just gonna say it. Current state of the meta is incredibly unfun. Too grindy, not enough action. Too many successful strategies based entirely around stalling and slow play. And strategies based around exploiting the weaker core mechanics of the game (like immortal crabs and Blitz dishonor). Most games in my group (Aka all of central Florida) usually end before set up and we just play battle for Rokugan to get the L5R fix.
  10. I really don't think there will ever be a day shinjo saddle is good. Maybe if they make it free then you basically have a perpetual imperial favor. But for that 1 fate I'll just find something that actually wins me conflicts.
  11. From now until the end of time Shinjo Saddle will only exist to keep Wandering Ronin company in my card box.
  12. I just played a small tournament with pony and won the whole thing. (admittedly through luck in some cases) once pony gets some more solid 3 drops they should be a force to be reckoned with. Until then pony will just have to settle for being bad. But that's good. We will never be good but that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than pony.
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