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  1. Use it in google sheets. That works. See the description / the first post in this thread
  2. Which program are you using to open and edit it? As it is currently only supported by google sheets.
  3. Hey Tvboy, First thanks for all the work! greatly appreciated! And to make it even better i've got some feedback While trying to use the mission "breaking point" from the retaliation agenda deck i've found the following bugs In the hidden sheet "calculated data" L15 you have incorrectly used =Empire!$E$13 instead of =Empire!$G$13 In the hidden sheet "Data" BB89:BB91 there is no mission name for the Breaking point mission. which caused it to not be available in the active side mission dashboard. Also i've got a question. My first side mission was brushfire. Since my group has completed that mission we have to select another side mission. but when i do i get a "invalid" message (orange triangle) in the that mission. This is only a minor annoyance but i thought that maybe i didnt resolve that mission in the spreadsheet or something like that.
  4. Hey, This came up last game of mine. What happens to the command cards of lets say luke skywalker when i kill him? Can the opponent still use the command cards such as my ally is with the force? Thanks!
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