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  1. Very comparable! A little better here, a little worse there. It's worth looking at, but there's not much that works with it points-wise. If you can squirrel in and pick up a TL on something important you can FCS at it all game, making one action go a long way. I'm still trying things out, Passive may be better - but I doubt it. Comes down to when you want it and how many times you plan on using it. Against a 3 ship list running 5's and 6's you usually just focus anyway unless you can control who you'll allow them to shoot at, and by the time you can do that you can usually just grab a lock normally. Vs many cheap ships you'll usually know when you can TL safely. There are certainly cases where PS would be better, but I feel they are a minority.
  2. I've been messing around with this. It's... Fine. About once per game you can present a really good knight's fork and if they guess wrong you get 12-16 unanswered red dice - but you're super prone to variance, about half my shots will just whiff without Juke pushing that one hit through - YMMV. About half my games I seem to have at least one turn where I may as well have not been shooting, but I may just have lucky opponents! It's super fun to fly though, you can go anywhere you please for a little while - but you burn through those charges faster than you think, you need a plan to transition back to normal phantom play and have to set up for that the turn before. I ended up going back to my Sigmas, but I think Imdaars with Shield Ups could be solid also. I also want to try Targeting Computers and FCS on them, could be a better long game. Fun trick, you can roll past a cloud (or debris if you feel like gambling), then flip a blue to clear the token, no charges spent!
  3. Little help? I can't seem to find this anywhere. My reading says any decloak (being an effect that would reposition or rotate the ship) would break that ship off the wing.
  4. Actually, they will break from the wing during the Device Phase if they decloak, then be forced to do a 2S - which throws out my whole game plan. Back to the drawing board!
  5. Why wouldn't a phantom wing leader be able to decloak to the side? Is there not sufficient space to move past the left/right flank? I haven't seen the wing tool first hand, but if it leaves about a template's width gap between ships you should be golden (barring obstacles and other ships not part of the wing). Also, Phantoms never actually need to take the cloak action, they can evade and gain the token via the ship ability.
  6. Maybe it part. The ghost is a good example of a ship that pushes the scale of the game to the limit. It's really not far off in size from a Gozanti. The 4 Attack mainly represents an upgunned ship that is already just more ship than most of the things that can meaningfully engage in a dogfight can be, but it's also nimble enough to get a real dial and represent its maneuvers with the same templates everything else uses. Ditto the insane HP and zero agility, functionally representing an entirely different class of ship.
  7. It's not as common, but I see Y-wings with Torpedoes and no turrets all the time, and a naked Dutch just went all the way in Kentucky. I even see a turrent with no gunner, but to be fair that's usually because the points ran out or the turret was extra points tossed on. I don't think VTG is too cheap, but I do think many of the other gunners cost too much. I almost never see it on large bases that aren't the Resistance Bomber, but maybe I'm an outlier.
  8. Hyperspace will probably always tend to include new releases, but with the Decimator not being included it's clear that's not a guarantee. Rather the intent is to create a space where the metagame shifts constantly given what is available. That said, it's probably a very safe bet that the TIE Bomber/Interceptor/Starviper/B-wing/A-wing will be reintroduced by Wave 5. The 2.0 Striker pack has only just now hit the shelves, and it's always been legal, not to mention the Rebel Falcon.
  9. Both X-wing platforms are versatile and effective. The Resistance A-wing aces are hot fire (L'ulo is love. L'ulo is life!).
  10. Anyone else crossing their fingers for some Gunboat love on the 28th? Seems likely that Protons might go up a bit!
  11. This is also true of fans of the previous movies. I find most of the complaints to be nonsensical, but there is absolutely passion and vigor behind them. I think, in this case, your argument might reverse itself.
  12. It doesn't really help, but I appreciate it. I think the case for it boils down to "If A Then B is not the same as If B Then A." That said, I'll take your word for it since I'm still pretty new to this (and I don't want to take over the thread), but I'm going to keep hunting a better understanding. I wish they had just Errata'd the thing one way or the other. Thanks!
  13. So am I to understand that the condition of not being able to spend a Target lock applies retroactively? I agree that it's straightforward in all cases but the one I mentioned, and nothing has really changed from what the cards explicitly already said. Everything the FAQ said I concur with, but I don't believe it addresses this case. I want to know what I'm misunderstanding. The way I read it, you are barred from spending a Target lock to reroll dice after applying the ATC, not before. Are all modifications to the dice pool considered to take place simultaneously? Or is this card considered to have an Unwritten requisite that I may not have previously spent a Target lock? This corner case has been like a needle in my mind for months now. EDIT: To put it another way, how does ATC know I spent a Target lock before I trigger it?
  14. I don't believe the new FAQ resolves the ATC/Synchronizer debate entirely. If I have already spent a target lock from a friendly TS ship to reroll dice, am I prevented from then applying ATC? Assume I still fulfill its condition, and will not be spending a target lock after it is applied.
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