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  1. The only problem I see with ideas like this is the aspect of autopick cards. In 1.0 we had stuff like PTL and Autothrusters, they basically took the EPT/Mod slots off every ship because if you didn't take them you were at a disadvantage. I feel like if they added a droid like that the concept of "list building" gets thrown out the window and it limited the players creativeness.
  2. If they wanted to do something like this would it be a idea that they could release 4 or 5 of these droids in 1 pack that would allow for more then enough extras been sold on the 3rd market and almost immediately give everyone this card for a very small price. Personally I think the best idea is keeping the bad dial and making it into the most unique ship in the game. FFg has done pretty well with the balance of all hyperspace ships (compared to other games and 1st edition). So I think even with that dial and staying above 41 points (to avoid 5) it's capable of being worth it even with NO cardboard fixes.
  3. I think they should keep the dial bad but make the it a useful jousting ship the thing the JM5Ks have that few torp carriers do is the health on top of 2 agility! The best way to along the ship usable will be for it to easily get outplayed by aces who can force it to go right BUT against squads that don't play it right it crushes. I don't want scout spam but maybe a Dengar/Manaroo/Fenn list would be nice to see competitive. Dengar and Manaroo joust then Fenn for the endgame. I think that would be amazing! Unfortunately not many people use that ability on the ties because missles are not that powerful but get the ability with torps and that would be increble!
  4. I guy went 5-1 with that list at a HT. It looks like a lot of hit and run and BE definitely helps you keep as much force for offence. I can imagine in a 2 ship list you need as much defence as possible. I do like the look of this list aswell because each ship has a potential 3 hull and 6 shields!
  5. How have you seen the lists for the UK SOS? It isn't on listfortress for me yet?
  6. If you are going to win your best shot would be the resitance with what Greebwahn said, adding PA. But if your wanting a fun time that starviper list looks class! Xizor with Fearless is a great idea. Guri I would recomend AS on him aswell as Dalan because you can get a focus at R1 anyway so a premove BR or boost is great (also just TLs then bumping is great). So if I was you I would run: Xizor - Fearless Guri - Advanced Sensors Dalan - Advanced Sensors, Fearless This also gives you a bigger bid which is nice. At the end of the day however, you would be running 3 Starvipers so you obviously are wanting more fun insted of a better chance of winning so play what list you think looks more fun!
  7. Reading through this thread and others the biggest issue people are having when coming up with ideas is not wanting to have 5 Jm5ks which is a V good decision! What if FFg brought the scout down to 41 which would probably still rarely see play but then bring Monaroo/Tel/Dengar to 42/44/46 If they make it so the generics are not worth spamming but the uniques are worth it then I think that would be a better play experience.
  8. ..... For 130+ points. I mean for that amount you'd hope the ship is flipping good!
  9. All rocks in the middle of the board. Place my ships at a place on the board where the game will start of flying round the asteroids. Obviously things vary depending on the speed/jousting power and other factors of the opponents list. My main goal will be to avoid lanes for the opponent to catch me. RCC sounds good but I am going to try my list and if i feel there was a occasion RCC could be usful I will definitly try it. Leia I think will be usefull as a sloop changes your direction which helps out manouver the opposing player as a 3 sloop bank boost puts han in a weird position, it gets even wierder if you have the option to lando boost first then sloop then focus.
  10. In the most recent 600+ player system open a Han won with a A wing, this made me start messing around with Han himself and wanting to try him out. Obviously I dont want to copy the list but I had a bit of a look and what do you think of 2 YTs? Han Solo - R2D2, Trickshot, Engine Upgrade, Interial Damperners (100) Lando - Nien Numb, Leia, Trickshot, Shield Upgrade (93) 193/200 Han Ideas: Trickshot - No explination needed R2D2 - Han can reroll the attack dice to prevent exposing damage cards (most people know R2 is good on Han) Engine - So he doesnt need to do blue manouvers. Also Lando can give him a boost and then he can do a white and get his normal action Internal - Lando can give him a mod then he can just stop for emergencies Lando Ideas: Nien - No explination needed Leia - Shes 2 points..... Trickshot - No explination needed Shield Upgrade - points to spare and always nice. 7 Point bid is enough agaist 98% of lists. Should I take shield of for a even BIGGER bid? Going to try it out tonigh and see how it goes. What do you guys think?
  11. If its competitive in Hyperspace it will be good enough in Extended
  12. Sorry I ment 3 arcs with Obi
  13. So in this thread (and others) the most popular list is ani/mace + arc or 2 torrent and yet the list that did the best for the republic was Obi and 2 arcs? Congrats to Jeremy Trad for coming top 4 in a hyperspace this weekend with the above list. Has anyone played this? What makes it so good? Is the key because the arcs are so impactful they have to leave Obi as the flanker?
  14. @GreenDragoon I have played a wolfe/mace/ani list multiple times now and I have to see its doing really well. Wolfe always dies first but as long as you trade well he is not a big part of the list so killing a Leia carrier or wedge (one game I was able to kill a kraken carrier) is so worth it. Definitely worth the 3 point bid. Not just for anakin but so mace can move after the I4s (4x Phantom list). Try Cody though and see how he does.
  15. My opinions: 1) Better on Mace but I'd wouldn't choose it over R4 for mace, Anakin would do better with r2 and a extra point bid insted of R4p17. 2) I agree afterburners is better in 2 ways a) you can spend the force to remove the stress which in effect is like if you spent a force to do a boost anyway then you can perform your action b) leaves the astro slot open for r2 3) I see R2 as a must have, 2 more shields should be worth 10 points minimum. It's so easy to Regen then as well with the 5k and other dial options. 4) for some reason you missed 4? 5) Mace is the best carrier for HP and could definitely be a thing. Every list I've played so far has preferred the Extra 3 points bid so not tried it yet. 6) Yes! 1 hards being blue is increable! Definitely my go to for Mace 7) Lumi would be your best shout however I don't know how good a Delta is without the 7b configuration. Fitting a arc or torrents is possibly a better bet tbh. 8 ) Ashoka wants 7B. full stop. 9) tiin is Intresting but means r4 is probably being taken on ani and loses the value of r2. There's a strat their that includes 3 Delta's with r4 but not sure if its top dog.
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