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  1. Hello Star Wars Community! Gypsy here. I am by no means new to this forum. I've just never created an account! ...Until today. I have been playing Star Wars: IA since the beginning. All casual play at the house with many, many friends and family and consider myself to be an advanced player. There is always room for improvement! But I digress. The reason I chose today to officially become part of the community is because with the newest release I vowed to finally do what must be done to obtain vinyl layouts of every skirmish (including 4-player) map available. Of course, I will patiently wait until HoE and newest wave maps are complete to place an order with PixArt. I have read and re-read posts since Ibsh first started this project. Side note: (insert deity or not) bless that man! Side, side note: Thank you to Nick and a few others that I cannot remember their handles for working so hard on these. They are nothing short of amazing. The thing is, I think most of us enjoy a good puzzle, but we rarely do the same puzzle twice! That said, I called PixArt today and we are famous! They have received many, many orders from our community and know what Star Wars: IA is! My thought was how can we make these orders as simple as possible for as many SW:IA fans as possible? Turns out, PixArt cannot do repeat orders from different customers. They cannot even save the dimension information! Strange as that sounded to me, I was wondering if it would be worth while to send PixArt like dimension information for corresponding SW:IA map files (up to 20) from GitHub and submit these as "bundles" that our community could order directly without having to 'do the math' or download/upload multiple files and input dimensions, etc.? PixArt has to have a "pre-fill" template of sorts. Maybe? I had a lengthy conversation with the admin department at PixArt that ended with me talking with a supervisor who became very interested when I mentioned "lots more business" in regards to "Star Wars map layouts." How awesome would it be to go to PixArt and just click on the Star Wars: IA link for a pre-filled order? I am interested in Community thoughts on this, or if it has already been previously discussed? -Gypsy$
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