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  1. You Make The Card (YMTC)

    Soul Keeper Magic Object (5) Weapon Add +2 to your die roll in battle. When you defeat an Enemy, you may exchange that trophy with one of your opponents.
  2. You Make The Card (YMTC)

    Blood Witch Follower (5) No Good Character may have the Blood Witch. +1 Craft Discard a life: gain a spell if your craft allows.
  3. You Make The Card (YMTC)

    Shadowfax Follower (5) No Evil Character may have Shadowfax. You roll 2 dice for movement and either pick one or add them together.
  4. You Make The Card (YMTC)

    Harbinger of Hope Event (1) Strength: 12 Evil Characters must battle the Harbinger of Hope together. If they win, Good Characters lose a life. If they lose, Evil Characters lose a life.
  5. You Make The Card (YMTC)

    Tomb of Horrors Place (6) Roll once, twice, or three times. You must accept your fate. 1 - Lose a life. 2 - Miss a turn. 3 - Battle a Strength 4 Ogre. 4 - Battle a Craft 4 Mummy. 5 - Gain 2 Gold. 6 - Gain a Strength or a Craft. You must accept your fate is flavorful rules text for "You can't spend fate points to re-roll any of these die rolls."
  6. You Make The Card (YMTC)

    Biomancer Strength: 2 Craft: 4 Life: 4 Fate: 3 Start: Graveyard Alignment: Evil Special Abilities: You study the biology of creatures. You may use Strength trophies as Craft trophies for trading in and vice versa. ---------------------- You have learned to manipulate DNA through magic. Whenever you defeat an Enemy, choose one: Gain a spell or gain a life. ---------------------- You can create imperfect life from raw materials. You may take your trophies as followers. They add their Strength or Craft to yours for one combat only. ---------------------- You can create a Masterpiece. One per game you may take any number of enemies with Strength or Craft seven or higher from the discard pile and combine them into one perfect life form. Take it as a follower. For each Strength Enemy, you get +1 Strength. For each Craft Enemy, you get +1 Craft.
  7. You Make The Card (YMTC)

    Gnome Tinker Strength: 2 Craft: 4 Life: 4 Fate: 4 Start: Village Alignment: Neutral Special Abilities: You are a Pack Rat. You may carry any number of objects. ---------------------- You can Scavenge for Parts. Discard an object to gain a gold or a fate. ---------------------- You can make Modifications. When you equip an Object that isn't modified, you may attach one of your modifications to it. ---------------------- Unique Ability: Eureka! Once per game you may look at the top 20 cards of the Adventure Deck and choose up to three Events revealed in this way. Attach them to a Magic Object. Shuffle the other cards back into the Adventure Deck. At the start of your turn you may choose to encounter one of those events. Modification cards: Modification card attaches to objects you have equipped. • Nitro Boosters - Roll 2 dice for movement and choose the one you want. • Armour Plating - When you lose a life, roll a 5 or 6 to prevent it. • Cloaking Device - Spend a fate to evade an emeny. • Psionic Resonator - +1 to your die roll in psychic combat. • Weaponize - +1 to your die roll in Battle. • Force Field - You can't lose more than 1 life per turn.
  8. You Make The Card (YMTC)

    Group politics: Ghost Council Event (1) Each Character votes on who loses 2 life. If no Character has more votes than another, each Character loses 2 life.
  9. I browse a number of Magic the Gathering sites and they often have forums for posting home-made cards. I searched the forums here but I didn't see anything like it so I thought I would start one! Making Talisman cards, for me, has proven to be a lot of fun. With the rich rules system Talisman has, there is a lot of room for creativity and expansion. I play mostly with my wife and daughters and it quickly became apparent they hated hurting each other. I started to make some cards that they have to work together against and they loved it. The Elder God Event (1) Strength: 15, Craft: 15 This horror has escaped from its ancient prison. All Characters battle it together using their weakest combined ability. If they lose, they each lose 2 life. If they win, they each gain a Strength or a Craft. Then it sinks beneath the waves of the discard pile. A little wordy, but it fits in the card well with <size 6>. I'd love to hear comments, but mostly I'd like to see other peoples cards!
  10. Board but with symbols

    That is amazing. I must know what you printed that on and how I can get one. It appears to be tougher than simple paper?
  11. This is excellent information. Thank you very much!
  12. Hi, I recently designed a Talisman expansion. In order to keep it balanced, I picked through the cards that come with the base game and figured on, for every 9 cards: 2 Events, 2 Strength Enemies, 1 Craft Enemy, 1 Stranger, 1 Magic Object, 1 Follower and 1 Place. Is there data someone has already gathered for this type of thing? Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated :).