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  1. Ah. That does change things. Thanks!
  2. They seemed even stronger in duels during our testing due to strife mitigation. What are you seeing that I'm not that hurts them is duels?
  3. Looking at the results of some skirmishes and duels we've run the Akodo Commander school is streets ahead of any of the other Bushi schools, especially combined with Fire Stance. With 6k4 at rank 2 my player is regularly throwing out 7-8 successes per attack and climbing really slowly towards an Outburst. The fact that many of the other schools get less powerful abilities and can only use then once per turn while this extremely potent ability is always on seems weird.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I must have missed where it said you could put the extra point somewhere else and that assigned techniques can be used a rank earlier. The armor issue not addressed though?
  5. Crab Clan, Hida Family, and Hida Defender all come with +1 Earth. While this makes sense thematically it means anyone who wants to play a Hida who went to the Hida school is starting with less Ring ranks than others because you can't start with a 4. That's weird. The Hida technique helps with Cumbersome armor...but the Hida don't get Cumbersome armor. That's weird. The Hida don't get a Shuji option to start with, which makes some sense, but they do start with a Kata they can't use til Rank 2 and that doesn't. That's weird.
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