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  1. i have a misprint for the Captain Rex suppressive fire condition card. it says Caption Rex instead of Captain Rex.
  2. the Death Star assault mat is my favorite.
  3. T-65. but.... if the Millennium Falcon was a option i would chose that.
  4. What is the internal temperature of a Tauntaun? Luke warm.
  5. Mind Trick- Elite- you can only equip this card if you have at least 1 force token. During the combat phase instead of preforming a attack you may roll one attack die on a hit or crit result force a enemy ship to join your squad for the rest of the game.
  6. I have seen Solo. And i understand why they would put Han higher than Lando but it does annoy me
  7. So that article came out for Landos Falcon and it shows Landos pilot skill/initiative at 4 and Hans at 6. I mean its Landos Falcon shouldn't Lando have the higher skill/initiative? So what do you think should Lando or Han be higher?
  8. Cool ill go check those out thanks for the help.
  9. So im a relatively new player and im going to my first tournament in a couple weeks. And i was wondering how should i transport my mat? The cardboard box it came in has long since been broken so i cant carry it in that. Help would be much appreciated.
  10. In the X-wing 2nd edition if you read the FAQ when it talks about the factions is says the First Order and Resistance have become separate factions from the Empire and Rebels. So what about other ships for them right now? Currently both factions have only 3 and 4 ships so they will probably need to add more. What do you all think?
  11. Very creative but maybe it should cost a squad point or two.
  12. Since the X-wing is getting a buff through Saws renegades should some other ships get a buff eventually? I mean what about the TIE Fighter? This is a game about Star Wars and one of the most iconic ships in all of Star Wars is the TIE Fighter so I think that it would be cool to see some TIE Fighters and X-wings going at it again. What ships do you all think need some buffs?
  13. Nice job for your first tournament! Very creative list with Jan Ors and Comm relay.
  14. Really like that YT-2400 Polda. Those view ports are spectacular!
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