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  1. Anyone have any of the lists from the grand championships? Any interesting trends?
  2. Would the asteroids still obstruct shots while grappled on them?
  3. @ManInTheBox has had a lot of experience and will have a good insight
  4. I'm hoping the first order and resistance conflict last longer then just ep 9. I know they say the Skywalker saga is ending but hopefully the setting will remain a little longer. I think star wars is at its best when the setting is oppressive fascist state against plucky rebellion and also with the first order only taking over for such a short amount of time, it's all gonna feel a bit pointless if they rise to conquer the galaxy but then are defeated and dissappear again a few years later.
  5. I've been enjoying this (52) Wedge Antilles (0) Servomotor S-foils (9) Proton Torpedoes (3) R3 Astromech (1) Crack Shot Points 65 (62) Luke Skywalker (0) Servomotor S-foils (12) Supernatural Reflexes (9) Proton Torpedoes (3) R3 Astromech Points 86 (48) Thane Kyrell (0) Servomotor S-foils Points 48 Total points: 199
  6. What are the chances that Ferrosphere paint will be in the resistance conversation kit?
  7. Belphegor07

    T-70 article.

    Hope my boy Ello Asty comes back too!
  8. Are the paint jobs on the new and old fang fighters different? I saw one of the new ones and it looked very green but perhaps that's my eyes?
  9. Oh awesome, I'll have a look at that website myself thank you
  10. Oh wow that sounds amazing! But no it was 'serious' ones. They looked like a ffg produced ones but weren't
  11. Recently at tournaments I've seen some guys with lovley alt art cards for their ships that aren't the official alt arts found in kits and other tournament goodies Totally should of asked the guys there where they got them from but I was busy getting my butt kicked in games so I wondered if you guys here know any websites where people get them from? I found some sites for cards for ships that don't official exist in games yet but what I'm after is alt art cards for existing official ships Thanks in advance
  12. I always liked the idea objectives changing between quarter (or larger time periods whatever). Would keep the games fresh and exciting for everyone as different ships and lists would flourish under these ever changing objectives options.
  13. @Pwmf I think they would definetly add upgrade cards for standard in that pack to ensure they sell a lot. I like you're idea about a campaign. I really enjoyed the correllian one so I think a SSD campaign of sorts would be a good way to implement it without damage standard tournament play
  14. I often see people talking on here about how much they want a super star destroyer in the game and I'm confused why. Now obviously I'm a star wars fan like the rest of you so another beautiful model would be great and at this point I'll take any bit armada news I can get! But I'm really struggling to see how it would fit into the game as it currently stands It's scale is so large. Now obviously we have a sliding scale with this game and I have no problem with using a bit of imagination whilst playing, but with a ship who's defining characteristic is its massive size, could this ship be represented in a way that feels right? Is a scaled down SSD missing the ships wow factor? Does the game need a more powerful ship then its current big guns? Surely to feel like the massive weapon of death that it is, the SSD would need to throw more dice than an ISD or any of the Mon Calamari equivalents could. Is that a good thing? Does that help the game balance at all? The game is primarily won by playing to the objectives, would more dice throwing mean we lose this and armada because more of a death match game? Or perhaps it's size is represented with expensive points or loads of hull? We keep complaining that Rieekan games turn into point fortressing and slow games, would the SSD not just cause the same issue? A 200 point ship that doesn't die sounds like a less exciting game to me. This isn't meant as an insult or an argument to anyone that does want an SSD in the game, I just can't see why the game needs it and I would like to be convinced because riding aboard the hype train is much more fun then the cynical bus that I'm on.
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