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  1. PDF has two page 273s and no page 274 (first page of mass combat).
  2. I have a question about invocation resists. As an example, Earthquake has a resist TN 3 Fitness (Air 1, Water 4). This all makes sense on paper. TN 3 is moderately hard, Earth is good against Water but bad against Air. What doesn't make sense to me is that if faced with defending against Earthquake or any Earth invocation, why as a player would I ever not choose to resist with an Air approach? I get making narrative sense, but no amount of narrative sense would ever get me to choose a Water approach. The only thing that makes sense as a GM, would be to say: Since this is a conflict, you can only resist in the stance you are currently using. Am I on the right track here? This makes picking invocation rings and stance swapping more of a tactical decision.
  3. Nah, it's +1 to any rank 0 skill. There is a narrative prompt, though.
  4. Don't know if this is what you're referring to, but question #7 is "what is your character's relationship with their clan?" The answer is a binary paragon (+5 glory)/black sheep (+1 Skill rank). This is clan neutral so it wouldn't be necessary to make one just for the Mantis.
  5. Oh no! Don't start my hype train before they even announce it!
  6. Resources are up on the Product page. This includes a PDF for the Mantis Clan.
  7. FFG has just changed the status to released, but there still are not Character Sheets or the 20Q worksheet promised in the book. I don't think would be much of an issue if either of these were included in the book. Anyone know of the usual lag time on downloadables for FFG?
  8. I would not disagree with either of you, even though you both describe crunch in two separate ways. I too find the discussion interesting. I just wanted to throw the "What does that mean to you" point into the conversation.
  9. I think in order to have a productive debate about crunch, the term needs a better, understood definition. The biggest problem, as I see it, is that people are having this debate working off of different concepts of what constitutes a crunchy game. I have seen crunchy referred to as just complexity. I have also seen crunchy as a synonym for simulationist games. Often the definitions match up. GURPS is on the extreme side of both complexity and simulationist. This doesn't always hold up for the other end of the continuum. There are some really simple narrative games, but the are also some relatively complex ones. Genesys, for example, has moderate complexity that drives a narrative game. I think the same will be said of New5R. However a lot of the the game is abstracted, like encumbrance. By crunch do you mean just complexity?
  10. Yeah, Terrinoth PDF was released the same day. Genesys was delayed, but I can't remember for how long. I think maybe a week.
  11. Personally, I think the caste conflict is highlighted once you equalize the other social aspects. If it wasn't such a brutally oppressive system, the Kolat conspiracy wouldn't mean as much.
  12. If anything thing, the interview addressed many of the issues I have/have had with Rokugan in general. I appreciated the the decision to move towards a gender blind Rokugan, but I particularly appreciated their attention to appropriation. Reading the creative credits at the beginning of the BB, the lack of Asian representation was troubling. Asians are pretty underrepresented in the industry as a whole, so perhaps this was not surprising. Anyways, the interview put a lot of that anxiety to rest. Thank you Katrina, Amelia, and Tanner.
  13. I wouldn't disagree. I just think it depends on the comfort level of the players. A veteran might see the lessons as a giant softball. A new player might have more trouble.
  14. Honestly, I used the lessons as instruction on Rokugan itself as my players were new to L5R. For example, day 2's instruction about investigation was mostly about how little physical evidence matters and how they should always gain testimony. For day 4, I focused on the Laws but in the context of how they helped the Empire, stressing that the laws existed for the benefit of the empire. This might have telegraphed the ended a bit <SPOILER>, but what I didn't want was for them to be upset when their evidence was discarded. I felt these lessons provided me a good opportunity to demonstrate how different Rokugani society was for Western with an active voice. I hate having to pedantically describe a game world to a table of glassy-eyed players. I find it much easier to explain the world in-game. This worked really well for the group. Edit: To more directly answer your question, I didn't use any skill rolls. They were just question and answers sessions like I would in a IRL classroom, just roleplayed.
  15. Despite most games having a more somber tone, the 4e (and I'm assuming 5e) books make it clear that this is YOUR Rokugan. The default might be political drama mixed with conspiracy, but if you want spear-dancing fly your colors! There is no wrong way to play this game if you and your group are having fun.
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