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  1. Yup, same here. Physical resistance works against damage from dangerous terrain. Unlike with the bleeding condition, for example, where it is clearly mentioned that it does not.
  2. Hey there ! Well this is the 5th edition; first to come out since AEG sold the franchise to FFG. And short answer, it’s pretty darn different now!! Custom dice and all 1st, 3rd and 4th edition were quite similar to each other, like a set of siblings. But that is a completely different animal.
  3. Holly shoot! That’s right. Between that and the fact that the burst effect does not seem to have any apparent expiry (as written, it lasts as long as the Kiho is active), I think it deserves a rewrite 😛
  4. But with 3 opp, you can use one to give them 2 Strife and two more to force them to take Strife if they make a scheme action against you on their next turn. Decreasing returns, but still some scalability...
  5. Yes, it works. The enhancement effect lasts even if you switch stances in later turns.
  6. I have decided to refrain from any predictions on minor clans since I’ve seen the Deer clan (or something) announcement.
  7. Any check in Fire Stance to milk the opportunities... that’s the most reliable way I have seen so far.
  8. The way I read it, it’s the rank of the Invocation itself. A rank 3 tech is a rank 3 tech, even if you learnt it earlier thanks to your curriculum.
  9. Making a haiku About the rules of the game!? Tip my hat at you
  10. At the other end of the spectrum, it’s ridiculously easy for a Scorpion to get Skulduggery 3. You have to actively try not to get it 😛
  11. I find it takes a lot of work. It’s easier for Theology, but nigh impossible for martial arts (without the right heritage table roll) - which is another thing that sucks for bushi.
  12. To be fair, the character is well played and does not abuse his tremendous theological advantage, so it’s all cool
  13. Hmm I'm not sure about that. The school definitely looks morphed after the Togashi (bonus successes on kihos = to school ranks), except that: + They have "fists" that have a base DMG/DLS of 4/5 instead of 1/2 + They have access to Kata to further enhance their abilities (I would love my Togashi to have even just Striking As Earth, they he would be able to activate at the same time as Earthen Fist) - They don't have Shuji... big deal And starting with Water Fist does not lock you in there; techniques are quite cheap and you only "lose" 1 xp out of 3 for your progression when buying them out of curriculum. So maybe he's a bit less XP efficient, but being able to combine Iaijutsu: Crossing Blade with Fire Fist for a base damage of 8, that is increased by bonus successes AND opportunities (Razor Edged) without the drawback of a cumbersome weapon is pretty neat.
  14. I let one of my player chose, and he took the "Discovery"... for +1 Theology. I thought this was very flavorful and reasonable, then I realized he played a Shugenja who already had two ranks in the skill up to that point 😛 Theology 3 on a starting character who relies on Invocations is quite the power move. Basically worth 2 techniques in terms of XP (admittedly, 2 techniques you are authorized to buy, but as someone mentioned, you can always circle back around that point with Titles).
  15. Also in answer to the very first question, you can check this valiant effort by Matrim to break down a skirmish: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/289981-skirmish-combat/
  16. Might not be optimal, but I have a weakness for The Body is an Anvil. It is crazy strong for a rank 1 Kiho; but mitigated by a rather stiff TN at low ranks. But once you can reliably pull it off, with the burst effect to boot, it is a wonder of passive aggression.
  17. Water Fist does affect the unarmed profile, actually. At least in the pdf version. But anyway, that's beside the point. All punches and kicks use unarmed profiles. Let's not over-complicate things
  18. I think there is a RAW vs RAI issue here, I cannot believe the school ability only works for 4 kihos, 3 of them being rank 1 and one rank 5. Yeah, this sounds like an abuse of shoddy semantics here... Punches and Kicks ARE unarmed profiles, whether the words "unarmed profile" appear in the description or not. It would also apply to Water Fist, too. All those Kihos are restricted to punch and kick (leaving out the only other unarmed profile: bite). There is no other way to make an attack with a punch/kick than to use an unarmed profile.
  19. And they have Korean barbecue!! Something that would only ever be palatable by Unicorns in Rokugan I have always seen Unicorn as a mix between Mongols and Koreans... more of the former, but still. Edit: to be fair, the Mongol part is most specifically tied to the Moto, so there’s room for other influences among the Shinjo and Iuchi.
  20. Just gotta say... Sympathetic Energies is one of my favorite invocations You can do so many things with it, with a little bit of imagination!
  21. I always found the Shinseist ability a bit underwhelming... very dependent on how often you can trigger those disadvantages, and even at the best of times, you won't have many occasions to use it in a session. And to be fair, having a rank in a skill you did not have will only make a marginal - if non null - difference in the end, as your Ring score will still do the heavy lifting. It's actually better to use it on a skill you do have to get extra opps. Their saving grace really is the combo of Kiho + Kata, which is unique to them (so far) and can lead to very interesting things. The Fortunist ability can range from anywhere between near useless to borderline broken. I get that it's meant as the mirror image of the Togashi ability but for Invocations instead of Kihos, but there is a big difference: all Kihos rely on bonus successes for burst effects, but Invocations sometimes do, and very often don't get anything out of bonus successes. So not only do you have to pick an invocation linked to your patron fortune, but you also need to consider whether bonus successes will do you any good. In some cases, it can lead to a "meh" moment of great magnitude. Now, if you pick Osano-Wo as your Fortune and survive until Rank 3, this can be absolutely devastating. The Togashi are definitely great all-rounders, and some Kihos can actually be useful in non-punchy situations. The Great Silence can be a fantastic social defense technique; and Ki Protection makes you second only to Shugenja in terms of healing (maybe even better if you add Cleansing Spirit). Getting reliable burst effect on things like the Body is an Anvil or Breaking Blow is super cool, and their Mastery Ability blows pretty much anything out of the water, combining offense or defense (or doubling down on offense) as needed.
  22. Maybe best to see it this way. As written, combat works like this: attackers TRY to do harm onto their adversaries (say, by swinging a 4 foot long razor blade in their general direction) but they usually do not manage to do any real damage as long as said adversary has enough resource to defend themselves (it's exactly that: you take Fatigue to "Defend" against damage). The double opportunity crit is just an exception to the rule, some nice shortcut you can chose to take or not and sometimes just cannot even take because your opponent is in Earth stance. Or you can chose to use them on another effect (e.g. striking as Water to make sure your Katana does not break on the big Dark Moto's plated armor...). That does not make you a pacifist. Finally, the target of the attack can make that choice for you by spending a Void Point and choose not to Defend... the strike you executed is exactly the same, but it's your opponent's choice to sacrifice limb in favor of being able to fight another round that causes an actual wound to take place. So your attack was not, inherently, "harmless" to begin with.
  23. Yes, Critical strike with severity reduced to 0-2 damage the armor, RAW... but I tend to overlook this if it's too ludicrous.
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