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  1. Franwax

    Courtiers in combat?

    Yes I allow it and no I don’t punish it. The outcome you get from success is different from the one you get from opportunities and the PC can choose which one to pursue. In the case of snaring, ok, you do snare but don’t inflict damage. I think it becomes easier to make peace with the “intentionally failing” bit by seeing opportunities as “alternative successes”. Same with the failure on intimidation with Fanning the Flames: you do not scare the enemy off; but you do anger them out of their mind... which is a perfectly understandable by-product of failing to assert your will on a recalcitrant foe:)
  2. Franwax

    Dueling Question

    Wouldn’t “communicate with the Kami” fall under the ritual Commune with spirits? Then pretty much anyone with 3xp to spare can do it 😛
  3. Franwax

    Entangling Terrain/Movement action?

    On 2, Immobilised does specify that the character cannot “otherwise reposition” themselves, so that includes the “free” range band. No move at all; and at the end of the turn, they can shake it off. On 1, I think the free range band move is unaffected; but the +2 TN applies to any action with the Movement tag. Maneuver is just one of them.
  4. Franwax

    Backstab and ambush

    Yes, I also read it as one more way to knock someone out. On the VP to shake the Unconscious condition, I don’t recall... can you do it in interrupt or is it on your turn ? In the latter case, the victim is open for a nasty crit in the meantime...
  5. Franwax

    Backstab and ambush

    Well they would still have the crits that sent them there, so a couple of wounds or worse. But otherwise no more fatigue than they would have otherwise (if they got crits via double opps, they still got some fatigue along the way)
  6. Franwax

    Backstab and ambush

    I was about to suggest the same Makes it easier to remember if all follow the same pattern.
  7. Franwax

    Suffocation p.269

    Not sure it's a mistake... when you're suffocating, you can safely assume you're not really doing anything else, taking turns, picking stances, etc. So you can be asked to do a check in any appropriate approach.
  8. Franwax

    Suffocation p.269

    the whole Dying condition is based upon "you'll stay alive if your dice cooperate" obviously, at a certain rank (or with certain skills) you are immune to the dying condition... how many "rounds" a character can suffocate while unconscious ? against a TN3 ? with ring4 skill4 ? which I think is the rule as intentended (even if they screwed up the writting, it seems to mean you won't take any critical hit and just need to roll that resist TN3 check until you fail and die). it could be TN3 while incapacitated (a fail puts you unconcious, or any damage taken would also put you unconcious). and the TN while unconcious could be increased to 4. maybe? It could be incrementally increasing TNs until one fails... sure when you roll 8k4, a TN 3 is trivial... so next round it goes to 4, then 5... you’ll end up failing eventually
  9. Franwax

    Cross-element opp spends

    I think there’s a sidebar in the final version where it is presented as optional.
  10. Well that clarifies it... but the same would be true of Seppun guardsmen: they too need high vigilance, wouldn’t they?
  11. Franwax

    Minions and Adversaries

    Wow that is the sound of a dream come true ! Happy to test it; let me know when the link is available. Thanks a lot indeed.
  12. GM81 mentioned that there are new rank 1-3 Maho techniques. And overall on Taint, I agree that the presentation in the Core rulebook was a bit... tame. Nothing very scary and more importantly nothing very enticing that would push someone on the proverbial slippery slope. And it is apparently perfectly possible to cast Maho for years without ever becoming Tainted 😕 I sure hope there are new aspects to reinforce the dread of the Taint (and support the risk/reward pattern that may push ambitious samurai over the edge). Keen to hear about that
  13. That is indeed super cool. Not sure what in Jikoku this new stuff is doing in the Shadowland book and why someone thought we needed a second Yogo Shugenja school, but that’s fun stuff so I’ll let it slide 😛
  14. Nice! I like when patterns give trade-offs rather than simple bonuses... seems fitting. Taoist sword looks completely crazy!! Fire Fist together with a Iaijutsu cut? Ouch! Are there new Titles as well? I can picture most of the new schools now, except for whatever the heck that Yogo Preserver is supposed to be... In a shadowland book, my money was more on the Kuroiban, but maybe that’s a title rather than a school?