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  1. Actually the assistance opp spends as described here were in the beta, I think. Now only the last one is presented on p. 328 (double opp to provide assistance). The single opp only lets you determine the easiest way to solve a problem. Void opportunities still enable to drop the TN on a subsequent check by 1, though.
  2. Franwax

    Shinseist, Fortunist and Family

    There is also a side bar that explains that clan samurai can retire into one of those monastic orders. I guess it can be an early retirement too... in that case you could pick a GC family, get their ring and skill increase and proceed to a Monk school.
  3. Well if it's that or Earth 1, I'd rather have the Earth... If you go with Earth 3, and are fine to keep Fire at 1 for a start, why not. But again, no Ring should remain at 1 for very long. Whether you go for Void first or the other Ring at 1 (Water for instance) is another choice. Oh, dang... I'll have to go revisit that!
  4. Indeed, or use the Daidoji family to get Water (no mechanical difference, but you also get to show off as a badass yojimbo who trained at the Kakita academy). Using Water to draw and strike makes the Iai techniques a bit redundant, but also does not limit you to one-handed grips. Be an anti-confirmist Kakita duelist who strikes with both hands for a 7 + school rank severity critical strike! Oh and one point of note: someone made me realize that the school technique applies after the Fitness roll to reduce the severity (it increases the severity of a crit you inflict, not the deadliness of your weapon). Since Fitness can only reduce a crit to a minimum of zero, a Rank 3 Kakita will always land a crit of severity 3+, which with a Katana slaps the Bleeding condition on the target. Always useful
  5. Hehe.. choices, choices! I'd say it also depends whether you start with some xp to spend (e.g. the "young heroes" creation option, that gives you 10xp). If you think you will have to survive a few duels without being able to buy Water 2, the Earth is probably the safer option, because with Fire and Composure 6, you're a finishing blow magnet 😛 This said, 6xp should be pretty quick to get... probably even after the 1st session - second tops.
  6. Well being a Crane and from the Kakita dueling academy, you WILL end up with Air 3, so might as well make your peace with that From there, you can go several routes, but what I would go with is either Fire 3 / Earth 2 or Fire 2 / Earth 3. Almost any family in the clan will let you get there (you get +1 Earth from the school; then Kakita family for the Fire bonus and add another +1 with question 4; or take Air with the Kakita and when your school increase in Air would bring that ring to 4, convert it into any other ring; or take Earth with the Daidoji and shore up your Fire with question 4... etc.) I would not aim for Void 2 at character creation. Derived stats will suffer. With Earth and Fire being at 2 and 3 (in whatever order), you have a solid Endurance of 10. The pros and cons of each are: Earth 3: better composure (8, but you will want to up your Water pretty soon, as soon as you get 6 xp), and you will be comfortable sitting in Earth stance to avoid being critted by a double opp, while perfectly able to crit yourself since you keep 3 dice in that stance. Lower initiative though, and the opportunities in Earth stance are not that great Fire 3: better initiative (Focus 6), pretty cool opportunities for duels (dumping Strife on your opponent, forcing them to take more Strife if they make an attack or scheme action against you, making your crits harder to resist...), bonus successes with your Strife, BUT rather low composure of 6 (you will want even more to up your Water). And you are not safe from a lucky crit... So it's high risk / high reward. Finally, don't discount your Air ring.. the opportunity that lets you add a kept die with an opp on your next roll is pretty good if you want to go for a quick crit. And adding +1 to your TN also makes it much harder for your opponent to both hit you AND keep 2 opportunities, so while it's not as safe as Earth stance, it's still pretty close, defensively. Your school ability will not help much in first strike duels, but does give you an edge for first blood - getting that Crit 5+ is not easy when you rely on iai strikes that force you into a one-handed grip. Skill choices: not much to say here... Meditation for the initiative roll, and martial arts [melee] are no-brainers. Techniques: you start with Rising Blade, and can buy Crossing Blade from rank 1. Crossing blade adds damage with bonus successes, so it's a good one if you want to wear off your opponent into incapacitation, but it does not let you crit with two opps. Neither does Crossing Blade actually, but that one does crit if your opponent is Compromised. Not a very likely contingency though (you will rarely start a duel against a compromised target, and if they become compromised in the course of the duel, then the finishing blow is an auto crit anyway). What's interesting with Crossing blade is that the TN is your target's Vigilance (cf. the errata, btw). So it's still pretty nice for finishing blows, because a compromised character's Vigilance is 1: a sure thing. So long story short, it helps to have both of them available. Also, they let you draw and strike in the first round of the duel without needing to be in Water stance - it's always nice to sneak one up early. But as said before, they don't crit, so you won't win during that round. Hope this helps!
  7. Franwax

    Starting gear for new character

    I think that was only the case in the beta... now only question 16 gives an item outright (any type, limited by rarity 7). Question 14 was probably the one you remember, but in the final book, it does not really grant an item but a “distinctive piece of accoutrement”; there is no rarity mentioned there. I guess it’s just supposed to be for aesthetic flavor.
  8. Franwax

    Starting gear for new character

    There are options for customization: one of the 20 questions lets the PC chose an item of rarity 7 or less, some options in the heritage table also give some items. Finally, most schools have a traveling pack, which can include 3 items of rarity 4 or less of the player’s choice. If they want more, maybe let them make a commerce roll off screen to see if they can spend their starting money on whatever it is they think that they need
  9. Franwax

    disengage / attack of opportunities

    I'll see if I run into those Benny Hill situations...
  10. Franwax

    disengage / attack of opportunities

    The Kata you’re looking for is Soaring Slice: chuck ANY weapon up to range 3 + one more range band per opp, *open ended*!! In other words: “I throw my tetsubo at the horizon” The drawback is that it requires an unhealthy supply of tetsubos... More seriously, rather than a Kata, I would see some generic opportunity spends attached to a maneuver action that brings you into reach of an opponent. *+: on their next turn, one opponent within reach of your readied melee weapon must suffer one Strife (or Fatigue), plus one more per ** spent this way to go out of your range. Not sure how well this would play out to be honest. So I’d try that only if faced with a case of extreme acute kiting...
  11. For those who want to see an example, I think the beta PDF is still available out there, right ? This was an open beta so no reason to keep it under wraps I guess.
  12. Not sure I understand the situation completely... was your player trying to hide something or find a hidden item on someone else? And was it a dagger or a sum of money? The rule for concealed items is pretty straightforward: it’s hidden, and if someone suspects something they roll Design (Air) or Smithing (Air) with a TN of 3. If they fail, they cannot see anything and shouldn’t have in-game reasons to push the matter further. They should roleplay as if they were convinced that nothing is hidden.
  13. Yeah, if you’re a Soshi, be sure to bring a friend with Sensational Distraction with you Otherwise, you’re not very sneaky until rank 3+...
  14. Franwax

    Rarity of mounts

    Actually, I was thinking about it in the context of character creation, when you can pick an item of rarity 7 or lower, or 6 or lower. Asking for a pony might not be unreasonable, but I could not find any rarity for those... Then there is the matter of Koku cost. And for that, we’re just as dead in the water