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  1. 94. Vitals scanner 95. Fingerprint scanner 96. Wind speed and direction analyzer 97. Remote detonator 98. Heater base (for heating/boiling water) 99. Micro-chipper (hold it up to the creature and click theyre chipped) 100. Chip reader 101. Firework pyrotechnic (a mini rocket!)
  2. 48. Las based fire lighter (energy pack included) 49. Disposable fire lighter 50. Flick scalpel 51. Micro calculator 52. Emergency cauterisation patch 53. Emergency blood loss patch 54. Poison canister 55. Inventory of ship 56. Standard organism recogniser (totally not a pokèdex XD) 57. Phosphor flare 58. Single-use augur 'blip' 59. Anti-sep wipe (i know its simple, but I'd imagine it'd be a bit stronger in 40k) 60. Strike-designator 61. Micro-taser 62. Average trade price displayer 63. Fake average trade price displayer 64. A fallen leaf from a terran oak tree in a glass sealed container 65. Recaf powder container 66. Warp charm 67. Holo-projector displaying royal family tree if royal 68. Holo-projector to show ship damage 69. Knock-out poison powder 70. Disabling spray (pepper spray in spaaaaace) 71. Micro disruptor (emp) 72. Gun sight alignment tool 73. Directed photon flash card 74. Door breach charge 75. Wrist grapnel 76. Illegal and heretical AI chip 77. Micro-speaker 78. Mini-plasma charge 79. Blank tester (are they a psychic blank or just weird?) 80. Psyker tester (weirdo or witch?) 81. Servitor or drone instruction card 82. Nutrition powder (not carbs or sugars, vitamins and salts and such) 83. Gene discrepency tester 84. Marriage compatability card (to avoid inbreeding) 85. Relationship compatability card (not trustworthy) 86. Amasec quality tester 87. Exotic genetic specimin container 88. Perfume/other liquid sprayer 89. Strategic map display card 90. Usage manual display card 91. Taste dispenser (yep I'd like to taste some chocolate right now? Thanks) 92. Nav card 93. Adren-patch
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