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  1. You know I was pleasantly surprised by the first season, and this episode was decent as well. Ummm... ok
  2. Those look like the ones, thanks!
  3. So I’m planning out a Felucia board (which, when I start, will be documented on these forums) and I was trying to think of ways to make those iconic blue flowers that dot the landscape. I’m almost positive I have seen some real-world flowers very similar to these, and I think I could use fake ones to replicate them, but I’m not sure what the earth flowers are called. Does anyone know? And does anyone have any other ideas on how to make them? -Thanks
  4. We’ve seen him spoiled, and I am pumped that he is coming to the game. But will he be good? How would one use him? What good upgrades would effectively utilize his ability?
  5. My idea is giving them something that allowed them to keep attack dice in their pool even as squads lost mini’s. It could be called heroic (or something like that) and would represent their tendency to just keep getting back up (metaphorically speaking) throughout the conflict.
  6. I’m not a huge fan of the sequels (I thought they were decent), but I think that Samophlange has a point. This is a topic intended to discuss what a resistance faction in legion would look like. Its not about whether or not it SHOULD be added, or if the sequels are good movies or not. I get that you don’t like the sequels, but going out of your way to make that excessively clear in a thread where that information isn’t relevant, in the slightest, to the discussion, does make you seem like nothing more than a “hater”.
  7. I am spamming republic stealth ships and no one can stop me!
  8. Plo seems like an interesting support character, but has anyone used him yet? How do you fly him? Who do you fly him with? Is he worth taking over other Deltas?
  9. Resistance/FO for me. I’m not a huge fan of the sequel trilogy, and I love Revenge of the Sith. However, I absolutely love the ascetic of the space battles in this era. In my opinion, the resistance capital ships are BEAUTIFUL. FO ships are alright if hard to implement, and the squadrons on both sides are cool and sleek. Additionally, I think there is to much ship overlap with many of the possible republic ships to make republic interesting. Rebels have Pelta. Empire had victory and arquitens. And I would prefer empire to have venator and carrion spike, the republic stealth ship.
  10. Rcracken7


    Now that we are on the topic of a community/game being abandoned by its company... Luckily those dark days are over now.
  11. OE is completely unnecessary here. You aren’t rolling very many black dice after the first attack, and TFO should be more than enough. Additionally, fitting all of your hammerheads with OE would be 20 points that you dont have.
  12. This idea is really intriguing and appealing to me. I will look into it. Thanks!
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