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  1. Basic weakness cards don't count toward your deck size to begin with, so Indebted doesn't allow you to take another card. Higher Education (permanent version) will not count toward your deck size, which means you won't need to replace an existing card to include it.
  2. This has been asked before and I think the answer was that you do reveal your basic weaknesses when you select them, so that things like Indebted can be played correctly. Here's an early (2016) thread discussing it with some feedback from the designer: Is the random basic weakness drawn face down? There are a number of other threads on BGG with similar discussion. If you want to keep them somewhat secret, I think you just need to check the upper left corner of the card to check if it is a permanent. That only gives away a small amount of information.
  3. FYI: These forums are shutting down on Feb 1, so you may want to ask future questions on another forum (perhaps BGG, Board Game Geek, which has an active Arkham community). Here's my crack at this: Q1: Investigators never need to engage a ready massive enemy, they are always engaged with it if they are at that location. Engagement will not prevent the enemy from moving (and so the investigators will need to give chase). I think this is true in general, if the rules say "move this enemy", the enemy moves whether engaged, exhausted, or otherwise indisposed. Q2: I think the enemy moves to the location whether it is revealed or not. Unless specifically called out, enemies don't care about whether a location is revealed or not. Q3: It just gets discarded (and not replaced). However, Beyond the Veil has surge, which means you should always be drawing another encounter card when you draw Beyond the Veil. Q4: Not sure.
  4. Yes, if the card says "This effect may cause the current agenda to advance.", then you do a check against the Doom threshold immediately after playing the card and advance the Agenda Deck if appropriate.
  5. I wouldn't say that "the doom count technically still remains at 3", cards that have effects based on the doom count at this point in the game will register 4 doom, it is just that the time to check for the doom threshold on the agenda has passed. Yes, all doom is removed unless there is a specific instruction somewhere specifying that it stays. In Devourer Below, you will remove all doom.
  6. Exactly this, I keep my encounters sleeved in Return to boxes and my player cards unsleeved in binders. I do keep my weakness cards sleeved with the "Return to The Night of the Zealot" for easy selection
  7. Question 1: Cards in the Victory Display do not get shuffled back in when you shuffle the discard pile back into the Encounter Deck. You only face those enemies once (unless scenario rules specify something else, but there aren't any such rules in The Gathering). Question 2: Yes, you put another doom on the agenda in the Mythos phase. Things can get really brutal if you aren't careful at the end of this scenario. Question 3: Neither committing a card, nor using a free-trigger require an action. You can do both multiple times in the same skill test (if I remember Hard Knocks correctly, you can even trigger it multiple times by spending multiple resources in a the same skill test). If you can only use a free-trigger action once, they will either state it on the card or have you exhaust the card as part of the card's cost.
  8. Nope, both the .45 and the Machete have an "action arrow" (->) on them. You choose which one to use to take the action, you are only given the bonuses for that action (not for the action on the other card). Some cards will give you static boosts which will apply to every action you do, but if it has a -> trigger, then using it prevents combining it with other action triggers.
  9. Yes, I think all the player cards (except maybe Barkham Horror cards) are compatible and are available to any investigator who can use them based on that investigator's deck building requirements.
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