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  1. You aren't the first to miss it. Probably the place they expected you to see it was page 8 of the Learn to Play booklet under Modifying Skill Values for Skill Tests. It probably would have been worthwhile for them to call out the fact that Assets and Events are eligible cards provided they have the correct icons, or if they had specified a particular card in their Skill Test Example so that you could see that the committed card was not necessarily a Skill card.
  2. Skill cards in your hand can be committed to a skill test for their icons. In this case, you also execute the card's effect (text at the bottom of the card) and discard the card after use. Asset cards in your hand can be used in two ways: you can play the card or commit the card to a skill test. If you play the card, you pay its cost, put into play area, and then you can execute the card's effect as per the text on the card but you cannot use the skill icons. If you commit the card, you do not need to pay its cost, you receive the icons but do not execute the card's text and discard the card after use. Similarly, Event cards in your hand can be used in two ways: you can play the card or commit the card to a skill test. If you play the card, you pay its cost and execute the card's effect as per the text on the card but you cannot use the skill icons and discard the card after use. If you commit the card, you do not pay its cost, receive the icons, but do not execute the card's text and discard the card after use.
  3. I don't have the cards with me, but how does this text compare to the text on the other locations in that scenario. Do they clearly indicate whether they apply to one investigator or whether they apply to any qualified investigators? Do any of those cards explicitly say "Any" as opposed to "An"?
  4. Someone will probably correct me (and now @Assussanni has, so I've struck out my errors and underlined my new comments) , but here's how we've played it: Q1) I guess we always read it as "Any investigator at ..." but you are right, that's not what it says, one investigator can place one clue. it is unclear and now I'm curious how others read this (or if it is in a FAQ somewhere). Q2) We had them stay put. Q3) The effects of a second copy of a basic weakness would depend on the weakness, but I would assume both trigger independently. Keep in mind that even if you have a second core, you only play with a set from one core which limits some of them. Q4) We place Smite the Wicked in the Zoey's discard pile. Q5) Yes, they stack. Each Whippoorwill results in a skill decrease and each Towering Beast results in a tougher brood (if I'm remembering them correctly). Q6) This is how we play it, set the token aside, draw a second, add the modifiers and trigger all consequences for all tokens pulled. Q7) Yes, Silas does not have an attack of Opportunity, so you can spend your actions moving in and out of the Chamber. Not as great when you realize that you will spend two of your three actions moving (of course, pathfinders and upgraded shortcuts can help). Q8) Resolution R2 does not defeat Silas, so he won't be in the Victory Display. I believe that you defeat Silas, placing him into the Victory Display before you get to Resolution 2 and then pick up the 2 Victory Points when it tells you to gain experience equal to the Victory Points. Q9) Gaining Aloof just means it won't engage by itself. However, once engaged, it will remain engaged until some other effect explicitly says that it disengages.
  5. Although I sometimes play true solo. I've found two investigators to be a good sweet spot. There are multiple threads on Board Game Geek about where to go next. There is a fairly good "Introduction for New Players" (https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1984153/faq-new-playerspeople-curious-about-game-please-re) that tries to present a fairly balanced perspective on where to go next.
  6. There are many fan made scenarios at Arkham Central.
  7. I believe the rules say that "can not" can never be superseded. So Terrible Secret's text overrides Deny Existence's text. Read later posts for correct answer. I focused on cannot, but there are other words that were important that I missed. EDIT: Found it on page 6: The word “cannot” is absolute, and cannot be countermanded by other abilities.
  8. I’m not even sure you need proxy cards. You could probably have a single page print out for each prologue deck with the card info on it and use tokens to indicate which cards have been played, charges remaining, etc. Print it once and reuse each time you play.
  9. I thought it might make a really good introductory scenario for new players, given the limited options available and the foregone conclusion. Although, I'm not sure if following it up with The Witching Hour would create too steep of a learning curve. Of course, Midnight Masks isn't the most forgiving of scenarios either.
  10. Similar response, but my requests were for replacements for the original "Miskatonic Museum" and "Where Doom Awaits" cards (requesting replacements so that they would match the Return to Dunwich backs). Aaron
  11. These are on my wishlist: https://www.etsy.com/listing/512170830/arkham-horror-chaos-token-full-set-of-44 Aaron
  12. Yeah, I'd skip the "Seriously, WTF Jenny?!" build on arkhamdb's website unless you really know the people you are playing with.
  13. I'm not much of a Rogue player (although I am liking Finn in Forgotten Age), but as @zooeyglass pointed out, Arkhamdb.com is an excellent resource for this type of work. You can specify which sets you own and search for decks that build particular classes using cards limited to your available collections (sounds like Core and Dunwich). Quick search shows a popular (21 heart) deck for Skids tagged for "solo, multiplayer, beginner" (called "1 Core + Dunwich Series: Skids") which might be a good one to start with. It even has a fair amount of commentary about its construction. Edit: Anyone know how to easily make the reference to zooeyglass a link? Do I need to manually include the URL? Thanks @General Zodd.
  14. A lot of answers to things like these questions can be found at BoardGameGeek. For example, this thread has been pretty well developed: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1984153/faq-new-playerspeople-curious-about-game-please-re
  15. I think a user by the name of Ken G (or something similar) has some nice one-page logs that fold into a little booklet over on BGG. I’m on my phone now, but if your search fails, let me know and I’ll find a link when I get back on my computer. Aaron
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