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  1. Whilst you don't want to straight joust with QD, threatening the revenge shot is strong. You can get a potential 3 extra attacks due to the ability. Ideally you manage to position to take minimal damage in a turn. Also can have the effect of people not wanting to shoot QD because of the revenge shot, which is also a win. QD just has massive DPS which is the appeal.
  2. Roundy1161

    Defender Thoughts?

    I really feel the nuance in playing the defender is know when not to 4k. It is so easy, and tempting, to just set the dial at 4k and forget for 2 or 3 turns. But as mentioned above, often you need to think about where the next 3 speed move will land you, and if there will be a kill box there. Also knowing when to go slow is also key, and you can still take the evade. Often people will commit hard to a 4k, so a 1 bank or 2 forward can often catch and opponent out. I do avoid red moves like the plague however....that may be to my detriment.
  3. Roundy1161

    Defender Thoughts?

    One thing I find with juke is it can be something of a defensive mod too. Often I'm shooting first and people so often spend the focus without thinking about the fact they need it to have any real chance to do damage. Way back when Juke and Lone Wolf was 4pts I tried both, and I felt that Juke was better, Lone Wolf was so good defensively as you effectively have 4 green dice. I also found I was trash at getting it to trigger in a 3 ship list. They definitely need some help offensively, I'm almost at the point that if I can't put FCS on I'm can't afford Rexler. Makes the 1v1 in the end even more absurdly in your favour.
  4. Roundy1161

    Defender Thoughts?

    Biggest trick to them is to have enough other threat in your list that people ignore them until it is too late. They are such a point fortress, often the win-con is they haven't halfed Rexler, so they just lose because they can't do damage to him with what they have left. That plus FCS for the reroll at the end means you can still push damage whilst keeping your defense sky high. Palp is also amazing with them, freeing up an action for a lock instead of focus, coordinate also helps with that, and increases their tankiness. I've been using this recently: Omicron Group Pilot (43) Jamming Beam (0) Emperor Palpatine (11) Ship total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 5 Rexler Brath (81) Juke (7) Fire-Control System (2) Jamming Beam (0) Ship total: 90 Half Points: 45 Threshold: 4 Grand Inquisitor (52) Fire-Control System (2) Ship total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 2 Total: 198 Quiz with Palp and coordinate seems pretty solid. I tend to group Quiz and Palp and flank with Rexler. Quiz can also be a mini defender by simply taking the evade and having force. Plus his not range 1 ability is way better than the range 1 ability.
  5. Palob, I play defenders a lot and he just bullies their biggest advantage out of the game.
  6. Juke getting the hit it did surprised me. I was practicing a list with 2 copies that I thought would be pretty safe from the changes (if anything, I expected it to drop a little) and it now doesn't fit. It's curious to me, as at 5pts I was using it on Duchess with 5th Bro Gunner for 56pts of awesome, and it felt good even though I didn't get the free evade. At 7pts, it is probably still ok in that build (it was 58pts before the first points change and still did ok) but now it is just a bit harder to fit into lists. Seeing Sloane drop surprised me. It is only a small amount, but still curious.
  7. From my factions that I converted to 2.0 (empire, first order, and then CIS) the only ship I've not used is the Gunboat. Outside of that, I've hardly played scum, resistance, rebel, or republic. But I've not converted them/ got them
  8. But it killed the defenders in 1.0 🙄 I certainly did a double take when I read it in 2.0, feels a bit dumb
  9. It is, but if you are a force user it really feels like no consequence. I lose an action, still have focus mods, and now have autothrusters. Playing a game of mtg with my brother in law recently also made me think about these. His deck was built around mutual card draw (i.e. he puts out cheap artifacts/enchantments that enable both players to draw more cards, hence 'balanced') With that strategy, you are banking on you being able to take greater advantage of the cards than your opponent. That is how I feel with the gas clouds as well, and I'm not sure I will get more benefit than my opponent. Normal rocks/debris are the same, but the extra defensive bonus from the gas clouds really change the balance. Strikers like them as they can roll up right behind them, and then completely 0 consequences over them with ailerons. Jedi love them as they don't switch of fine tuned controls so charge through them, reposition to ensure cover, and have force as mods. Afterburners Vader loves them (twice) and the defender quite likes them as well.
  10. I've been trying 3 with a palp aces list running Duchess and Rexler, both of which have tricks when running over them. I'm not sure how impactful they've been for me, but it is telling to me that I'm mildly annoyed when my opponent brings 3 clouds. That tells me I should bring some rocks. I think they're a bit dumb, given that were released with the strain mechanic I thought for sure they'd give a strain token. The 'zero' consequences for hitting them feels bad when your opponent does it, but feels good when you do it! 😂 Previously I pretty well always used the 3 largest rocks, with only one tourney recently taking debris.
  11. TIE Defenders were my favorite ship from XWA, and were the first ships that I got because I love their lore. I like their place in 2.0 being as tanky as they are, and as expensive as they are. The full throttle and white 4k I like, as I believe one of the keys to been better with this ship is choosing when not to go fast or 4k. Their point cost is still rough for list building though, but I also think it is (more or less) a fair cost.
  12. How often do you find you get 'critted out'? My games with the Deci is kinda the same as yours, it lives forever with reinforce, but can randomly just pop to crits. That RNG component of it is what is keeping my away from it for competitive, but it is so close for me as I like what it does. RAC can play hammer or anvil, they can't ignore it because he will just crit them away.
  13. Pretty much what I argued, glad I was right.
  14. Hi All, Playing a game with friends yesterday and got a shot at Luke who had 1 shield and 1 hull left with fuel leak up (R2D2 regen) I rolled hit hit crit at range 2, so in my mind, he was dead because fuel leak triggers. He managed 2 evades so then we argued about whether it triggered or not because he had a shield. We ruled it did trigger, to his disappointment, as it reads that you still suffer the crit to the shields. The damage section wasn't particularly helpful, but the attack chart is where I based it on. Am I right? TL;DR does a crit on shields trigger fuel leak?
  15. I had the same issue, I sent through saying it was from the core set templates, and sent through a photo. They replaced it with no issue and sent out a new one which I received last week.
  16. My friends and I messed around with this at the start of 2nd edition. There was 4 or 5 of us, bringing 1 ship worth up to 65 points (what we chose) We scored 1pt per kill, then if you killed a ship you got a bounty so were worth more when you got killed. Setup in corners initially, then used the hyperspace marker to spawn in after been killed. It was a huge amount of fun, aces tended to rule though.
  17. Kinda. I'm not yet convinced you would run an infiltrator and bellyrub in the same list. To the original question, I don't think so. With 1 agilty and a relatively high ship count in hyperspace it just melts.
  18. Any change they will be landscape as well as portrait option?
  19. Rexler Brath- 9 An absolute monster, can easily solo ships worth well more than his points. Advanced sensors borders on the unfair Countess Ryad- 7 I don't get the hate on her being I4, it is arguably better than her PS5 in 1.0. Though no PTL options hurt her to a point Colonel Vessery- 5 I get why they priced him high, but makes him hard to fit in with things that want/need/can get locks to trigger his ability Onyx Squadron Pilot- 3 Not sure why you would bother Delta Squadron Pilot- 6 I1 great jouster, no loss of efficiency Duchess- 9.5 Absolutely amazing arc dodger. Juke and 5th Brother should almost be stapled to her. Evade, Force in defense means 1 paint gets you 2 evades. She can take the stray shot with the evade  Pure Sabaac- 7 Draws so much aggro so the rest of your list can blast away unimpeded. Flank comically hard with him and make your opponent squirm  Countdown- 7 Ability is great as always, but no longer the budget option he was Black Squadron Scout- 2 Why??? Planetary Sentinel- 6 Only 'good' with Sloane, but even then still not great.
  20. No you can't. But it is still crazy good. Boost white 4k is brilliant
  21. Can't launch a bomb and do the stop shenanigans... both trajectory simulator and advanced sensors use the same slot.
  22. Slightly off topic, but do the phantoms show the decloak options for you? Advanced Sensors on defenders can be pretty nutty with their white 4k. You can easily put yourself in places that your opponent can not reach. Sure, turns off the ship ability, but I hear not getting shot whilst having shots is pretty good
  23. I can't agree more with the notion of determining if you made the right set of decisions regardless of the outcome. This is such a huge step to getting better. This is something I constantly look at myself playing tennis. Regardless of the outcome, did I choose the right shot for that situation. A recent example for me was Vader (1 shield remaining) vs 2 X wings, behind him, but spread out. Having a lock on one, I chose the Talon Roll with an afterburners boost to arc dodge 1 of them, get into range 1 of the other X-Wing that had 2 hull left. Vader has a lock and 2 force vs his 2 die with a focus. I am a high chance of initiative killing him (87%), However he scrapes by with an inconsequential crit after rolling 2 focus results, with my force depleted. He then takes the shot back at my 4 health Vader and rolls 4 hits (he did have a lock, but didn't need it), Vader blanks and dies. Looking at the odds, I felt I got it mostly right, take the (somewhat) aggressive play to take down this X-Wing, with a high expectation that I would only be taking the one shot even if it lived (albeit, highly modified). The odds of that outcome is quite low (like 1% when looking at the 13% chance the ship lives, and the 7% chance it can deal a killing blow) However, I note that I did leave myself open to variance in that instance. I was marginally down in points (totally mangled my early engagements) with Vader my only piece left, so it wasn't a defensive play (other than using offense as a defense). However, it also set me up well for the next turn to bug out as I would be up on points whilst the other X-Wing had to turn around. Was it worth it? I feel it was mostly correct looking at my choices, particularly as we were near time, and that kill secured me a points win.
  24. 1 thing I picked up from that episode was the force usage on Vader. I use the dice calculator all the time, but never thought to check the efficiency of spending a force for a focus with Vader. The results from that surprised me!
  25. Yeah points change is 28 January. This is what I have wound up with: Rexler Brath — TIE/D Defender 84 Juke 4 Advanced Sensors 8 Ship Total: 96 Half Points: 48 Threshold: 4 “Deathrain” — TIE/ca Punisher 42 Trajectory Simulator 3 Barrage Rockets 6 Seismic Charges 3 Proton Bombs 5 Ship Total: 59 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 5 “Pure Sabacc” — TIE/sk Striker 44 Ship Total: 44 Half Points: 22 Threshold: 2 Both Sabacc and Deathrain draw so much aggro. My opponents often don't realise until it is too late that Rexler is such a huge threat late in the game. But to be fair, leave Deathrain and Sabacc alone and they will punish you as well.
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