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  1. Jonus barrage bombers seem pretty good too. Given you are unlikely to have Jonus just bursted down, you keep the rerolls and high accuracy red dice online for longer. Vader 5 ties is also pretty solid. Defenders seem like a gross idea...I love it!
  2. Having played Tragedy Sim Deathrain quite a bit, you are missing 2 of the biggest advantages of his 66pts. 1. He zones like a champ, people either have to change their approach, or burn actions to get out. Seismics in particular are great, and if you can build a triangle of rocks the area of influence can be huge (like range 4 across by about range 2 deep). I've had many people help me build that triangle too. 2. He can reposition before moving. This can change his approach vector, or make him escape better. I took him to top 8 of NZ Nats when that build was 59pts, he was ok at 70pts but not stellar. 66pts has my interest again. The rest of the list needs to take advantage of what he brings to the table however.
  3. With strikers, using a straight template 2 longer if your aileroning and moving straight, rather than 1 forward then 3 forward just use the 5 forward.
  4. Vader seems really good with them, almost to the point you want to bid to be first player if your facing another Vader. You can use them as a oh **** i stuffed up to dull an attack coming your way, which is nice.
  5. Seems fair. I ran off memory that neutralize results also had the dealing damage part in that step.
  6. Pretty confident he would still just add the crit, not ion token. As he adds the crit after the neutralize results step, with the Ion Missiles having handed out any ion tokens during the neutralize results step.
  7. Why is he letting 4 people shoot him? Seems like a bad strategy
  8. Whilst it is a little vague in the rules, you must have focus results to convert to spend the stress. Paying Costs A ship can pay a cost for an effect only if the effect can be resolved. • For example, GNK “Gonk” Droid’s ability says “Action: Spend 1 (charge) to recover 1 shield.” The ship cannot spend the charge if it has no inactive shields. • Replacement effects can replace a cost that a ship would pay for an effect. If a cost is replaced in this way, the effect is still resolved. Then focus rules: Additionally: • A ship cannot spend a focus token to change (eye) results to (hit) or (evade) results if it does not have any (eye) results.
  9. Pure Sabacc in an Upsilon Grand Inquisitor in a silencer, or 7b Aethersprite
  10. What if Quickdraw only ever lost 1 shield at a time? Seems pretty solid to me, spread the damage across your wingmates to control your shield loss.
  11. Deathrain is looking better and better. He was already an amazing area denial piece that I felt you can get value out of. It's just what to put with him. Doesn't help hyperspace though
  12. You mean the wrong way so you can make it face the right way? I've not played with or against it yet, but I'd love to know how often they can get ensnare off, as you can't use the ship ability if you want to keep the arc in the same place.
  13. I dislike their relative lack of consequences. I have found it telling when I was trialling taking 3 of them, I was annoyed when my opponent also brought 3. With aces, if the sole objective is to gain defensive mods, running over them and having no action provides a better defensive bonus than avoiding them and taking an evade. (3 agility vs focused 3 die attack) At the recent Aus System Open, even though I was running a defender, I brought debris simply to narrow the field for Jedi so they can't just do their Brave Sir Robin bit and run away. Sure it was a bit of a nombo with my defender, but you know, just don't hit them? Debris was also effectively a blank obstacle for my shuttle, which carried more weight for me than worrying about hitting them with my defender.
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