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  1. Form VI, also known as Niman, the Way of the Rancor, the Moderation Form, and the diplomat's form, was the sixth form of the seven forms of lightsaber combat. This fighting style was a hybrid martial art created by effectively combining elements of the preceding lightsaber forms into a single, generalized form. Niman balanced out between the various specializations of the other forms, covering many of the basic moves, but focusing on overall moderation. This resulted in a fighting style that lacked a significant advantage, but also lacking any serious drawbacks, and thereby not leaving adherents as exposed as some of the more aggressive or specialized forms. Overall, Niman had a fairly relaxed focus on bladework, designed as a simple, easily mastered fighting form for Jedi who preferred to devote most of their time to study and diplomacy. Despite this, it could be absolutely deadly in the hands of a skilled practitioner, as demonstrated by such notables as Exar Kun. As for who died... The task force consisted of 212 jedi, plus obiwan and Anakin makes 214, all but 30 of them died so practitioners of other forms didn't fare much better. Point is if you slacked at a lightsaber and fought at genosis you died regardless of which form you practiced. But many lightsaber slacker jedi practiced niman because they could get a lot of benefit for very little investment. That doesn't make it a weak form, while it was uncommon for jedi to devote themselves to the form, those that did were absolutely deadly. That's the lore. And if you read further in the article, niman took 10 years of devotion to *master*. How many lightsaber slacking diplomats at genosis do you think had actually devoted 10 years to mastering niman? Also given that they were fighting against blasters primarily, soresu and shien were the forms best suited to surviving genosis, so shi cho, makashi, and ataru jedi in the arena would be similarly disadvantaged as niman, with similar effort invested (although similar effort wasn't invested) You lost me when you pulled out the wookapedia. You should probably use the ffg books and the rules from that. You will be taken much more seriosly.
  2. True this is actually stated in the book. Its up to the gm if he enables power gamers or not. If they load themselves up with cybernetics ion weapons can easily neutralize them. Make them understand that though it might seem they are getting much stronger there are downsides to it and don't just tell them make them experience it. Also i know that you can build a cybernetic and invest triumphs to make them invulnerable to ion damage. Don't just give them that. Have them only able to obtain such quality cybernetics by making it themselfs. Add red dice to their rolls buy spending destiny points, yes you as a gm can flip destiny points to do that. If they roll a despair you decide how that effects the item they crafted. Look at the crafting rules it gives you examples. There is a chart for each type of item they are building that tells them how they use advantages, triumphs, threat and despares. If they want to keep rerolling till they get the rolls they want Dont let them. Make them wait time in game before they can gather more materials and have actual time to make new and better ones. So plan it to where they can only try every 4 games sessions to make another roll. The game and story comes first have them and the other group be put in situation where he cant just spend his whole time rolling and making god items. You the GM you have the power to force them to play the story more than just power game.
  3. I edited my original post cause i felt it was to harsh but allot of posts that have popped up hear are a prime example on how easy it is to power game in this system and manipulate the rules as written making them say more than what the author intended. The problem is the system and how its written. My group who I've been apart of for years will be moving back to an old star wars system. We have been gaming with each other for ten years. I will miss this system and the flexibility on character building and its ability on enabling the gm give more of a story driven campaign.
  4. Maybe also like I said above give your Nemesis cortosis since your characters might have access to it anyways at 500xp. Makes them much a harder to kill. Also just realized this thread is very old so maybe I should just delete all this.
  5. What was the defense of the Nemesis and how many upgrades did you give him. A Nemesis could be really tough for an ataru to kill if he has 3-4 defense, 6 upgrades at least if not more, and a good soak. (instead of 2 purple, they can easily get up to 5 red die if not 6). Darth Vader is an example it should be hard for an ataru form user to hit him more than once but its possible. Was the Nemesis using cortosis? Does the nemesis have skills that make it easy for him to soak crits like supreme armor master. Or center of being (Think thats what its called). There are plenty of ways to make a tanky Nemesis thats hard to kill, and with how easy it is to build a super offensive character in this game with a lightsaber (Ataru Form) you might have to get creative. Also does the nemesis have sidestep or dodge? Or defensive stance (more upgrades) if they use a melee weapon. Also if its a force user nemesis then the left tree in sense, the last control box beefs up their defenses by adding extra upgrades at the cost of commiting a force die or two. We have an ataru striker that can hit op to 3 times in a turn. But she was put unconscious in a single volley from a repeating blaster. Got hit I think 2 to 3 times.
  6. Yes the template was meant for light freighters but they were expecting all light freighters to be at least Sil 4. So my Gm tweeked it to where it only has 1 turret. The specifics hasnt been set in stone yet but looks like it will be a manned turret for sure.
  7. I bought this in game and decked it out. Added the paramilitary mod and it added two quad turrets. Since my GM is cool with it we have it that it can carry 6 people now including the pilot and co pilot. Drawback is two of the peeps have to be in the turrets or in the cargo hold.
  8. Any form can stack strength and buff their soak shoot our Ataru form user has more strength than my character. Dont know why but she wanted to build her character like that. She has great agility as well but isnt good at much else outside of those. Disruptive strike does not require a destiny flip, strain. Pg. 95 force and destiny. That would only be optional. If you dont have much force die then you probably wont need it anyways. Its more for more experienced character battles. Also you can use the sense power to buff your defense on the left tree. That just means you cant use those specific force die for disruptive strike but the others you have not committed to another force power is freed up to use each round. The book is very clear than you dont lose access to your remainder force die that you have not committed, they are still free to be used. For instance my character has 4 force die about to have my fifth. He will have no problem spamming disruptive strike each round and I garantee you I will be rolling white pips. But for a low xp character honestly most forms specials wont help you much anyways since you have a low force rating. (Better off committing that force die to your sense defense if you have it if your trying to go defensive.) They get really good once you get 3 or more force die as long as they are not committed to something else. You have to pick your poison, until you get allot more force die. Remember when committing force die to a force power that requires it you only need to commit it once as long as it has the ongoing effect in the control box which the sense tree does on the left side for both offense and defense. So after that characters turn your free to attack and still have it up and It stays as an ongoing effect till you release it. Now how many thats up to your GM. Our Gm only lets us commit one die to the offensive control box and 2 to the defensive control box. I usually only commit die to the defensive giving me 4 upgrades total. I have a 5 skill rating in lightsabers. I would do that allot when I was a lower xp character because 2 force die isnt going to help you much. Better off just using it to buff your difficulty rating. I have allot more force die now so I'm free to do other stuff. Also your comment on supreme reflect I think is right it really isnt that powerful, and solidifies my stance on why soresu should have it. It wont be game breaking in any way and fits it I think. I can understand though why they just wanted shien to have it because shien is supposed to specialize in reflecting blaster bolts unlike all the other forms except maybe soresu where Sien was pulled from in canon. Also dont understand where counterstrike came from, if I mentioned it then sorry I just don't remember doing that. Yes it wouldnt make sense for seresu to have it. Soak and difficulty upgrades are king in defense in this game. Any form can stack that. Defense is garbage but having that black die wont hurt. I've seen plenty of black blank die being rolled plenty of times. Seems to have a high chance. Parry is decent and probably good starting out but goes through strain like crazy just like reflect. Better off having a high soak and high difficulty to avoid getting hit and use parry and reflect sparingly. Your parry and reflect will never get high enough to keep up with the offensive builds in this game. And if you try you will collapse real fast do to the massive amount of strain you will be using. See below about our offensives hitting you 4 to 5 times in one turn. There is a reason why Soresu in this game is rated lower than most other forms. It just doesnt live up to what it is supposed to do. Also offense is king in this game. I'm really thinking the devs made it like that so combat will go fast and jedi or force users cant make themselves almost invulnerable like they were in the d20 games. This is what I have heard. All that parry will not help you when an ataru form user hits you four to five times in one turn doing 15 - 20 damage on each hit. Either you will fall from lack of health or you will collapse from lack of strain. The offensive builds in this game is sick and almost impossible to defend against unless you have so many upgrades to where they are rolling against 6 red dice. Good luck getting that. Our ataru form user usually roles with 3 blues and 6 yellow die. Goes through strain but she decimates almost all defensives. And I wont even get to our assassin droid (pc character) who can do almost the same with his repeating rifle. I just witnessed him kill 4 guys at once in a turn. Frustrating cause I didnt get a chance to fight. They were not minions he killed. Honestly soresu's defense isnt that great compared to the offensive builds and what they can put out damage wise in this game and you should mainly use it more for a back up form I think. This has been my experience with it. I love my armorer and mechanical guy but intel is my strength and thats why I use soresu. Would have went Shien but we already had a character like that. Wanted to make sure we had a diverse group and its worked out great that way. Now this is all numbers stacking. The game is probably allot more enjoyable not worrying about all this crap and playing it because its a story. Once you hit over 1k xp. All these numbers become unavoidable.
  9. I usually have 3 defense and six upgrades when I fight and I still find improved parry extremely situational to where its only worked once. Now we are starting to have more range type of encounters, but I have had the gm roll despairs on me from range. I usually have them run out of ammo depending on the situation. Soon I'll just reflect the blaster fire back at them. i usually find more clever ways to approach them than just letting them spam us with blaster fire. But my problem is with improved parry being pretty weak where it only does base damage. Thats great if you are in a low xp game and they guys your fighting dont have cortsis, which most battles I had were always at range. Also good luck with improved parry on inquisitors they usually all have cortosis and aslo the ability to ignore your defenses. So if you get an improved parry off on them it wont do anything but maybe anoy them. Each game is different. In our game I've only seen improved parry work well with my lightsaber only once and I killed a xenomorph with an improved parry. It was pretty week though and didnt have a cortosis type of armor. Also in our game the first 130xp to 500xp we were under the microscope of the empire so we just couldnt run around fighting with our lightsabers. Or light foils at the time. Also couldnt enhance our senses or reflexes by using the force or else we would be exposed. That made it much harder to get a good defense going besides what we had for armor. So much less opportunities to use improved parries in our fights since we usually had an inquisitor or two being entertained by the fights. BTW I got crushed in a lightsaber match using the soresu form in the begining. Since I couldnt beef up my defense with the force in any way cause of the situation I didnt have to much of a defense when the guy fighting me has 5 yellow dies to use in his lightsaber attacks. He pretty much disarmed me forced me to move out of range to pick up my lightsaber. By the second round where I was finally able to attack my strain was so low I was done. Couldnt generate much advantages to get strain back at the time. Soresu is good when the battle is in your favor when you have allot of defense and upgrades then it really shines, but I find that to be the same with other forms too. Soresu has no defense against duelest who can knock away your lightsaber. Soresu if you use it is best paired with shien I think. Shien has probably one of the strongest defensive lightsaber skills to use in a duel that is also almost offensive. You can spam it every turn and make it to where the Soresu defender will fail every lightsaber attack. If used correctly. Soresu can't compete with it.
  10. Most of the guys we fight have cortosis, I've only been able to successfully use improved parry like once in the past 2 years. GM has no choice but to make the guys we face stronger cause we have some strong offensive characters in the group. Also allot of the fights are range as well. Earlier in our campaign we were doing some covert operations in the heart of the empire so we had to be careful on what we used. So never really got to enjoy improved parry before we got too strong. Once cortosis comes into play which can happen really fast improved parry becomes useless by design unless your are fighting minions. When you do they die so fast you never have a chance to use improved parry against them.
  11. Soresu has nothing on Shien when it comes to best defensive talents. Shien has Disruptive strike which is probably the best defensive talent in the game when it comes to using a lightsaber. All Shien has to do is spam that every turn against a Soresu defender or any lightsaber form user and eventually the Soresu defender will just either die or pass out and the Soresu defender will never be able to get one hit on the Shien user. Soresu is just weak period in this game and the most bottom tier out of all the forms. Its not a well thought out form I think. In fact I think disruptive strike should have been given to soresu and not Shien. That was a big mistake on the creators of this game. I find defensive Circle weak in this game as well as some of the other talents it has. Even its defensive stance is pretty subpare since it only works against melee and you have to activate it during your turn and cant do it out of turn as an incidental. Dodge is allot better it works for both melee and range attacks and you can activate it out of turn.
  12. Not really Shien has allot of good offensive attacks that also buff its defenses. Shien is just a stronger lightsaber form both defensively and offensivley than soresu period. On top of it getting better defensive abilities peroid when it comes to reflecting blaster fire. My character got easily owned by a shien user because they do a good job negating my defensives pretty well while still being very good offensively. If you go soresu you really need to get an offensive spec to make up for its glaring weaknesses and that should help buff its deffensives better. I would go with ataru or shien as a second lightsaber spec. Or just better off making an agility/cunning character and using both ataru and shien. Just ignore soresu peroid. They made it a very weak spec in this game. Supreme parry I have found to be totally useless and improved parry not that great unless you are fighting weak enemies and your game is just starting. Stronger enemies can easily soak improved parry.
  13. Honestly I've been playing soresu for a while, I think Shien is far superior because they gave it good defenses by giving it supreme reflect and its has offense stuff in it making it just all around better than soresu. I think personally thats where they messed up. Shien is supposed to be some offense and some defense but they gave it one of the best defensive abilities in supreme reflect making it a far better form than soresu in this game. Most of the soresu defensive abilities are kind of mediocre. But then again I've had supreme parry and never have been in a fight where I can use it because usually if I'm in a melee fight I have usually already used an attack before I ever see enough threat or despares to were supreme parry every comes into play. I have used improved parry once and it worked well, but almost every other fight when improved parry can be activated my opponent can easily soak that lightsaber hit cause its base damage only. Pretty weak if you ask me. While improved reflect doesnt have that problem. Usually if someone who uses shien usually used a second lightsaber form so they shouldnt have a problem when it comes to parry and reflects being low. I think you only get 3 of each. Soresu gets 4 parry's and 3 reflects. Shien is just a better made lightsaber form in this game period than soresu.
  14. Like most have said its just up to the GM. Some GM's are laxed and will let the character learn the force power as long as they have the rating. Others will try and build a story around it in a way to were something big probably influences it being learned. For instance one of the pc's in my group can force jump but my character can't. While my character is farther along in the sense tree than them. So we are training with each other on our down time to become better at both. While another way is limit a certain force power being learned like protect/unleash to a holocron or have someone train that character. Of course they still need to meet the prerequisites in the books (FR 3). It's really up to the GM on how they wan't to handle it. Our group is not force heavy, mainly because we are in-between A new hope and empire strikes back. With force powers making you stick out and putting the group at risk during this timeline. Most of us just go with basic force powers like sense and influence that are used more passively than powers that make us light up like christmas trees to everyone around us, and also force sensitives that might work for the empire to hunt down those that have and use force powers.
  15. Don't know if this has been answered yet but only if the leap rules under enhancment says you can use it as a fall. As far as I know it doesnt. Sounds like trying to use a force power as a catch all. If you can talk your GM into letting it do that, but I'm sure he might say that you still have to take damage when you hit the ground like the rules in the book say. Every GM is different but mine would probably just laugh at you then say no.
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