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  1. Ya the article you posted is a different article than the main one that talks about the book, its why I didnt see it. It is actually located on the right called on the front lines so you can click on it. Its why I missed it. My mandalorian uses two lightsabers, I think it looks cool. I like having a character that can eventually and consistently force jump into a crowd of bad guys while duel wielding lightsabers. It will also attract the attention on me since I'm the tank of the group.
  2. Sweet don't understand why their article didn't put those in there in the first place. But I play a mandalorian so wont be using that material anytime soon since our campaign is between Star wars a new hope and Empire strikes back. I was given the option to remake my character and I probably could have remade him as a Jedi that survived that long but it didn't feel right. Also I love the direction my mandalorian is going. He uses a lightsaber, and is a tank type of character with 4 force die. Doesn't care though with the Jedi ways or that old religion he only cares about his mandalorian heritage and culture. Now I'm trying to add in extra specializations that round him out more like a piloting spec. Also going down the enhancement tree to boost his agility since he is a intelligence type of character. Once I do both of those his agility should be 3 and can boost it to 5. It will give him more flexibility when it comes to weapons and also will help him be a decent pilot. Trying to use force powers to support his fighting style instead of being a space wizard using the force to cause damage like move and stuff. Also we need to lay low with the empire hunting down force sensitives and if I'm running around using force powers that will attract to much attention. Though we have been using lightsabers lol so that should make us stand out anyways. Might check out the deathwatch career, don't know if I will go that route, since my character is not a bounty hunter/assassin, though he tries to pretend he is one to keep the empire off his back with some of the restricted gear he uses. after I do the starfighter ace spec he will need to go into a second lightsaber spec to balance himself out. Either Shien or Niman, right now he is only Soretsu. After that he will be pretty well rounded with a decent force to help protect himself, throw a lightsaber, and use force jump that should always succeed even with I have 2 force dedicated to sense. Even though doing that will have him attract attention so I need to be carefull how I use him.
  3. I've read the details of The Collapse of the Republic on the Star wars FFG site that goes into details of all the new careers and specializations and no where does it mentions Jedi Master and Jedi General. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/8/collapse-of-the-republic/ Where is the link to this information that people are saying its in the book? Because the star wars FFG sales site does not mention it.
  4. Wouldnt it be specialization skills since career skills will be the same in all three Padawan, Jedi knight and Jedi master if there was one since Jedi master will fall under the jedi career path? This is how all the career paths all go. The career skills are the same in all the specializations while the specializations themselves have their own skills based on that specific specialization. Jedi master specialization skills might be more in tuned with some types of negotiation skills or leadership, maybe even warfare since they will be Generals at least in the war. Something along those lines.
  5. This probably belongs in its own thread and not here.
  6. Looking forward to the Mandalorian series, expecially since in my star wars group I have a mandalorian who is force sensitive but still trying to hold on to his mandalorian identity.
  7. Kind of crazy huh? Imagine moding an illum crystal and your on your 6 or 7th mod and you roll a despare and you shatter the crystal. I'm sure though if you have a good GM he will work it out to where you just loose the mod but every GM is different. Sorry to hear you have a GM thats a little rule strict like that expecially on that.
  8. There is a big star wars ffg discord channel i would google it. I've had nothing but bad experiences with groups from that discord channel but its worth a try you might like it. Really felt half the GM's had ADD. Another GM wanted to roll nothing but red dice on everything and dictate what your character did based on what was in your bio instead of you actually choosing. But if your patient I'm sure you will find a group there that decent. I'm kind of lucky cause the group I've been in for the past two years is a group I've been playing online games with since 2009 so we all mesh well. We are all pretty well educated so we don't just do random dumb stuff nor does our GM like the one I posted above. We all know the rules pretty well and almost everyone in our group doesnt try to manipulate rules for power gaming except one who does push it a little but he's like family so he gets away with it. like throwing a lightsaber as an ataru spec and also using linked and hitting multiple times with it like what was discussed in the forms here in another thread. I'm sure he got the idea from it but the GM let him then one shot him next turn lol.
  9. In my group the enhance force jump is considered a maneuver, even more technically a move maneuer in which you are only allowed a certain number per turn. Now if the GM wants to change the force jump and how it is looked as a maneuver its his game and he can if he wants. I wouldnt because then it will get out of control. The book says you can only do a maneuver 3 times specifically to move. 1 free, 1 at a cost of 2 strain, and using your attack as a maneuver. With a fully upgraded force jump you can get into extra long range in one turn or almost I do remember something about the farther the range bands the more maneuvers you have to do to get there. for instance to go from close range to meduim it requires two maneuvers which is one fully upgraded force leap. Dont remember what it is to go from medium range to long range and long range to extream range. (could be from medium to long range requires two cant remember.) If the GM though will let you move more than 3 times a turn force leap might just turn you into superman, but its his game.
  10. Your friend at the Va is a clone trooper in disguise getting treated. Ask him about order 66 how does he react? Does he snape wanting to kill anyone that resembles a jedi? lol jk Maybe its the force rebalancing things because we have all loved the Jedi since 1977 and its time for the hate have its hay day.
  11. My character is sitting about 1k xp and I feel he has a long way to go. Only 3 specializations right now (armorer, soresu, Hermet) and all 3 are not even maxed. since you have to put xp between specializations and skills and maybe force powers 1k xp doesnt go to far. Just hit 4 force and now I need to put some xp in to some basic force powers that can benifit from it. I also would like to maybe learn more about flying starfighters since our group got a hold of some x-wings. I still need to finish my lightsaber specialization and my first specialization as well. I really feel like I can still put in another 500 xp into what I have now before I even try starfighter ace or something like that. My character is also a mandolorian so I'm going to try and build him to what a mandaloian would be or how a mandalorian/Jedi might be like or something close.
  12. There are no Jar'Kai techniques in FFG thats why we would like a duel wield lightsaber specialization so we have some.
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