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  1. Metalghost

    Questions about the niman disciple

    If a GM allowed this type of power gaming I would probably leave the group that night and not come back (hate dnd type of powergaming). Ataru is already op now you want the same op at any range as well. I'm sure somewhere either a Dev or something in the book would state a rule that would keep this from happening. Possible the fact you are using your force rating and die for two different things at the same time (might be a stretch to say that though).
  2. The Last Jedi dumped Star Wars into the ocean.
  3. Its obvious they designed this game to where its easy for offense to be king and defense to struggle unless you go all in on it. Even then Offense is still much better in every area of the game whether its range combat, melee combat, space combat.
  4. I think the padawan, Jedi, and master jedi should be op to where you get 2 force, and 2 dedication from each one. thats just me though. That would kinda explain the power creep though obi wan would still have 6 more probably from other specializations added to that like shi-cho, soresu, starfighter ace and whatever else. But that would give him more force than what he should have. Maybe 1 force from padawan and 1 force from jedi but 2 force from master. Or 1 force and 2 dedication from each one. that would help explain why they have much more characteristic points than normal humans.
  5. Metalghost

    Is Heal/Harm the Best Force Talent?

    mmm k I guess there are many different ways to raise your defense guess thats why they capped it at 4, and its almost very easy to get it to 4 statically on your character. I guess thats why I dont know to much about Guarded Stance. No one has ever used it in our game (over 2 years) or needed to since it probably does not stack with cover or other moves that give you extra defense that are not static. Just with armor and specific weapons, skills, or crystals its easy to hit that 4. < probably why I've never seen anyone use it.
  6. It would just be easier to just learn the skill from one of the specializations than to try and use move power. You will have an easier chance of it working and less of a chance of it failing. You would probably also do allot more damage since that damage is based on your lightsaber skill check anyways. It would also require less black or white pips to successfully use.
  7. Metalghost

    Is Heal/Harm the Best Force Talent?

    Dont know if I posted this earlier but this is a copy of the skill in the book. But ignore this cause its a double post and wont let me delete it.
  8. Metalghost

    Is Heal/Harm the Best Force Talent?

    Don't think any one of us really want to know!!
  9. I suggest just having your players use the normal force careers in the game and when the book finally releases just let them all respect but keep what xp they have and use that. In my game we all started out as imperial mutineers of course we had to mutiny first. That was over two years ago, we have been allowed to reset our characters once some time early 2018, and when we did considered it a start of a new chapter. Before no one was allowed to make a force user then after the reset we were allowed too. We all used the same xp to start out with that we ended on our other characters. Some of the players chose to keep playing that specific character and those that switched had their main character turn into an npc but was still part of the group but mostly spent their time on the ship doing npc stuff. When this book comes out we will end chapter 2 and allow another reset on characters. Since we just hit over 900 xp and most likely will be over 1k xp it should be interesting making an actual jedi.
  10. Metalghost

    where are the yuuzhan vong

    I'm sure in the Walt disney universe they are not legends and I hope it stays that way. Never read the legend books but I dont like how the Yuuzhan are designed to begin with.
  11. Whats the guys force rating is it 2 or 3 kind of hard to tell. Cause you need a 3 to start using the force protection power since its locked behind a force rating of 3. So I'm assuming its a 3 but you only show having a +1 force protection making your's 2. Outside of that this thread has been entertaining to read. nm confusing the protection force power with the protector force protection skill. Two different skills.
  12. Metalghost

    Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    lol the ataru from user would like a word with you. That form can easily match an autofiring weapon and even beat it cause it bypasses soak in the process.
  13. Metalghost

    Yoda and Palpatine (Homebrew)

    Maybe but that will leave allot of force die commited for him to be any good with his lightsaber, and in doing that he will only have 3 to 4 at the most to use for powers, since he has only 7 force die. Most likely if yoda is commiting force die for agility with an agility only of two then he most likely has 4 force die commited to bump him up to 6 agility. He is the best lightsaber duelist (legendary status) and unless he is rolling 6 yellow die then he is just on the same level as count duku and the others. Still I'm sure yoda's race probably has a natural agility bonus since thats what he prefers. I'm sure in yoda's younger age he probably had a 6 agility and in his old age probably 4, 3 going the lowest. Thats just me though. Remember Yoda needs to be stated to reflect the legendary lightsaber duelest that not even count duku could beat, and duku was a master of all the forms and was a legend himself when it came to lightsaber combat. I also believe palpatine was made a little too weak, but thats my point of view. Remember palpatine was the strongest sith to ever exist in his time so he should have a 7 force rating. Also he was a master in all lightsaber forms as well so he should have a 5 in lightsabers.
  14. Metalghost

    Yoda and Palpatine (Homebrew)

    Hardly doubt yoda has 2 agility with ataru spec being his main form of choice. Probably has a 4 or 5 cause his age thats why I dont give him 6.
  15. Metalghost

    Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    Your first mod is free as long as you are using it in your personal lightsaber. Also you get to use for force die on your rolls and using the pips as succeses. Also understand it should take a while to fully mod out an ilum crystal with you having probably 4 force die if not more by then. Also by then you will have a decent lore check or mechanics, most likely lore. So rolling on the last 3 mods your probably pretty far along with at least 4 force die and 3 yellow and 2 green in lore. Remember the crystal gets stronger as you grow and get stronger take it slow. Also you don't want to role a despair cause that will destroy the crystal, and when you fail a check to mod the crystal you permanently lose that mod for good on that crystal. (Yes these rules are accurate and in the book) Those rules are probably hints from devs that they designed crystals to slowly get stronger with you over time as you get stronger. Remember you making a story out of your character, as you start young and weak eventually you will be strong it will come in time. Illum crystal is a great crystal for this type of story telling the mods on the crystal tell the story of how strong your character has gotten over time. Don't approach the lightsaber as a number's game like it is in dnd.