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  1. Brand new player here- just bought the core box this week and looking forward to playing it! I have a questions about the Barkham Horror expansion: - Can you use it with the main game? - Does it cause any balance issues when used with the main game? - Can you use it in organised play events? I've been unable to find any rulings apart from "it's not intended for use but that won't stop you." I'd love to eventually take part in OP events, but haven't been able to find any rules regarding what you can and can't use in such events. Thanks for your help!
  2. Alternatively, you could just play Bushido. Which is a miniatures game set in not!Japan where the factions are warring clans.
  3. I agree that Overgrowth is pretty underwhelming...on paper the bonuses are pretty nice, but the reality is that to use them, you have to be standing right next to terrain the whole battle. Since most Latari units are designed to shift around a lot, you're rarely going to be next to the right piece of terrain when you need it.
  4. You're right, it would have made way more sense to make this a global map! Give me a bit and I'll get the map updated. Of course! Here's the long link, grandpa: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12p_PMEMH1PZNz7ujcREVfkLASjqwUS2l&usp=sharing
  5. To make it easier for people to find local players and groups, I've made an editable map! Simply tag yourself on the map and include your contact details, so anyone trying to find a local RW player can get in touch. If you know of other RW players that aren't on the forums please share the link with them: hopefully we can get more and more people playing each other! https://tinyurl.com/yarbxazr
  6. I've been pronouncing them lee-onx and I'm-hellin.
  7. HOOTS MON THERE'S A MOOSE LOOSE ABOUT THIS HOOSE [dadada da da dadada da da da DA dadadada da]
  8. I think it'd be nice if, in the end, the factions all got the equivalent units, but how they were released was staggered so everything was different. Eg: Q1: Waiqar- Hero Daqan- Monster Latari- Flying unit Uthuk- Cavalry Q2: Waiqar- Flying unit Daqan- Cavalry Latari- Monster Uthuk- Hero Etc etc. Then things don't feel as same-y, and it regularly shakes up the gaming scene.
  9. I'm thinking a flat round circle of putty, with a wedge cut out of it. Depending on what size you're after, you can get plastic mats used as decoration in fish tanks. I've seen some with lily pads and flowers, maybe some of them would be suitable for you?
  10. "Well sir, our game is doing amazing well and making lots of profit." "Excellent." "However, some strangers on the internet are being negative about it." "CANCEL DEVELOPMENT AND CAN THE GAME." I've been screwed over by enough gaming companies to be a cynic. Really, the best attitude to have to games is cautiously negative: expect the games companies to cock things up and ruin what you love, but keep enough hope that you'll be pleasantly surprised. That way you'll only be slightly hurt and relieved as well.
  11. My first event was using the Volatile Rune scenario, and it was hilarious. My opponent lined up his carrion to charge my scion, but because Ardus was bumbling around in front he was forced to do a flank charge...which meant his carrion was standing right on top of a rune. The carrion killed the scion, then promptly blew up because of the rune. Imagining the look on its face was priceless.
  12. Tangent here: no they didn't. GW don't release sales details, so 'Fantasy didn't sell' is just a rumour from GW fanboys. The real reason was copyright. GW got its *** kicked in the courts multiple times after repeatedly trying to sue small businesses/individuals over copyrights it didn't own (such as claiming it owned the term 'space marine', despite the fact they originally stole it from Starship Troopers, and trying to sue over models that didn't exist). Because of this GW has become obsessive over its IP and getting everything copyrighted. Hence all the ridiculous name changes in 40K, changing non-copyrightable names (eg space marines) to ones they can (eg Adeptus Astartes). Fantasy, however, was a kitchen sink setting, taking inspiration from LotR, D&D, every fantasy novel ever etc. Most of the stuff you can't copyright, so they scrapped the entire setting and made AoS, which has been combed over by lawyers so *everything* can be claimed as GW's original IP. You can't copyright 'dwarven engineer', but you can copyright 'duradin endrinriggers'. And why Empire/TK got canned, but the Skaven were untouched. tl;dr AoS exists because GW wanted more leverage in bullying small businesses after the courts kept ruling against them. ------------ Speaking of 'veteran gamers', I think every RW player in my FLGS is one, although more on the casual side. I think because RW straddles the line between traditional wargame and 'pick up and play' (eg Heroclix, Attack Wing etc) both types of players can be wary of giving it a go. I think it helps that the store we game at is very open to pick up and play games, so it just encourages people to get out of their particular gaming bubble and have the confidence to try something else. I've found once people start playing RW they really enjoy it, it's just getting them to take that initial plunge.
  13. Just seen a Facebook post from my FLGS, saying that they can now preorder the 2018 event packs. You'd think an announcement like that would be worth even just a little update from FFG...
  14. I'm agreeing about the lore. I know nothing about Terrinoth, and the lore guide that came with the core set is so crap I still don't. Who's this Waiqar bloke and why is he mad at the humans? Where did the demons come from? RW really needs a lore that a) makes the setting unique and detailed and b) is actually accessible. Unfortunately 40K is a bit of a catch 22 situation: people only play the game because other people play it. It's a popular game, so you're more likely to find other people to play with, so you collect that instead of smaller games. Which means more people play, so more people collect it etc. I live in the GW heartlands, and because of this it's nigh-on impossible for a smaller game to get a decent player base. It's infuriating. I'm triggered so hard. I hope you took them outside and beat them.
  15. Even if there's no new content, a little update every once in a while would be nice. Something like "World championships will be happening this year! Here's what to look forward to.", or even a little teaser about an upcoming product. Just a silhouette would keep us busy for weeks. Really just anything that translates as "We're not dead and someone is still working on this, don't worry."
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