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  1. Hope not, but it seems like it. They also said there would be a shuttle.
  2. "Quickdraw"


    Opinions on this upgrade?
  3. Are you sure he's there as a pilot?
  4. I haven't seen a topic about this, so what do you think of the recent news? (such as ezra appearing in the movie, and also padme)
  5. Formula D is a pretty good game to play in family.
  6. I would disagree with this, i find it to be the opposite, if you have only 2 force you can run out of them more easily.
  7. why would hate be good, I don't see an option where it would be good to use it
  8. Don't see why it would shoot backwards.
  9. You have to write something to make it return from closed to open. And also it's a configuration, not a mod.
  10. "Quickdraw"


    Focus and definitely no force points.
  11. "Quickdraw"


    which stats do you imagine? 2 attack 3 agility 3 hull 1 shield maybe?
  12. I would see them beeing 3 attack 3 agility. Don't know hull and shields.
  13. Need plo koon He should be init. 6 also
  14. "Quickdraw"


    Have we been able to see the stats? Also, hopesome day they sale it separetly.
  15. Why are you so sure, the T-70 can now carry a cannon.
  16. Lambda. You can fly them without palp, and Sai is goood. I'm also loving the phantoms, my favourite ship used to be the defender(Overall it's actually Tie s/f, but talking imperial), now the phantom came to join it. Echo actually works and whisper is a beauty.
  17. I would much prefer to have a TIE hunter.
  18. "Quickdraw"

    Kill Han

    Played again with another squad and won. I took the defender which always works out for me but I didn't want to use him. On the previous games I was playing with vader and echo fully loaded, and something else. This time I went with rexler, echo and a cheap aggressor. My phantom went with zero damage and everyone else dead. I admit the force was with me because I had some lucky dice. His second ship was a B-wing. I forgot to tell, I play in a bigger mat with double asteroids (which are still more than there should be to make it equivalent).
  19. "Quickdraw"

    Kill Han

    I'm not looking for a nerf, that's why I asked if I was doing something wrong or I just have to play better(because I refuse to believe that one can loose a battle because of luck, if you play well, you win). This is what I was looking for, I let him shoot with ezra only once but I didn't make him move his firing arc to spend action, that I can see.
  20. "Quickdraw"

    Kill Han

    I play against han with r2-d2, ezra, chewie, lone wolf. It's impossible to kill him, he just can't die. I played with vader, echo and rhymer and after I killed the bwing I went for him(rhymer had died) and each time he attacked me he rolled all hits and all mine were most blanks(which have been coming out on all my 2nd edition). I think r2 is extremely cheap, because he makes han have much more than 13 hitpoints. Any suggestion?
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