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  1. Hope not, but it seems like it. They also said there would be a shuttle.
  2. "Quickdraw"


    Opinions on this upgrade?
  3. Are you sure he's there as a pilot?
  4. I haven't seen a topic about this, so what do you think of the recent news? (such as ezra appearing in the movie, and also padme)
  5. Formula D is a pretty good game to play in family.
  6. I would disagree with this, i find it to be the opposite, if you have only 2 force you can run out of them more easily.
  7. why would hate be good, I don't see an option where it would be good to use it
  8. Don't see why it would shoot backwards.
  9. You have to write something to make it return from closed to open. And also it's a configuration, not a mod.
  10. "Quickdraw"


    Focus and definitely no force points.
  11. "Quickdraw"


    which stats do you imagine? 2 attack 3 agility 3 hull 1 shield maybe?
  12. I would see them beeing 3 attack 3 agility. Don't know hull and shields.
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