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  1. "Quickdraw"

    New Force Cards

    Are you sure he's there as a pilot?
  2. "Quickdraw"

    Star Wars episode IX

    I haven't seen a topic about this, so what do you think of the recent news? (such as ezra appearing in the movie, and also padme)
  3. "Quickdraw"

    Downforce vs Formula D?

    Formula D is a pretty good game to play in family.
  4. "Quickdraw"

    New Force Cards

    I would disagree with this, i find it to be the opposite, if you have only 2 force you can run out of them more easily.
  5. "Quickdraw"

    New Force Cards

  6. "Quickdraw"

    New Force Cards

    why would hate be good, I don't see an option where it would be good to use it
  7. "Quickdraw"

    A New Type of TIE?

    Don't see why it would shoot backwards.
  8. "Quickdraw"

    A New Type of TIE?

    You have to write something to make it return from closed to open. And also it's a configuration, not a mod.
  9. "Quickdraw"


    Focus and definitely no force points.
  10. "Quickdraw"


    which stats do you imagine? 2 attack 3 agility 3 hull 1 shield maybe?
  11. "Quickdraw"

    Hypothesizing what the ETA-2 Actis will likely be.

    I would see them beeing 3 attack 3 agility. Don't know hull and shields.
  12. "Quickdraw"

    Jedi Livery

    Need plo koon He should be init. 6 also
  13. "Quickdraw"


    Have we been able to see the stats? Also, hopesome day they sale it separetly.
  14. "Quickdraw"

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Why are you so sure, the T-70 can now carry a cannon.