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  1. What's the map size in 500 points epic?
  2. Yes that's what I meant. Thank you very much.
  3. My friend shot at me and hit me with a console fire crit when I had 1 hull left and in the same turn I triggered console fire and I died. Does the score go fore him or for no one? Thank you
  4. Hope not, but it seems like it. They also said there would be a shuttle.
  5. "Quickdraw"


    Opinions on this upgrade?
  6. Are you sure he's there as a pilot?
  7. I haven't seen a topic about this, so what do you think of the recent news? (such as ezra appearing in the movie, and also padme)
  8. Formula D is a pretty good game to play in family.
  9. I would disagree with this, i find it to be the opposite, if you have only 2 force you can run out of them more easily.
  10. why would hate be good, I don't see an option where it would be good to use it
  11. Don't see why it would shoot backwards.
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