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  1. Hey Guys We got confused by the rules about how a huge ship can attack. 1- It can perform one standard attack, ok we guess this is the main weapon build in the ship 2- or a special attack, what does it mean ? We can see any header "attack" on any card upgrades 3- Bonus attack: does it mean for example you can shoot an Ion Battery and then decide if you use the "bonus attack" option ? If it's the case, does the basic shooting of a hardpoint count as " standard attack", "Special attack", or " Bonus Attack" ?? Not sure if I'm being clear enough, but if someone can help that would be great :)
  2. Nice call guys, thanks a lot. I use to be a 40k player for 15 years...now I need to adapt Your inputs are great. Thanks
  3. Hey guys I've always liked this model, and now that playing Legion, it is normal I'm using them....but. I can't manage to do anything useful with, always get caught but tones of firepower. I was thinking it was more of a flanking unit, but they always found them self alone. Do you guys have advice on how to use them on the battlefield? Cheers!
  4. The rule as written, it looks like the Jam token is removed as soon the green token or TL est removed If either effect is resolved, it removes the jam token. If the ship does not have any green tokens or is not maintaining any locks, it remains jammed. After a jammed ship gains a green token or acquires a lock, the jammed ship removes that token or breaks that lock. Then it removes one jam token.
  5. Hey guys Something I don't get. Correct me if I'm wrong. If a Jam token is removed when you get a target lock or a green token, not in the end phase. What is the point of ISB Slicer stating that Jam token stays in the end phase? Cheers
  6. Never mind, just found out it is included in the original box
  7. Hey How do I get the Tie Reaper V2 set? It's in the Squadron Builder, but nothing in the conversion kit or elsewhere Ty Matt
  8. Hi Is there any house rules for the use of Space Station Turrets ? Cost, stats, etc. Cheers !
  9. Hi Can an equiped card to one section affect the other section. for example, can IG-RM thug Droif on the fore section affect the weapons of the aft section ? Or WED-15 Repair droid do its action to affect the other section ? Cheers !
  10. But if you give a free action to a ship and he can't do a Target Lock, will it not be force to do another action instead, or do a target lock on another available ship ?
  11. Salute Question about the order of things. Let's say a ship can give a free action to another ship. I would like to do a target lock. Can I check the range from the ship before giving the free action or I have to give the free action and then check the range to see if I can do the target lock ? cheers Matt
  12. Sorry "Dude", my goal wasn't to post a battle report. I had precise questions some guys have answered them cheers!
  13. Right, my question had a wrong example But this answer the question anyway. thanks
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