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  1. At this point I am really doubting that we will get a scum/criminal/independents/syndicates or whatever faction but man I really just want some good ol' cantina or jabbas palace dudes with pistols and vibro-shivs in whatever form they will give them to us. Those sleazy guys that lurk in the background of shady places were my favorites growing up! I remember discovering new faces I had never noticed before with each new viewing. Sigh... I just really like star wars...
  2. devin.pike.1989

    Painting furry snow lizards

    So my existing rebel army is sort of grassland themed. I am definitely getting some tauntauns once they are available I will be painting the riders to match my existing troops but does anyone have any ideas for painting the critters? I am torn between painting them movie standard and just kinda saying that they were imported due to their usefulness or coming up with a new paint scheme and saying they are a local subspecies. I did find this picture which I guess is from the Old Republic MMO? What do you all think?
  3. devin.pike.1989

    Custom Buckethead Vehicles

    Nice! I like the assymetrical striping.
  4. devin.pike.1989

    Painting furry snow lizards

    I guess this brings the question: How do I paint my Hoth dewbacks?
  5. devin.pike.1989

    This guy should have his own figure.

  6. devin.pike.1989

    Painting furry snow lizards

    OMG. You can't just ask people why they are kaminoan!
  7. I see partisans as being far more likely than the rebel troopers with A-wing helmets. But A Lando and Bespin Guard release would be the sweetest thing ever... Even just as a fleet trooper reskin.
  8. devin.pike.1989

    Wild Guess: dewback rider and [insert here] are next

    I am actually of the opinion that sandtroopers could be cool. We got the rebel commandos which were not that visually different from rebel troopers. Sandtroopers could have some significant rules differences. If nothing else, the sandtroopers in ANH all seemed to be carrying long rifles. That shoud give them some kind of mechanical difference. Add cool new poses with multi-part minis and I think it would be different enough to warrant its own release. Now this is assuming we are getting a dewback. If we get navy troopers, I want probe droids to go with them.
  9. devin.pike.1989

    Next Imperial Corps and Support Speculation

    Oh heck, it's dewbackscout... He probably loves the old wizkids and knight models star wars games, has only watched the prequels and looks exactly like Tauntaunscout but with a goatee...
  10. devin.pike.1989

    Star Wars Inspiration Art

    It's not just about merch. New art teams with new ideas want to flex their creativity, new stories in new places need new characters, new cultural ideas of what is cool change over time... Yeah companies want to make a profit, and that is a good thing. That is how we get cool stuff. But not every new stormtrooper, alien and character is designed to sell a toy. That is extremely reductive of the process and insulting to the artists who poured their time and creativity into making something new.
  11. devin.pike.1989

    Players obsession with symmetrical releases

    The way I see it is that FFG is building a foundation on which they can then build the future game. We started with a core set that gave us something generic to start with. Basic rebels and stormtroopers, bikes and a chicken and a father and son rivalry. Then we got vehicles which changed the nature of the game somewhat, then another corps and commander. After this next wave, we will have quite a few choices to make for every slot in the list. Symmetry really helps early in the game when there are fewer choices to be made. Once we have every slot well padded out, I think we might start to see more "exotic" options and releases that don't exactly line up. I remember when this all started and people were upset that they could not feasibly include every release in their army list, well I am really glad we have moved past that. We are even starting to see interesting synergy between units. Nobody except me, @Derrault, and a few other people seem to like T-47s right now, but who knows, maybe a force with Veterans and Tauntauns would go well with a swoopy air-friend. I think we are going to start to see distinct archetypal lists within each faction beyond just maxing corps or some leader combo. A Hoth themed force will play significantly different than an Endor themed force now. I just need more white helmet troopers for my "Revenge for Alderaan" force idea. I hope that this branching of the factions stays unofficial though. The last thing we need is to start walling off units within the factions instead of letting synergistic unit combos be discovered organically.
  12. devin.pike.1989

    Next Imperial Corps and Support Speculation

    Just to point out, there are the jedha sandtroopers too
  13. devin.pike.1989

    Clone Wars Release Best Guesses

    My guess is about 300 more of these threads where everyone says the same things they said in the last clone wars thread...
  14. devin.pike.1989

    if alt vader fig, how about alt E-Web with Stormtroopers

    Snowtroopers on Jedha
  15. devin.pike.1989

    Think we might some day see alternate unique figure packs?

    I wouldn't mind a medal ceremony jacket luke. Or the cloaked, Jedha Luke from the comics.
  16. devin.pike.1989

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    Even that lists it as a noun though. As in "Han Solo would have paid off Jabba had it not been for the overcost of the payment"
  17. devin.pike.1989

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    Nor do you...
  18. devin.pike.1989

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    Yeah, what's wrong with theorizing?
  19. devin.pike.1989

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    Yes! YES! Thank you! If they absolutely need to make a distinction between dollars and points they could say too costly.
  20. devin.pike.1989

    Star Wars ALWAYS

  21. devin.pike.1989

    The missed opportunity that is the exclusive Vader mini

    Yes. That is what prompted my response. Did you read any of the four other threads discussing the new vader? Or the thread a few pages back discussing vader's cost? I realize this forum is sort of the wild west when it comes to moderation but we get a new clone wars speculation thread every couple of days and when the t-47 argument resurfaced, there were no less than 4 threads started on the subject that essentially contained the same conversation. These are all fine things to talk about but can we just add our thoughts to an existing conversation instead our constantly starting new ones? And for the love of yoda can people stop saying overCOSTED? The word is overPRICED. Ok. Rant over. I'll see myself out.
  22. devin.pike.1989

    The missed opportunity that is the exclusive Vader mini

    Well at least you didn't miss the opportunity to make a 4th? 5th? thread on the subject?
  23. devin.pike.1989

    Anyone going to Celebration? (Exclusive Sculpt)

    Except people have been putting miniatures on scenic bases since the day the game came out.
  24. devin.pike.1989

    Anyone going to Celebration? (Exclusive Sculpt)

    Yeah and I dont have enough money to go to Japan and get things that are exclusively sold there. I don't claim that anyone is "preventing" me from doing anything. Feelings do not equal fact other than it is a fact that you are choosing to react in the way thou are reacting.
  25. devin.pike.1989

    Anyone going to Celebration? (Exclusive Sculpt)

    Well, this is a discussion board. You know where people discuss things by exchanging ideas and opinions.