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  1. What about the NPR radio dramas? Those are my personal favorite piece of Star Wars!
  2. @Zrob314 I thought about your Deathwatch theory today as we watched the episode! You called it! I concede victory to you!
  3. We had the most awesome antagonist in Kylo Ren truly embracing his darkness, removing those who were using him and taking his place as the supreme leader. Kylo Ren should have been our villain. He was the most interesting character in the series and it is the arc that makes sense. He should have been the Thanos. He had the motivation to continue hunting the heroes down and destroying them while also making them struggle to fight back because of their feelings about him. Whatever other choices were made, I think that literally dragging out the emperors corpse was the worst possible idea they could have come up with.
  4. Our internet came back tonight so we did our weekly family watch. I think all of us were just absolutely shocked when it ended. It was incredible and gutwrenching! Stuff I liked in this one included the stormtroopers piling out the side doors on the transport (I thought that was a good interpretation of the action figure holders on the original toy), All the scenes with SPOILER (highlight to see): IG-11 , Werner Herzog being the most amazing character in the show, and the arrival of the deathtroopers.
  5. Here is the thing, if it is really as bad as all the critics and 90% of the people who have gone to see it are saying it is, I will go "oh well" and move on instead of spending the next two years shouting for the firing of everyone at Disney and whining that my favorite fan theory didn't get featured. I am going to try to see it sometime in the next week or so with my kids. My oldest son was 4 when TFA came out. He was 6 when I took him to see TLJ. He is 8 now and is the biggest, truest Star Wars fan I know. I want to finish the journey I started with him and see this trilogy to the end. We loved The Last Jedi. It spoke to me on a deep personal level and I don't care if no one else understands or gets that. I can't believe that my son is twice the age he was when we started this adventure! It has been such a special experience as a dad. Regardless of how it ends, it is the memories I have made with my kids along the way that matter most to me.
  6. Yeah... Lucas totally never invented a giant, slow moving walker that could only move its weapons in a 45 degree frontal arc and couldnt hit anything standing beneath it... also, this is from an old toy design that predates disney star wars by decades.
  7. Those pouches are the worst! I used to have an M91/30 and I tried putting stripper clips in those pouches; impossible to get out.
  8. Those droids just gave the Resistance another possible corps unit. They are still starved for content, but every little bit makes them more likely as a Legion faction...
  9. I had my parents come over for a movie night with the grandkids and we watched the first three episodes of the mandalorian. (First time for them, second for me). They loved it and I realized just how strong those first three episodes are together. They really feel like a three part pilot with a very strong story. You could almost just watch those three episodes as a satisfying movie.
  10. I have a feeling that that scene with all the resistance ships is going to be the Endgame Portals scene of star wars.
  11. So we have a nemoidian, any idea who the human lady is? Just a civvy?
  12. All right, I finally got to watch chapter 5. The pacing felt a little disjointed in this one but still very good overall. I was right about the reference thing. The "references" were just maintaining visual continuity. The writers wanted a story to take place on Tatooine so they had some distinctly "tatooinish" things. None of the "references" felt shoehorned in or out of place. I think the gizmobuzzvox "news" sites are just being negative. So I think going to Mos Eisley was an important choice for this episode. Did anyone else notice that the place was pretty much deserted? I think that is a deliberate choice. After the fall of the empire, farmers seeking liberty no longer need to go to the armpit of space to make a living in peace, smugglers and criminals can probably work closer to the core due to the fact that the New Republic is fairly impotent, and when the criminals leave, there isn't much call for bounty hunters. That is why mando finds a mechanic struggling to even keep her droids running, a merc on the run looking for a quiet spot to hide and a desperate young bounty hunter all on his own. Even Chalmun seems to have moved on or passed away. He would be rolling in his grave if he knew that his droid-free bar was now being run by a couple of kitchenaids! I also loved the fact that they totally humanized the Tuskens! Even Anakin slaughtering them (and not just the men, the women and children too!) didn't really have any emotional weight to it. But this episode gave them some character other than just HUUUUUUUURRRRRGGGG!!! HURK! HURK! HURK!
  13. I won't get to watch the ep. till late tonight, but I am already a little annoyed with the news headlines I have seen. They are mostly variations on "Mandalorian did some fanservice!!!! It is ruined!!!" First off, fanservice has always had a sexual connotation, at least for as long as I can remember, and I doubt that Mando had a nip slip on Disney's new streaming service. So what they really mean is "references". References can be done poorly like Boba Fett barreling the camera in A New Hope special edition(Hey! It's me! Remember? That guy you all like?) or as we have seen so far in Mando, they can be done well. Most of the "references" are not even truly a reference. The Gonk droid in chapter one is often stated to be a reference to A New Hope. But we see Gonk droids throughout the entire series. They are just a common object in the galaxy. The gatekeeper droid is not a reference either. Everybody has a nest or ring camera on their door these days or an amazon echo dot in their house or an iphone in their pocket. Again, these are just common devices that exist in universe. If the writers DIDN'T include them, people would be upset and say it was a "plot hole" (another horribly misused term). True references are things like Beckett being the guy that killed Aurra Sing. Anyways, there is this weird idea that maintaining visual consistency in star wars media is somehow pandering or being cheap and if they include new things, it is an insult and betrayal of what has come before. Writer has characters on Tatooine: "Ugh! Retreading old ground just to get cheap approval! Whay can't they do something original?" Writer has characters on Jakku: "Ugh! ANOTHER desert planet? Why not just use Tatooine? These writers are just ripping off other people's creations!" New aliens in scene: "Ugh! Where are the Twileks and Rodians and Trandoshans? This is the same galaxy! We should be seeing previously introduced species!" Old aliens in scene: "Ugh! It's like they are trying to remake the original cantina scene! " Drives me crazy. Why does maintaining consistency automatically count as selling out for cheap fan recognition? I WANT to see things from star wars! That is why I am watching a STAR WARS SHOW IN THE FIRST PLACE! I also want to see new things! OTHERWISE I WOULD JUST WATCH A NEW HOPE FOR THE 10,000th TIME! I should probably wait until I actually see the episode to make comments on it, but this stuff has been showing up on all the buzzfeed clone "news" sources since chapter one came out. Come back next week for my rant on the misuse of the term "easter egg" Sneak preview: If it is in the center of the shot and talking, it is not an easter egg. Easter eggs are things you have to hunt for. You know, like an easter egg...
  14. I keep seeing people do this and it's just not my cup of jawa juice. I really don't want tacticool stormtroopers with chest rigs, night vision and .338 lapua magnums. It's an aesthetic that just isn't star wars. I like the fact that star wars guns are cobbled together from ww2 leftovers. I like the fact that IG-88's head is part of an airplane engine. I like the fact that everything seems simultaneously ancient and futuristic. I just don't want star wars to turn into yet another Halo ripoff.
  15. Not surprised. And I really think that the weekly release schedule is helping. I love stranger things but I can barely remember individual episodes. I lose details , mush story elements together and when i am all done it feels like when you scarf down an entire burger before your physics class. The mandalorian on the other hand has left me excited for more each week and I can tell you exactly what happens in each episode. Binge watching can be fun but I do it less and less these days, even when I have the option. I tend to do it more with shows like Great British Bake-off.
  16. This isn't just star wars fans. This is everybody. The demand is something like 95 times higher than the average streaming show. It is beating out really popular Netflix and Amazon titles like Stranger Things, The Crown, Man in the High Castle... Chapter 4 has a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I am not trying to say that there cannot be criticism of the show, apparently there was a boom mike in shot in this last episode, and even I don't think it is perfect but come on. Disney, Favreau, Filoni and team are knocking it out of the park with this one. This is some of the best Star Wars to have come out in a long, long time... long time.
  17. Considering the fact that the mandalorian just knocked Stranger Things off its throne, I think you mught hold the minority opinion.
  18. Oh please. Seven samurai is one of the most referenced plotlines in fiction. Magnificent seven, bugs life, episodes of MacGyver and the A-team. Don't try to pretend that it's suddenly untouchable.
  19. Then I think we have an irreconcilable difference of opinion. There is a legal, cultural and historical difference between the two.
  20. I think orthodoxy. Mandalore at the time of the clone wars was a secular, pacifist society. I don't see any reason to doubt that a purge happened, and it makes sense that the highly organized, community centered, orthodox warrior sect would be the ones to survive.
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