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  1. devin.pike.1989

    AT-ST Down. FFG gives us another awesome preview.

    If ffg released a core set sized campaign box with special units, characters, objectives and terrain pieces, I would buy it in an instant! A hoth or endor set would be absolutely amazing!
  2. devin.pike.1989

    AT-ST Down. FFG gives us another awesome preview.

    They could package that with some ewoks!
  3. devin.pike.1989

    we may as well get the ball rolling

    I really feel like the problems with the heavy vehicles are because people are driving them wrong. Someone started spreading the opinion then everyone started repeating it and now we have this huge confirmation bias. I have never seen the problems that people keep repeating. Every time the heavies are used, they are absolute powerhouses.
  4. Shoretroopers and partizans?
  5. devin.pike.1989

    Clone wars factions speculations

    The seperatist faction will be like the clone wars speculation threads on this board: numerous, low quality and coming in waves...
  6. devin.pike.1989

    What CONTENT is missing?

    I think that one of the most iconic bits of star wars is its big nasty creatures. Wampas, rancors, mynocks, dianogas, krayt dragons, banthas... and those are just the OT examples. I think some condition or objective cards with the respective miniatures would be amazing. Swarms of mynocks attacking vehicles, a wampa popping out of a hole in the ground and devouring some troopers...
  7. devin.pike.1989

    What Imperial troops are left (Canon only)

    That... that is the exact opposite of what I said.
  8. devin.pike.1989

    New units spoilers

    If you wait a week or two, someone will release a 3rd party head that looks like the concept art probably. There is also a company that makes female heads for 40k that look pretty good. Cn't think of the name of it off the top of my head though.
  9. devin.pike.1989

    New units spoilers

    It would be a pretty simple conversion.
  10. devin.pike.1989

    What Imperial troops are left (Canon only)

    If this were a simulation attempting to recreate some sort of logical strategic contest then I would agree. But the interesting thing with all of FFG's star wars mini games so far is that they are not battle simulations, they are movie scene recreations made competitive. So everything in the game is about recreating the "feeling" those units inspire rather than simulating a military action with logical realism. I'm not just saying "meh, it's star wars" because you truly could make a simulationist style wargame out of star wars, and it has been done in the past. With this game, however, they are going for the feeling. We see fleet troopers in the movie in a close quarters, frenetic firefight so in the game they are close quarters specialists. In ESB we see snowtroopers ominously advancing with Vader through echo base so in game they are good at... ominously advancing. If we ever get hoth troopers, I would imagine that they would have some sort of ability about hunkering down and staunchly defending. Another game like this is Heroes of Normandie by Devil Pig Games. It is a WW2 wargame that is about recreating movies like kelly's heroes. All this said, I do think that FFG has actually given each faction quite a bit of variety! The mirrored releases actually help ensure that both factions are able to create different feeling lists.
  11. devin.pike.1989

    What Imperial troops are left (Canon only)

    The eastern and western roman empire had differences in their legions. The American civil war and Spanish civil war each had a dizzying array of uniforms and equipment. It's not surprising that a galaxy spanning empire is going to have variation in military equipment.
  12. devin.pike.1989

    What Imperial troops are left (Canon only)

    I see Tauntauns being the rebels answer to speeder bikes and dewbacks being the empire's answer to AT-RTs.
  13. devin.pike.1989

    What Imperial troops are left (Canon only)

    I think a civilian box with tatooine, coruscant or jedha crowds that you would base as a group and some associated objective cards would be amazing!!!
  14. devin.pike.1989

    prediction time 2019

    Wampa and rancor would be pretty sweet.
  15. devin.pike.1989

    Sharkbelly's Star Wars Minis

    Do you plan on basing your objective pieces? Do most people base them for that matter?