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  1. What about the NPR radio dramas? Those are my personal favorite piece of Star Wars!
  2. @Zrob314 I thought about your Deathwatch theory today as we watched the episode! You called it! I concede victory to you!
  3. We had the most awesome antagonist in Kylo Ren truly embracing his darkness, removing those who were using him and taking his place as the supreme leader. Kylo Ren should have been our villain. He was the most interesting character in the series and it is the arc that makes sense. He should have been the Thanos. He had the motivation to continue hunting the heroes down and destroying them while also making them struggle to fight back because of their feelings about him. Whatever other choices were made, I think that literally dragging out the emperors corpse was the worst possible idea they could have come up with.
  4. Our internet came back tonight so we did our weekly family watch. I think all of us were just absolutely shocked when it ended. It was incredible and gutwrenching! Stuff I liked in this one included the stormtroopers piling out the side doors on the transport (I thought that was a good interpretation of the action figure holders on the original toy), All the scenes with SPOILER (highlight to see): IG-11 , Werner Herzog being the most amazing character in the show, and the arrival of the deathtroopers.
  5. Here is the thing, if it is really as bad as all the critics and 90% of the people who have gone to see it are saying it is, I will go "oh well" and move on instead of spending the next two years shouting for the firing of everyone at Disney and whining that my favorite fan theory didn't get featured. I am going to try to see it sometime in the next week or so with my kids. My oldest son was 4 when TFA came out. He was 6 when I took him to see TLJ. He is 8 now and is the biggest, truest Star Wars fan I know. I want to finish the journey I started with him and see this trilogy to the end. We loved The Last Jedi. It spoke to me on a deep personal level and I don't care if no one else understands or gets that. I can't believe that my son is twice the age he was when we started this adventure! It has been such a special experience as a dad. Regardless of how it ends, it is the memories I have made with my kids along the way that matter most to me.
  6. Yeah... Lucas totally never invented a giant, slow moving walker that could only move its weapons in a 45 degree frontal arc and couldnt hit anything standing beneath it... also, this is from an old toy design that predates disney star wars by decades.
  7. Those pouches are the worst! I used to have an M91/30 and I tried putting stripper clips in those pouches; impossible to get out.
  8. Those droids just gave the Resistance another possible corps unit. They are still starved for content, but every little bit makes them more likely as a Legion faction...
  9. I had my parents come over for a movie night with the grandkids and we watched the first three episodes of the mandalorian. (First time for them, second for me). They loved it and I realized just how strong those first three episodes are together. They really feel like a three part pilot with a very strong story. You could almost just watch those three episodes as a satisfying movie.
  10. I have a feeling that that scene with all the resistance ships is going to be the Endgame Portals scene of star wars.
  11. So we have a nemoidian, any idea who the human lady is? Just a civvy?
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