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  1. So while we wait for the RRG...

    Any Skyrim fans here?
  2. Jesus why unpainted?!

    Hobby lobby carries vallejo paints. Many colors are 2 dollars us per bottle. Others are 4 but hobby lobby has a perpetual 40 percent off coupon. As long as you don't mind stopping in several times you can build your paint collection very inexpensively.
  3. Thoughts on why people play unpainted

    I think that people don't realize how easy it is to produce a good looking paint job with a small amount of practice. Go buy yourself some cheap 1/72 italeri models (you get like 50 in a box for 10 dollars) paint them with block colors, then experiment dipping, washing and drybrushing. After you work through the box you will be much more confident.
  4. Jesus why unpainted?!

    It's not that difficult to understand. Painting and terrain building. There is even a section in the learn to play about it . I realize that maybe you just don't know much about miniature games. Most successful miniature games and board games that use minis do not use prepainted miniatures. Some examples: 40k, Warhammer, bolt action, infinity, flames of war, blood rage, rising sun, zombicide, descent, imperial assault... Most of the market.
  5. Jesus why unpainted?!

    Never played 40k a day in my life. Painting is part of a hobby game. Most successful miniature game's require painting. Other than x-wing there are not many successful prepainted mini games. The only snobs I see are the people who repeatedly come here to ***** about how the game isn't prepainted and turn up their nose at the game. If they were really putting the have first they wouldn't give a **** about painted or not.
  6. Ship scale reference

    Those three turrets would be awesome.
  7. Ship scale reference

    Crap the striker is huge! That freerunner though almost seems doable
  8. Ship scale reference

    The seating arrangement in the u-wing is also very inefficient.
  9. Learn to Play Rules and Demo Pictures

    Did he give any indication as to what might be included in those waves?
  10. Jesus why unpainted?!

    Oh for **** sakes. Not this again..
  11. Ship scale reference

    Oh! That's a mcquarrie walker!
  12. Ship scale reference

    Dude take it down about three notches. Aldous put this together in his own time and it is a useful reference he is providing free of charge. Your picture shows the front and back of the speeder extending past the edges of the walkers foot. It looks to be almost exactly the same size as the speeder in the infographic. Maybe this explains why you think u-wing is only as long as an at-st is tall?
  13. Star Wars at New York Toy Fair

    So much important stuff!!!! I'm guessing Han and Chewie meet on mimban. Maybe a penal battalion?
  14. Small but elite?

    It's still not a distinct divide between an "elite" force and an untrained horde.
  15. So...U-Wing and Tie Reaper in wave 2?

    Yeah but we are still talking about an apc or truck, not a u-wing. It would be like a Chinook helicopter transporting people back and forth across a football field...