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  1. devin.pike.1989

    a message for those who wonder about the success of SWL

    I have had no doubt of its success since the beginning. Star wars+miniatures=$$$$
  2. * checks calender* its been a few days... right on time. Its random legion negativity day!
  3. devin.pike.1989

    Clones AT-RT

    They could do BARC speeders.
  4. devin.pike.1989

    Chewie is actually really good

    Well it doesn't negate his own advantage, just gives those options to other units.
  5. devin.pike.1989

    Al's Painting thread (Tatooine buildings 11 Aug)

    What did you do to texture your buildings?
  6. devin.pike.1989

    Would you like to see specialist lists?

    No... just no... that is beyond unbalanced. The troop requirements are there for a reason. It would require so many changes to core game rules.
  7. devin.pike.1989

    FFG PLZ: Mandalorians/ Death Watch

    Exactly. That way one person can field their full mando army and another person can field their rebels or scum supported a few mando units.
  8. devin.pike.1989


    Cyanoacrylate I believe. I get the thick stuff from hobby lobby.
  9. devin.pike.1989

    FFG PLZ: Mandalorians/ Death Watch

    I would prefer that they keep it to as few factions as possible but add for example a mandalorian commander, support and vehicle so that you could field a full on mando force or have the option of sprinkling them into your rebel or scum force. Legion so far is offering some really cool list building choices. Right now it is fairly binary. Do I take the nimble rebel troopers or the defensive fleet troopers? Do I take the generalist stormtroopers or the specialist snowtroopers? Hopefully that will expand into more of a rock paper scissors relationship
  10. devin.pike.1989

    Not too excited about Chewie

    Well I was just trying to be funny until you got your undies all twisted. Since you can't seem to read through my humor I will restate my legitimate opinion on the op. I think that chewie is just fine as designed and will simply require some strategy. He is not a head on battering ram, he is a finishing move. There. Do you get what i was trying to say? Now please quit telling me to **** off.
  11. devin.pike.1989

    Not too excited about Chewie

    The legion forum seems to get someone like you about once a month. I can't even tell you how many of these "I'm not excited about x" threads have been started here. They all accomplish a whole lot of nothing.
  12. devin.pike.1989

    Don't order anything from Miniature Market.

    Have had nothing but good interactions with them for many years.
  13. devin.pike.1989

    Does Clone Wars mean new core set?...

    Can you guys imagine just how freaking huge the general grievous model would be?
  14. devin.pike.1989

    Scum is Dead!

    I would prefer that scum be it's own faction. Star wars is particularly rich with it's portrayal of the criminal underbelly of the galaxy. There's the big 6 bounty hunters from empire, jabba and his minions, half of mos eisley, kanjaklub and guavian death gangers from force awakens, Hondo and his pirates.... there is a lot of source material.
  15. devin.pike.1989

    Why Generic Officer Commanders don't bother me

    Yeah but I still want to put Vader or Luke out on the table rather than Joe rebel or imperial Steve. Historical games are just the opposite for me but if I am going to the trouble of fighting a star war then I want some recognizable characters.