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  1. devin.pike.1989

    Are you playing with enough terrain?

    Same with frostgrave. People think the game is super skewed in favor of the shooter wizards. While the xp table does favor murdering other people's troops, if you have enough terrain it becomes less of an issue.
  2. devin.pike.1989

    So what's next?

    I kinda hope they wait a little before the next group of releases. Give the players some time to figure out how all the current units interact. One more imperial Commander and a rebel operative would be nice though
  3. devin.pike.1989

    SOLO, Confirmation of Imperial Army Units

    I think Stormtroopers are most likely the main line soldiers of the imperial army while "mudtroopers" or imperial army troopers are going to be more along the lines of penal battalions, reserves or local militia forces mustered in for service to the empire. A dumping ground for political dissidents, criminals and failed officers.
  4. devin.pike.1989

    It's All About Fun, RIght?

    Well I have been playing wargames since AD 978 and I actually cut the throat of every person I play against whether it is a casual game or tournament. My miniatures are carved from the bones of fallen tournament organizers and my dice are hand carved from the teeth of convention volunteers... Seriously though, these are games. They are made for having fun. Yes there are high level competitions but you are competing for a trophy that is only prestigious among other gamers. If you make other gamers despise you by being a ******, then it really doesn't matter how many trophies you have does it?
  5. devin.pike.1989

    Hyperspace Report Predictions?

    So I haven't really been on the forum much over the last 2 months but its good to see that the main thing posted here is angry screeds...
  6. devin.pike.1989

    Point Increase coming?

    I hope they keep it at 800. If you really want to get everything out there on the table, play the 1600 point variant. Otherwise, 800 keeps the game nice and tight and allows for variation in force composition.
  7. devin.pike.1989

    What kind of base should Veers get?

    Anything but a clear base.
  8. devin.pike.1989

    Scenic bases, cheating or not cheating?

    As long as its not a gawdawful clear base...
  9. devin.pike.1989

    Clear bases

    I think they remove any sense of personality from your miniatures.
  10. devin.pike.1989

    Boba Fett - Where!? (A Fan Idea)

    I cannot for the life of me understand why you would restrict Boba from giving orders. The guy led teams of bounty hunters in the clone wars and led an extremely successful bounty hunting syndicate.
  11. devin.pike.1989

    3rd imperial commander/ special forces?

    I want a commander boba. He led other bounty hunters plant of times in the clone wars cartoon. I mean Luke is an idiot and he gets to be a commander. Han is an even bigger idiot and now he is a commander!
  12. devin.pike.1989

    Prequels vs Sequels vs Scum

    I feel like I am alone in this but I really don't want to see any knights of the old republic stuff. I don't like the design aesthetics of kotor. It just doesn't fit with star wars.
  13. devin.pike.1989

    Prequels vs Sequels vs Scum

    Scum. I want a fleshed out star wars miniature line that includes the iconic seedy underbelly of the star wars universe. I want gammoreans, pirates, smugglers, boutny hunters, cartels, mercs... everything.
  14. devin.pike.1989

    Going Commando with Han Solo and friends

    I am holding off judgement on Han and Leia until I see some good painters like sorastro tackle them.
  15. devin.pike.1989

    Greedo Shot First