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  1. It... It's on the second page... It's only the 7th thread down... The last comment was made this last friday... Thread necromancy is when you bring up a year old topic to make an irrelevant response. Spamming is when you create two new threads instead of checking to see if there is already a discussion.
  2. The sort of people I am calling haters are the type of people that told my 8 year old son (who lives and breathes star wars and can quote the old star wars npr radio play from memory because we listen to it in the car all the time) that he is not a real star wars fan and that he is dumb for enjoying the last jedi. I am talking about the so called "fans" who send death threats to Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson. Not liking something is fine. We are all humans and all have different beliefs, backgrounds, and tastes. It bothers me that people are taking time out of their days to respond to a thread like this just to say that they hope ffg doesn't ever release a product that they would not have bought anyways, but would bring happiness to many others. I don't care for the prequels. I dont really want any of the clone wars legion content. But I don't spend my time crapping all over the people who do like it. Why? Because they love star wars just as much as I do. They have just as much ownership of their love of star wars as I do. It makes me happy to see people getting excited about their new clones and battle droids even if its not my thing.
  3. Did you not see the large discussion thread that already exists for this topic? Here
  4. It's not worth arguing against the ST haters. I for one will be buying multiple FO/Resistance Core sets as soon as they are released. I cannot wait to paint up Kylo Ren, Rey, Phasma, etc. The sequel trilogy is not a "ripoff" of star wars. It just did a way better job at capturing that original '77 star wars magic than any of the prequel attempts.
  5. You do realize that they have already released a larger battle format right?
  6. I would like to see mudtroopers as well. Maybe with rebel partizans as their rebel equivalent.
  7. I really don't see how that constitutes a criminal faction.
  8. The core of the rebel alliance leadership is made up largely of defecting imperial officers. The Mon Calamari are clearly entering the conflict with their own ships and existing crew and command structure. It makes sense for them. This is not a hill I particularly want to die on. I just think that a more mixed group of aliens would have been better than a group of clone wars era wookies.
  9. How many of you are actually buying legion stuff at msrp? I either buy off of amazon which is usually lower or from my lgs which offers pretty hefty discounts.
  10. My point is that prior to the prequel movies, the concept of a racially homogeneous world is not even seen in the star wars movies. Yes the old EU is famous for its "whatever they were doing onscreen is what their planet is famous for" but anytime you see aliens in the OT it is usually a very mixed group. COULD there be a squad of just wookies in the rebel alliance? Sure. Is it likely that they would be wearing their traditional war gear after somehow escaping the empire and laying low in the outer rim somewhere? Not really. I think the wookies should have been equipped with rebel alliance gear at the very least.
  11. Most wookies seem to understand space-english just fine. And even if they didn't, would you really want a squad that didn't have a single possession that could understand orders? The wookies were enslaved by the empire and exported fron their honeworld. It seems really unlikely that there would be squads of them operating in their traditional gear.
  12. We still need imperial naval infantry. Some sort of armoured rebel infantry would be nice too
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