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  1. Also in game terms, clones, Stormtroopers and first order troopers are not really different in any meaningful way. Same with rebel vs resistance troopers. The only thing that really stands out as different is the Droid army. But as jcmonson pointed out there is a Canon reason to include them I'm a scum/criminal faction.
  2. I am hoping they keep it gcw. Clone wars would be so much better suited to a 15mm game. Running a squadron of AT-TEs over the ground with LAAT gunships on flight stands would be so freaking cool.
  3. Yes but this game is not about the grand scale war. It is about individual platoon sized engagements. I suppose with characters like Boba or Dengar, keeping them as mercenaries might make sense but that still doesn't rule out a criminal faction. There are plenty of reasons why pirates or bounty hunters would be engaging rebels or the empire. This game is about taking objectives. That could be a crate of kyber crystals or a holocron, things that people looking to make money would want. There it's also the mechanical side to consider. Right now we have a faction that uses heavier armored troopers and a faction of highly mobile hard hitting troopers. We do not have a faction that employs a horde of cheap units. That would fit scum really well! Cheap weequay pirates armed with blaster pistols and vibroblades.
  4. I would say that boba Fett getting along with a few squads of pirates and some gammorean warriors to accomplish a specific objective is very believable. Legion is barely even a platoon level game. The rebellion is certainly not homogenous either. We have learned that from Star wars rebels and rogue one. You have small cells like Phoenix squadron that don't get much help from the larger rebellion and then you even have splinter groups like saw gerreras partisans who don't even associate with the rebels any more. On the imperial side there are also people who either don't get along or work in direct opposition to each other, they just have advantage of a unifying emperor. People like tarkin, krennic and Vader would be murdering each other receipt for the cause.
  5. I'm curious as to why you don't like the idea of a scum faction. The criminal factions of Star wars are hugely iconic and most definitely hold a massive amount of power and influence in the galaxy. They truly are a third faction in the actual movies (albeit one that works more in the shadows) and it would be a shame to see them relegated to a few tack on units and characters for the other factions. Mainly because the other factions have enough awesome stuff of their own.
  6. Looking great! I think I should do a couple of these for my Lah'mu board.
  7. I can't wait for the game to just come out so I can just play it and stop reading posts from hurt imperial assault players... Unfortunately that is currently the only way for me to get my legion fix...
  8. One is a grid based tactical board game focusing on heroes and a few units with maybe 10 miniatures per side. The other is a free form hobby miniature game focusing on a single Commander leading 30 to 40 soldiers on 3d battlefield while simulating the fog of war. We are talking about a huge difference in scale, goal and execution.
  9. I would much rather see 2 or 3 deep factions with lots of meaningful choices than 10 factions that each have slight variations on the same 4 units.
  10. I am actually against the introduction of mini factions mainly because it removes customizability from the existing factions. I would like to see a rebel faction, imperial faction and scum and villainy faction. I don't want to see a mandalorian faction, bespin faction and gungan faction because it means ffg will be releasing basic trooper units over and over again.
  11. I think a scum and villainy faction is super doable. I can think of a bunch of units off the top of my head: Pirates: basic trooper unit. Mix of weequay, rodians, humans and devaronians. Gammorean warriors: special forces unit with crazy hand to hand abilities Gun skiffs: heavy units. A slower harder hitting repulsor vehicle. Swoop bikes: a muscle car variant on speeder bikes. Boba Fett, Dengar, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Bossk, Hondo... All of those could be leaders or characters. For people who don't think bounty hunters and pirates should go toe to toe with imperials or rebels I would point you to clone wars or rebels. Both of those have some awesome moments with crime syndicates, pirates and bounty hunters taking on military forces.
  12. Yeah but you still are not stopping the other player from using ia miniatures, you are just not entering into a voluntary game with that person. I mean this is just a philosophical argument at this point but as long we are talking about it anyways...
  13. Ok well I guess in general then you could say rebel units favor offense and imperial units favor defense. However they still have not (not yet at least) been put into a box strategy wise. Each faction can be played a lot of different ways especially with variable set up and objectives.
  14. But the imperials have speeder bikes which are incredibly offensive! Maybe I worded it incorrectly. It is not that they are not different, it is that the differences are nuanced. In 40k you have a shooty faction, a hitting people faction, a slow faction, a fast faction etc. Both factions in legion have units that can lay down heavy fire, both have units that can lay down the hurt up close, both have units that can zip around the battlefield messing up the enemy's day. So when I say they are not too different I mean that they both have access to a varied bag of tricks. And, yes, they do those things differently. The rebels zip around with a heavy unit while the imperials zip around with the smaller speeder bikes. The rebels lay down heavy fire with a few small walkers while the imperials lay it down with 1 huge walker but neither is tied into the predefined role of being the "horde" faction or the "glass cannon". This is actually why I like the game so much already. I don't want to have to play an army I don't like just because I want to play a certain way.
  15. I get that. But the same thing exists with named heroes in other IPs. Why is Abaddon the Despoiler fighting a gang of dumb as bricks space orks? Or in Battlefront 2, why the heck is Darth Maul fighting Rey? Tabletop miniature games tend to abstract the story in favor of simulating the tactics. You are already having to suspend disbelief when your squad of rebels shoots Darth Vader to Death. What I could see is a generic captain who acts as your second commander and maybe augments the characters command cards?