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  1. devin.pike.1989

    Clone Wars for X-Wing: Release Dates announced

    Admiral Trench, Count Dooku, Assaj Ventress, General Grievous...
  2. devin.pike.1989

    T-47 - My first attempt at painting in a LONG time

    that is a crisp looking paint job!
  3. devin.pike.1989

    Pass on Wookies?

    I am not super happy with them thematically but statswise they seem good. I would have much rather had them avoid "racial" units and instead gave us a mixed heavy unit with a wookie, a gigoran, a talz and an ithorian. Or just some rebel honor guards.
  4. UTINI!!!! That is all I have to say to sir.
  5. Forget ewoks. I want jawas.
  6. devin.pike.1989

    Loving MDF Terrain/Products

    Scarif anyone?
  7. devin.pike.1989

    Loving MDF Terrain/Products

    Sarissa precision also carries some really nice modular sci fi terrain. It isn't specifically star wars but most of it looks like it would work. https://sarissa-precision.com/collections/system-sci-fi-28mm
  8. devin.pike.1989

    Army Themes and FFG failure

    Snowtroopers on the desert planet of Jedha: Note that the rebels are not wearing cold weather gear here. The "snowtrooper" uniform is used to protect from a variety of hostile weather conditions in this case, massive sandstorms. "Hoth" uniforms on the tropical planet of Scarif: Sgt. Melshi and many others in Rogue One wear pieces of "hoth" gear. You can paint those Hoth jackets blue or brown and they will look just fine.
  9. devin.pike.1989

    Army Themes and FFG failure

    It would be super easy to sculpt up some long sleeves and a fur lined collar on a fleet trooper with a little green stuff. That is the thing. People are complaining that this is "not a hobby game" because ffg isn't releasing premade variants of units but that ignores the actual "hobby" practice of converting miniatures!
  10. devin.pike.1989

    The 1000 point question

    Keep it at 800. Otherwise the cheap commanders like leia and veers will never be used as solo commanders.
  11. devin.pike.1989

    Are vehicles that bad in Legion?

    I really think that terrain makes a big difference for vehicles. Giving the t-47 lots of terrain to zoom over and around can help quite a bit.
  12. devin.pike.1989

    Army Themes and FFG failure

    Also if you think that a board game can't be a "hobby game" you need to see some of the "pimped" games on boardgamegeek. "Hobby" implies that you put time into it and get enjoyment out of tinkering with it. GW has, over the years, made conversions more and more about the "bitz box" that you are supposed to build up over time by buying more and more of their products. That is not the be all end all of "hobby" as people have pointed out, there is a growing 3rd party 3d printed conversion market. There is also the good old green stuff, plasticard and wire route. I used to play the LOTR SBG back in the day and even the plastics in that range were solid pose for the most part. We did all kind of things with them. I converted an entire box of goblins so that they were climbing on walls, vaulting over rocks, leaping through the air or crawling on the ground. I sold them all off years ago but that was a fun project that used nothing more than a hobby knife, rocks and green stuff. Was it not a "hobby" game just because it didn't come with extra pieces? I spend hours upon hours assembling, painting and basing my legion minis. I haven't even bothered converting any yet just because I like the poses they come in. GW has been making 40k since 1987. Give it time and FFG will continue to produce products and maybe, eventually some official conversion stuff.
  13. devin.pike.1989

    Army Themes and FFG failure

    Exactly. We historical gamers manage to create some amazing "themed" forces with variety and character without multi part, multi pose miniatures. Take a look at some of the amazing conversions people have done in the painting section on this forum. Just because FFG doesn't hold your hand it doesn't mean this isn't a hobby game.
  14. Maybe a convoy mission where a vehicle must get grin one side of the board to the other?
  15. devin.pike.1989

    Clone Wars?

    I am hoping they release half core sets if they do release new factions. With a commander, two corps and a support.