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  1. I had a look at my original S&V points doc. There are a couple of subtle changes. First, the doc name now says v1.1. The orginal didn’t say this. Second, the Mining Guild Tie has been added to the document. All point costs however remain the same. For me it looks like an intentional update to make the docs up to date for wave 2. That’s also why I think they didn’t promote it with an article.
  2. One of my favourite tricks for this EPT will be on my Vaksai Cartel Marauders. This, Cruise Missile, Munitions Failsafe. I do a one manoeuvre, fire a 2 die Missile. Use my TL to re-roll to make sure I miss, then roll for damage on all 3/4 FSR ships (Rex’s agility keeps him safe). I also keep my Missile thanks to Failsafe. Great option for Alpha Strike or splash damage depending on what you face.
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