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  1. Not playing until the people with a qualified opinion on infectious diseases say that it is safe. I am not shocked or upset, but this poll is written in a fairly slanted way. It uses leading language and scenarios (everyone else is going!). It doubles the most widely circulated time frame for a vaccine. It splits the no answers into multiple options while leaving possible variations of "yes" lumped together.
  2. Gee, I seem to recall something exceptional about all the hate for TLJ. Oh yeah, that was it.
  3. I think it would be pretty interesting to see how the point costs of each of these squads changes over time. Like what would "squad of legend" cost now vs. then. It might provide some insight into what FFG thinks regarding points changes. I do apologize for suggesting work that I am not currently able to do myself.
  4. No way, who do you think you guys are? THE Fighting Illini? Jonathan Taylor could have a great game, but yeah I think you've probably got that one.
  5. Large turrets and bombs also happen to be two of the least useful options in the game atm. Though I guess large turrets might be a bit more useful if the hysterical panic about the Nantex does eventually pan out in actual real life results. It does look good though. Hope to see it on the big screen at some point.
  6. Agreed completely. The community on these forums, especially in one specific thread, feel that high Init ace lists are the only acceptable way to play the game. This leaves players with three factions to choose from, but Resistance/Republic are also wrong because they have regen. They want faction identity, but only one faction identity is actually acceptable,and anything that faction can't do well is obviously cheap and "not playing X-wing". I would say they are RPing this whole thing a little bit too convincingly, but I don't think that playing ever had anything to do with it for them.
  7. Yeah, I don't think that this has been mentioned enough. It is a pretty good reason to be super conservative with the pricing of this new tractor mechanic (ship ability + either of the talents obviously meant for it) , especially given the hate for the tugs before from Ace only players, who really dislike having such a hard counter around. The unfortunate part is that FFG was unable to make the idea work, yet went so far as to print an entire expansion featuring the mechanics. It seems like a complete failure of the design and testing process. Erring on the side of caution is definitely more responble, but it is still making a mistake. They knew when they planned to release this ship, what they wanted it to be, and they couldn't make it come together in a usable state. They need to make a serious attempt to reconnect their design team with their playtesters, or whoever is making these balancing decisions. As of now it really looks like the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. So we have something that looked promising but has now been overnerfed. They can't find a balance for it between OP NPE and too expensive to matter. That's bad design, and unlike pretty much the entire 2.0 Rebel faction (but especially gunner Luke) , they can't blame this on the legacy of 1.0.
  8. Why couldn't they just go to the Loopin' Chewie again? Seems like we need to at least keep that option on the table.
  9. But, the Machine IS the fun of the wave. No? OK fine. Reading and math bad. Sincere thanks to Mr. Paul Rudd for the bad things he has done here, as well as to everyone questioning and reinforcing the work. This stuff is why I keep coming back.
  10. I am gonna go ahead with this hot take and say that Palp is either alive or this is a misdirecting recording. Given how that kind of misdirection would likely be received, I am gonna speculate that he is alive and either was Snoke or was using Snoke as a puppet. This is because I believe that Disney canon will firmly follow the interpretation that Sith cannot become Force Ghosts. It requires selflessness and a oneness with the Force that unredeemed Sith cannot achieve. In meta terms, this further ties the semi-religious concept of the Force to the more positive and popular of the real world interpretations of faith in a guiding power. Good people get a good afterlife or rebirth. Even bad people can be forgiven if they truly atone, so there is always hope and a reason to be better. Unrepetent bad people, on the other hand, only suffer from death and the uncertainty it brings. They cling to life, no matter the cost, because they fear death so much. This is also based on statements from Pablo Hidalgo and the episodes "Sacrifice" and "Destiny" from the newly resurgent Clone Wars series. JJ has admitted that he leans heavily on the guys universe knowledge and Pablo has been pretty clear how he feels about the question in the past. Sith cannot be Force ghosts. Yet Palp is laughing at us again somehow? He never actually died. It's the only explanation that currently makes sense in the official canon. Though the power of hamdwavium or even basic bait has certainly denied me my obvious mental superiority before 😡. I am not, in any way, sure that this isn't just a long lost recording of Palp being dangled as bait. I don't think they have underestimated Kylo's popularity at all either. He was definitely my favorite in 8, while I thought he was little more than a bad Vader clone in 7. With that in mind, I don't like the pettiness of fixing the destroyed mask, as I had hoped he would discard it for good in an effort to move beyond trying to emulate his very limited image of his grandfather. I always liked that part and hope he eventually realizes what a mistake that stupid mask/persona was. Eh, it certainly won't make or break the entire movie for me. I cannot wait and I also hope that at least Thrawn appears. The Skywalker title does tie into the books about him nicely and the Chiss arriving from unknown space could both serve as a way to grow interest among more traditional fans and expand the story into new space. That's why the Chiss have Skywalkers right? To navigate uncharted space hazards using the Force to guide them right?
  11. Unfortunately, I think you are a victim of a double edged condition here. It wouldnt be exclusive or rare if there were enough for everyone to get one. You probably only barely missed your chance, so keep trying and you will feel that other edge when you succeed. That said, the second they go the Attack Wing route and start doing con exclusive cards or ships that give exclusive and meaningful list options, they will have lost every penny of my business.
  12. Red rotate on a large based ship that is already paying the turret point tax really is the truest sign of FFG's hate. Wasn't there just a thread asking why Han in the Resistance Falcon is so poorly priced and balanced? Large bases as a whole are relegated to more of a support role for now it seems. Maybe someone can make Maul a threat, but so far the Infiltrator also looks like it is best used as a support crew carrier. No turret of curse, but the whole environment of 2.0 seems to make the big base itself a significant downside. Best to pay the least you can unless you are getting an amazing support ability like Rebel Lando.
  13. Will have to wait and see what they can get from the Hyena and Resistance transport spreads, but not much for X-Wing. Armada goes full casual rpg. Legion models get an upgrade in quality. Legion players envy our app and regular point adjustments. Epic 2.0 is done in development, so amazing, and coming soon.
  14. FFG YouTube stream looks to be for a Star Wars board game, Outer Rim.
  15. Eh, yeah it is definitely still doing well, but I guess I got used to seeing it at the top.
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