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  1. So you do definitely only expect them to name one world champion then and agree that they will need to pretty much officially pick a favored format at some point? No need for both an Extended and Hyperspace Championship game? I suppose it's a possibility, but yeah there will probably be a single one decided on at some point. I think we all suspect that the answer will be Hyperspace format .
  2. I wasn't aware that they had discussed the format or many details at all for the 2019 World Championships. The decision they make there will make a big difference in how the formats are seen going forward. Big themed tournaments are fun events, but I think most people will consider the format of the world championships the default competitive format.
  3. RebelProfundity

    Is anyone playing gunner crew NOT named Han?

    It's not scientific fact or anything, but I'd much rather have the Z. Not that either option has seen any competitive success for Rebels. The Z adds hitpoints to the list and can focus fire much better than Bistan, since he can't be used to double tap at any point. Maybe if he worked with a missile attack from the front arc he would be worth slightly less than he costs now. He would definitely be good against swarms, but I hardly see them and they are probably still going to be a losing matchup for any already overcosted big base Rebel ship. Especially one carrying a 10 point perceptive co-pilot so your 14 point gunner can actually hope to push through maybe another point or two of damage on average to a different target. It is hilarious to think that anyone ever thought that he should cost the same as Vader Crew or almost 3-4 times as much as Scum Han gunner. Just honestly comically ridiculous to the point that it has to be intentionally unbalanced. It is appropriately symptomatic of one of the basic underlying problems of the Rebel faction. Crew and gunners that are simultaneously more restrictive and expensive than the options for other factions.
  4. RebelProfundity


    In Hyperspace format, absolutely. In extended, Redline says hello before he fully mods a torpedo without stress and then bumps something. Now they are pretty close, don't get me wrong. For some situations and players Poe is probably better, but Redline is still currently around 20 points cheaper.
  5. RebelProfundity

    Happy Friday - Which of the five are you playing.....?

    All of them. 2.0 and extended. Only got two mining guild TIES ant two RZ-A2 A-Wings coming. What is the most correct solution coming from the new wave? Thought I was in the ballpark but it looks like more TIEs or A's might be in order. Maybe both?!?!? Anyway, good to see the official Hyperspace format and the new ships being fleshed out with points and stats. Maybe this will help FFG in facing the dilemma it has with Rebel ships and 2.0. Namely, make it competitive without making it a foregone conclusion.
  6. RebelProfundity

    What happened to the Rebel Monster?

    Yup, exactly the list I have seen used before. Sounds really good and would hog up so much board. The downside is that it requires not only two full Rebel Conversion kits worth of K-Wing materials, and 4 K-Wing models, but another copy of Barrage Rockets on top of what comes with a single Imperial conversion. So, it's no shock it's seeing more play in formats like Vassal or TTS where those extras are available to every player. This list is a good use of a singular K-Wing. I like it and think it was Top 4 worthy in Australia or one of the other nationals recently. (52) Wedge Antilles (0) Servomotor S-foils (3) R3 Astromech (3) Swarm Tactics (9) Proton Torpedoes Points 67 (47) Garven Dreis (9) Proton Torpedoes (0) Servomotor S-foils (3) Swarm Tactics (3) R3 Astromech Points 62 (50) Esege Tuketu (6) Barrage Rockets (5) Proton Bombs (10) Perceptive Copilot Points 71 Total points: 200
  7. RebelProfundity

    Wave2 Open Boxes

    I felt awful when he accidentally dumped his special chili all over the floor and then sadly tries to scoop it back into the pot. Leave it to American artists to create such an amazing original character and series completely on their own with zero outside help. Anyway, seriously, thanks for the unboxing. I'll just show myself out.
  8. RebelProfundity

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    Be sure you always reroll both Lando die if you do decide to reroll. Just a reminder that Han's ability requires you to reroll ALL the dice if you reroll any. Not really sure Rebel Lando is worth a crew seat on literally any ship. Sad.
  9. RebelProfundity

    Join the Wave 2 Chant!

    That's a good part of the sum of it. No SLAM like the K though. Making the front arc a primary and not a missile qualifies it for certain benefits and disadvantages, but I don't think that the difference is really major at this point. Just future design space. Barrage has a large but fixed amount of charges, doesn't work at range 1, and requires a focus to launch I guess. It will be the only ship with a primary fixed arc and a primary mobile arc that has a gunner seat. I do think this will probably be the case since the hero Paige Tico is a gunner and needs to be able to be on this ship for obvious reasons. Only the Lancer and Moldy Crow equipped HWK have the same configuration atm and neither has a gunner slot. Imagine if you could put Scum Han gunner on Sabine Wren in the Lancer for instance. Conversely, it will never benefit from future turret updates because it can't equip them. Now the Resistance just needs a gunner worth their points to make that a relevant difference, and Paige is a start, depending on points of course. She's not at Redline or Deathrains action efficiency, but few are. She's like Gunner Luke with worse timing, no Force, and an added effect for bombs. Anyway, POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! POINTS AND SLOTS! Etc.
  10. RebelProfundity

    Your predictions of Wave IV

    That's why. Some people really like these repaints and have no issue buying them if they come with new cards in these value packs at $40 instead of $60. They will only do this to issue new ship and upgrade cards not in the conversions, so only for stuff they want to try to buff outside of straight point adjustment. There is some evidence of this strategy from 1.0 with Ace packs. I don't see how this is a stretch at all and don't actually think it's all that scummy for a business trying to make some money. They are providing some value with creative use of supply chain efficiency. Suppliers can just make more of the ships to be repackaged (the Y's and Ties in my example) during the initial run and hold off the paint until the time for the larger pack comes up. The new paint jobs can be done while waiting for the new stuff to be molded. I don't think warehouse overhead in China for non-perishable unpainted plastic would overshadow the potential savings, especially if their distribution is only seperated by one or two waves. They are sticking to this with 2 of the 3 single ship reissues that appear in Wave 3 and made sure to advertise that they did. They obviously have some commitment to the idea beyond Wave 1. The ARC doesn't even really count because there is no Republic conversion kit. At least the Z is repainted? If they think they can get some goodwill by doing this, and it allows them to gate new stuff in faction packs at the same time I don't see why they wouldn't.
  11. RebelProfundity

    Your predictions of Wave IV

    Any direct reissue will only come with cards available in the respective conversion. This is to avoid the need for card only packs. They can and might provide themed repaints in faction packs for at least the two OT centric factions and that could include some new cards. Rebs: A and B. A hypothetical faction pack would be green painted A's and a Y instead. Imps: Interceptor and Bomber. Faction pack would be repainted Eyeballs and a Squint instead. I would say bomber with the Interceptor, but I get the feeling they always want to include a repainted version of something already reissued in a single pack. That's why the price point is at $40 instead of $60. Scum: New ship, maybe a Dunelizard? Dunno for sure. It will be new. Maybe a reissue of something old in addition, but it probably won't be the HWK. Scyk? Resistance: Booster/flappy winged Black One. Maybe a faction pack if they don't mind four of these in one wave. FO: SF, ditto on the faction pack if they can get the remodeled Silencer in time. Separatists: Hyena Republic: Eta-2 Actis, or at least it better be. ?
  12. RebelProfundity

    Vulture Droid Pilot - New Unique Mechanic?

    That's my plan so far. I will go in for a single Vulture too, because I am absolutely sure it will have at least one important card not available in the SoS pack. Time will tell how many more we will need of each.
  13. RebelProfundity

    Clone Wars!

    Way nicer than I expected. They are really starting these factions out right. Multiple paint schemes right off the bat. Some really amazing looking crew cards. Purple force actions. New obstacles. Yup, I'm excited. Why do I get the feeling that I will be getting at least two Servants of Strife packs? I bet that Belbullab-22 is amazing, since the only way to get one is to buy that $40 pack. At least the Republic pack comes with two of the Torrents that aren't available in an individual pack. Oh well, new factions mean lots of outlay and I'm sure I will want more than three Vultures anyway.
  14. RebelProfundity

    New Star Wars live action series anounced - Cassian Andor!

    This is going to force them to finally give us a K-2S0 right? One bit of trivia from my trip to Wookiepedia, Cassian joined the CIS for a while. I wonder if that will be picked up by FFG.
  15. RebelProfundity

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    The problem with Lando is that if you choose to reroll one of those evade dice from his action, you have to reroll them both due to the wording of Hans ability. The title costs one point more than Lando, but will definitely always give a single evade token when you use the action. The extra title reroll in addition to the possible Han reroll on every defensive roll really makes the single evade token last longer in my experience. Maybe the best point is that it eats an otherwise useless slot instead of one of the crew seats. The value of Lando really seems to be the possibility of rolling two useful results. The fact that they both have to come up in a single roll of two defense dice makes it something that I don't want to count on against a competent opponent though. The most common outcome seems to be that you will use your action to get a single focus or evade token. Worse, in my opinion, than just taking the action I wanted in the first place. Lando is obviously solidly better when you do get two usable results in a roll of two green dice. The title is probably a little more reliable defensively due to always getting the evade when you want it and the additional reroll making it go farther against multiple attacks in the same round. If anyone wants to do all the probabilities for this I would be very thankful. R2-D2 is amazing durability on Han, and I wouldn't ever consider playing it in its current state without that little Droid. He seems custom designed for Han in the Falcon unless someone else can reroll the R2-D2 crew die. Kanan is attractive for either parking in debris or opening up the nerfed dial a bit. (even if comparing him to the Vader crew at the exact same price point annoys me). I wouldn't say he's a must, but I usually include him. I hadn't considered inertial dampeners, but that would also be amazing when combined with Kanan and R2-D2. Might make staying at range 1 of an obstacle easier at times, even though I will admit that it's pretty easy for a large base anyway. It can also really catch people off guard sometimes and I find myself using it all the time on 4-LOM at least. To be clear though, I would never choose to play any of this in a game I really wanted to win. The Falcon is my favorite ship by a lot, but there are just much more competitive options for a player that isn't locked into one faction. The offensive output of any list with this Falcon will suffer badly from spending so much on one large 3 die attack. Maybe if the ship had better wingmates available at a more reasonable price it could be great.