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  1. Absolutely not. At first, I was really excited about spoilers especially those 4chan pictures shwoing everything in a pack. But after buying For Honor and Glory, i realized I'm missing the excitement from opening and not knowing what 'll get. So, I'll try to avoid as many spoilers as possible for the rest of this cycle.
  2. Instead of the Ramen shops, I might be more interested in all those fancy dressed female cosplayers that will roam the place while we try to focus on the game. Good times for singles though!
  3. Yes, it is a youth hostel. The problem is that there's an Anime/Japan Convention at the same time. That's probably why it's booked out already. However, Asmodee is in talks with the hostel to see if the kotei attendees may booked a bed through them instead of doing it directly with the hostel. It seems to me like not all beds and rooms are booked but rather reserved. Regarding the official page: I haven't seen one yet. It may be that Asmodee is using Facebook or Twitter but I haven't checked that out yet. At the very least, they're using the german message boards on their homepage. Don't know if your German is any good. I could offer to translate and post any news we get there in here, if that helps.
  4. For some reason the venue has already been announced by Asmodee Germany but the ffg page never got the update. The kotei will take place at the Jugendherberge Düsseldorf.
  5. Maybe not. They way the story is written also allows for the possibility that those Ronin weren't survivors.
  6. He and some other people argue that the rules reference states: Cannot The word “cannot” is absolute, and cannot be countermanded by other abilities or effects.
  7. This popped up in facebook a couple of hours ago and I thought I'd share it with this community in case not everybody uses FB (I know I didn't for years!) Declare a conflict with the Earth Ring. Declare Kaede and Seeker of Knowledge as attackers. The Earth Ring now is also Void and Air. With your first action play Way of the Phoenix and target the Earth Ring. Since the Earth Ring now has three elements, your opponent cannot declare conflicts with either of these three elements. Win the conflict and claim the Earth Ring Play Breakthrough and immediatle declare your second conflict. Use the Fire Ring for the second conflict. Win the conflict and claim the Fire Ring. Play Know the World and switch out your Earth Ring with the Water Ring. There are three unclaimed rings: Air, Earth, and Void. Since all those rings are banned thanks to Way of the Phoenix, your opponent cannot declare any conflicts for this round. Just want to hear your opinions on whether or not this is really possible. WotP only says "element" - no plural - so I'm not quite sure it would really prevent my opponent from declaring all three. I'm well aware this may not be a really good play. You're obviously sacrificing a lot of ressources to pull this of and if this doesn't give a really big advantage for the next round, you're probably losing the game.
  8. What InquisitorM said. It's a nice move I've done a couple of times. Good surprise. Until you face a more experienced player who knows that this cheap 2 Fate combo with a Mil of 4 can happen. It's also a good way to draw out Assassination. Either kill the 4 Mil guy or target one of my shugenjas and get the province broken. I recently played that with a crane splash and added Duelist Training. Was fun!
  9. Got mine on Thursday too. Funny side note: I bought and pre-ordered the english version (because... habits) and my store owner told me when they arrived that the german version didn't. Apparently, the german postal office is no fan of Rokugan! Might be that Asmodee waited too long to ship the translated versions out or that they send the english ones way earlier. Or both. Wondering if that was the same for other countries?
  10. Bloodthirsty Oni Vicious Oni Painbringer Oni Nightmare Foul Oni Swampwalker Oni Hordes of the Dead
  11. Tonbo Karasu, the guy who manages the Imperial Census thread above, has Ujiaki listed. That means he must have either appeared or been mentioned in at least one story fiction.
  12. You still can bait it out. I mean, what's the probality that your opponent has two copies of Censure in his hand? 1:38 or something like that?
  13. Nah, don't worry. I can lend you a bucket in case your Unicorn leaks.
  14. Really? I always felt that not being able to do anything while my opponent's cards wreak havoc on me was by far more frustrating than running into some sort of cancellation effect every now and then.
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