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  1. I do'nt think we need to get on the hate train here. If you're concerned about it, send an email, and if not, that's ok too =) Just here for publicity and getting the word out to those who aren't on, or don't pay attention to, discord.
  2. Hey guys! We have found that customer feedback is a major driving motivator for companies. We recently heard that FFG is considering restricting Kotei's and GK's to cons only, and as you can imagine this means many people will effectively be locked out of the competitive scene. Join us in taking this opportunity to change this before it becomes locked in! Email the company! Please leave a like to spread the word. If you're not sure what to say, here's what I wrote: (Direct your emails to Organizedplay@fantasyflightgames.com) "Hey there! To Whom it May Concern: I heard recently that all koteis and grand koteis may be at gaming conventions, whereas for past games regional and store championships were also major events. For those of us who can't regularly attend conventions, this effectively locks us out of the competitive scene, and doubly so for our brethren who don't live in the USA or Europe. This game has exceptional potential for competitive success - I never thought I'd find another game with as good as chassis as netrunner, but I daresay that L5R is even better. I want to urge you to enable all of your excited players to participate in the competitive/storytelling aspect of the game, no matter where they live and whether or not they can afford plane tickets, hotel rooms, and con fees. I live in Sacramento CA and I have easy access to all of the Bay Area cons, so this doesn't affect me quite as much. Still, I heard of many people who went to GenCon and only played L5R... As much as I enjoy the con experience, not everyone wants that experience, and several hundred dollars as an entry fee seems a steep asking price for admission to an event in which you ONLY go for L5R. Anyway, thanks for making such a great game!"
  3. Alright this is how I thought it worked- thanks for weighing in everyone!
  4. From the rules reference: "For all selections, an option that has the potential to change the game state must be chosen, if able." "If an ability instructs a player to select among multiple effects, an effect that has the potential to change the game state must be selected." Now, we definitely know that dishonored characters cannot be dishonored again, so you cannot dishonor them as a part of For Shame!. It would seem to be true that this is also the case when a non-honored personality is targetted during a conflict where a Steward of Law is present, since it is not possible to change the game state by dishonoring that target. Triggered effects stipulate that other cards are not considered when determining potential "A triggered ability can only be initiated if its effect has the potential to change the game state on its own. This potential is assessed without taking into account the consequences of the cost payment or any other ability interactions." No such stipulation is made regarding regular abilities/events etc. A friend of mine was told however that you can choose to dishonor and it simply does nothing because steward of law op. Thoughts? How can I get an official ruling on this?
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