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  1. And I already got a reply from Nate... I also sent this to him prior to his reply:
  2. Pg. 6: The 3 copies of a single card by title requirement isn't listed, and I have emailed Nate about it.
  3. To add to the conversation... There is no more Force. Everything is "Skill" now. Presence is now defined as a participating character. And...presence (from AEG L5R) is a thing of the past. All that matters for targeting is the cards text (don't need a participating defender, for instance, to play actions). Participation is used for the total skill count to determine who wins combat and if the province breaks.
  4. Can you imagine an L5R spin on something like FFTactics? I would eat that up in an instant!
  5. Seems like it should read as follows (move the last sentence from under Dynasty paragraph to first, general paragraph): Yeah, I do this stuff for a living. People don't like me much...
  6. I got an reply to my email (quick turn-around by FFG!) and an update to the issue being discussed:
  7. Is there a way to call mods to a thread? I think this should be addressed by the rules governing body.
  8. I am going to necro this thread because I have a question to add to it. Does the conflict still go through if the character with Pacifism attached was the only attacking character? There are no characters on the attacking player's side of the board AND "3.2.1 Declare defenders" part of the Conflict phase has not yet begun. Do the steps of the conflict still happen? I think the answer is yes, since Ted did not pass his conflict opportunity during "3.2 Declare conflict". Revealing the province happens during 3.2 Declare Conflict, after the Declaration of Conflict. Recall that the Declaration of Conflict includes two things happening simultaneously: type of element and type of conflict (military/political) are declared and ready characters being committed to the conflict as attacking characters are declared. Now, there is paragraph about the province following the conflict declaration... So, the province gets flipped over immediately after a successful initiated conflict vs. the province. Then, the province's reaction may be triggered. The next paragraph says: Since the declaration of the conflict was successful, the conflict must be resolved prior to the next conflict being declared. As far as I can tell, at this point, the rest of the conflict resolution happens as normal. Declaring defenders is step 3.2.1.
  9. You are correct. I wonder if this is an oversight, or intended. "...Each conflict deck must contain a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 45 cards. A conflict deck can include in-clan and neutral cards. It can also include out-of-faction cards up to the maximum influence allowed on the player’s chosen stronghold. A conflict deck cannot include more than 10 character cards total..." Maybe they have changed the rules but not updated the Rules Reference document?
  10. Can the game state ever be rolled back in a tournament? I was under the impression that once an action has been taken it is done. It is, after all, the responsibility of both players to know what is going on and amiably resolve any disputes. Otherwise, call a judge.
  11. I have an entire GoT 1.0 set that I picked up a while ago and was unable to convince anyone to play with me. I feel bad I spent the money, and I will probably use the cards for tinder during the winter.
  12. Yes, I understand that. However, I tend to plan for organized play and like to be used to my deck beforehand.
  13. I use Imgur, but I used to use Photobucket (many moons ago).
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