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  1. Hi Gil, I am 1 of the missing top 16 players. Do I have to send my contact details to your email adress? Where can I find your email adress? The medal has to be send to another adress then the adres I gave at the tournament. Greets Andor
  2. I agree with @DarthScott1991 on this one. Although the card definitely has become better with New Darth, Palp and New Han. Your list is definitly hard to kill and build for defense. I would personally add dark energy and lose force jump or face to face. I think dark energy is a great card.
  3. Nice episode again. In half an hour I got to know some more insides about a particular list and the strategy behind the list building. Could be a nice way to get a good feeling about a particular list and how it works to talk about a particular list and how it performed at a tournament. Would like to hear something like this on a Chewie and/or Han list or a list with E-sentries. With red, blue, yellow rerolls you particularly want to reroll half of the results. So the chance a Vader wants a reroll is 87,5 percent of the time. Half of the time you will get a better result. Mostly + 1 surge or +1 damage. So with a reroll on Vader you will do circa 0,5 extra damage on average because of the reroll ability. You could use that as a rull of thumb. In real battle there are more things to consider. So I don't think it is very important to know the exact number of extra damage per figure with a reroll. Are you already certain you killed the figure do not reroll, because of though luck. On units with one or more green dice the reroll ability has less impact. Because the green die is the most reliable die and you will throw a good result at the first roll more often so you don't need to reroll as much. But it is an important ability for every unit anyway. P.s. Maybe one of the reasons why there is no calculator with rerolls is because it is hard to put in all the conditions to judge the real value of the reroll ability.
  4. I liked the use of the R-riot trooper. Although 5 HP is indeed in the dangerzone for big 3 dice attacks in one attack. The riot troopers do have extra defense. The extra block they get at the end of the activation and Zillo makes them actually harder to kill than an Equay without Zillo. True sometimes you have to use a card for the extra block. Most times I did use zillo and a cc if I could save a riot trooper. There were a few moments where a cc had to much offensive potential to use it for saving a riot trooper. Compared to BT they are definitely stronger on defense like you said. The same amount of 10 HP + 2 block tokens + overkill damage times 2 instead of 1. Makes it more of a 13 HP defense something deployment instead of 10 for just 5 points. Another advantage is you only give 4 VP to your opponent when you lose both. Instead of 8 for 2 E-jets or 6 for BT. I also liked to have 2 extra figures for securing objectives and BLOCK LINE OF SIGHT easier to Palp and my set of E-jets and sometimes Vader. In reality I think it took 3 big 3 dice attacks on average to take out both riots and sometimes a heigtened reflex, positioning advantage, element of surprise. My opponents had to invest to take them out I think. There is a downside as well offcourse. Damage output is lower but mainly because they are melee. The average output of a R-riot trooper is between 2,5 and 3 against 1 defense die times 2 opportunities to attack =5 or 6. For BT I think it is between 5 and 6 without cc and blast as well. But it is definitely easier to launch one attack from BT than 2 from R riot troopers and BT also has the 3 small attacks option. Unfortunatly it is too dangerous to take hunter cards with just BT in your list so not much help from the hunter trait. R-riots have nice trait synergy with Vader and E-jets. In addition you get 2 extra cc because of RbF and 1 out of 5 to discard. Which I really liked to have in my build. I loved planning as well. I threw away a card like though luck to use planning. To start the game with 5 cc is amazing. It gave so much flexibility and damage potential. As for your list I would take out force surge for parting blow. Because 7 ish damage is better then 2. Although force surge is easier to use. For a second parting blow I think I would swap prepared for battle. Or maybe 2 cc of 1 point like blitz and something else. Did you like force jump? I thought it would under perform so I did not take it. My total cc list was: grenadier, 2×parting blow, overrun, call the vanguard, dark energy, death blow, negation, tough luck, looking for a fight, planning, TI, force rush, urgency and element of surprise.
  5. Listened to the podcast. I liked it especially about Vader. It's also nice you gave some attention to the Dutch Nationals. I started out testing with the Vader, Palp, 2x ejets 2 officers list when I wanted to know if Vader lists could be competitive and used for nationals. I totally agree with you guys when choosing for a vader list that at least a temporary advantage is that other players are not used to play against Vader Palp. So I could make use of mistakes made by my opponents. And some opponents did underestimate the distance Vader and Palp could go and still be able to do 2 attacks in round 1 with the emperor ability and end of round attack from Vader (circa 12-14 damage). Even more so with both officers and command cards. Tempt is also an amazing ability. No use runing away for units with just 1 health left. I was expecting a lot of scum (and IG), because it were the first Dutch Nationals and I thought players would go back to lists they were familiar with when playing a bigger tournament. In the end I decided to go for an all out strategy with Vader and parting blows, combined with the great new cc dark energy and looking for a fight to have more control over my extra attacks. Which was the reason for me to swap 1 E-jet for 1 R-riot trooper to make space for RbF and Unshakable. Because I wanted Vader to stay a threat even after doing a parting blow with unshakable and have insurance if I would met a list with stun units. And I had to increase the chance of making this combo of cc possible with RbF. In the end I could make the cc combo twice in 7 matches (winning both matches). Luckily these cards are still good on their own and even more with Zillo (although parting blows can be played around to a reasonable extend). I think my list is a more high risk high reward choice compared to taking 2 E-jets. Some general notes from my experience with Vader Palp. Natural targets: black dice units, IG can go down in 2 attacks from Vader like you guys mentioned although you may need an extra cc, Equay are great targets for Vader striking them down in one attack in most cases. Vader lists are great for control missions. You have to go to the other side to attack so you are immediatly close to controling objectives on the middle of the map. Try to keep Palp out of line of sight as long as possible. You want to give Vader (and riot troopers) as a target to your opponent. Palp needs to survive a little bit longer because he is so versatile and still very effective with E-Jets. Vader can die after killing some units first and soaking up a lot of resources from your opponent. The list is vulnerable to units with push abilities. The emperor ability can't be used on Vader when he is pushed away by Onar, Chopper or Chewie for example. Would love to hear some comments from you guys on my list compared to Scott's lists. Greetings from the Netherlands. East from the UK, west from Germany. And far east or west depending on your preference from the USA. A country where we love windmills and IG-88. ?
  6. Depends on what you are looking for. Skirmish tournaments are played once in a while. I played 4 in the last 6/7 months and have been to all tournaments I knew of. There will be a regionals tournament in The Hague somewhere around the end of February probably. Date to be announced. Feel invited! And take your friends too! There is a facebook group for imperial assault in the Netherlands. Campaign is mainly played among groups of friends. Nothing organized I think. @Cremate is my source of information for Imperial Assault. He is the Dutch Oracle/Albert. ?
  7. @Cremate thanks again for hosting a great event! Had a lot of fun! Started 6 scum, 4 empire and 3 rebels. Top 8 was 4 scum, 2 empire, 2 rebels. That is pretty reasonable divided I would say. I hope players will keep trying different factions and lists. Makes this game even more fun! I really wanted to try out this Vader Palpatine list of runner-up and did not have time anymore to test Esentry lists. So next stop will be E-Sentries.
  8. Dutch Nationals 10th of december. 13 players with cut for top 8. I finshed as runner up. Vader with DbH. Emperor E jets R riot troopers R office x 2 Unshakable Rule by fear Zillo Command deck: grenadier, 2x parting blow, overrun, call the vanguard, though luck, death blow, dark energy, negation, force rush, urgency, looking for a fight, TI, planning and element of surprise. The general idea was making as much attacks in the first two rounds with vader as possible while soaking damage with vader and riot troopers. When vader is dead doing the clean up with the emperor and jet troopers. There were some strong players present from germany and holland. Top 8 was 5 times hunter scum, 2 hunter smuggler rebels and my list. But not 100% sure. Unfortunatly the final mission of the tournament was raining freight against a hunter scum 8 activation list. The only mission where I struggle with my list of the current map rotation.
  9. Anyone should bring whatever he or she wants to play at a tournament that is a legal list. To me it is totally fine to encounter an ugnaught swarm at a tournament. No matter what kind of level the tournament is. In all 3 tournaments I played in I have not seen anyone play with the ugnaught swarm though. Most people prefer other lists apparantly.
  10. Nice write up! It is nice to see players who really try and test new units before they judge their relative strength in the meta. Sometimes a unit is already in disregard before a player even tried it. In the past new figures were sometimes judged as weak by just looking at their stats and abilities. But on the board units can be better then expected (GIA). I like the new units of the empire and think they will be part of competitive play in the future. It always helps to bring positive experience about specific units on the forum to give them a boost in the meta. It affects how people judge these units! ?
  11. I would like a tier list of command cards. ? And some discussion about the list. I think both subjects should be seperated as well.
  12. I totally agree. 2 of each faction in the top 6! It is nice to see so much variety. I do actually think there is a good balance between the 3 factions at the moment. I would not be surprised if this continues at least till the next expansion! But who knows maybe a certain type of list will dominate in the next months.
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