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  1. I know this time frame is explored in comics form, essentially placing him in that noble ronin role (which is interesting considering Toshiro Mifune was originally considered for the role of Obi-Wan). Also he could fight Maul at the end in a live action version of the Rebels scene.
  2. So in GW’s new Warcry game you draw cards to determine terrain setup, I’m giving some thought in doing it as a fourth setup option. The deck is quite a few cards, made for a smaller map. But if you drew two cards, one for each side of the map it might mix things up nicely. Anybody have any thoughts/suggestions on their use?
  3. My dream list is Ashoka and Rex leading some Clones, with the Phase II it looks like maybe an 8 activation list which I feel is the bare minimum for a viable army. I’ll still do it but I might not win any games. 😁
  4. Luke rolling seven black dice with Impact 2, Pierce 2, and surge to crit is pretty **** great! Vader with Infiltrate, Scout 1, Spur, and Relentless is a scary potential turn 1 enemy.
  5. Miniature market is having an Asmodee sale right now, tons of FFG Star Wars at some good prices.
  6. Some of it selling out quick too! If you have your eyes on something move fast.
  7. As expensive as your Corp units are I’m not sure if Jedi as unit leaders will be feasible. I think that having Clones as an upgraded unit leader would be a better choice, and there are a ton of cool options they could do: Rex, Cody, Gree, if you fave each their own special ability when leading a unit it could make for some cool squads.
  8. I like the theme of having extra Corps by a means of ENTOURAGE but I’m afraid of it being a little too easy to daisy chain order tokens from it. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get cheap special forces for CIS though, and a Commander Droid with entourage could still really push activations up given the cheap cost of the droids.
  9. I like Zuvio with prox mines and pattern analyzer. If your opponent is running blockers just dial in a reverse move, drop your bomb forward, back up, and can still use an action to focus up or tractor your recently bombed opponent.
  10. Expensive but in an army that can spam troops for cheap not much of an issue, interested to see if his weapon slot will be ranged. Definitely wants to hunt force users over jumping into the fray with troopers.
  11. Cartel Executioner (43) R5-TK (0) Spare Parts Canister (4) Contraband Cybernetics (3) Marksmanship (1) Total: 51 Cheap Talent, contraband to line up a solid shot when needed, SPC just to have a trick up your sleeve when you need it. All for 51 points doesn’t feel too bad. It’s an ugly ship but I love it.
  12. I ran Jyn with a generic commander so she could just run around the board and act more like an Operative. She ended up winning the game for me (Breakthrough, with Chewie and a squad of Wookiees stopping Vader/Snowies from making it across one side of the board.) by being the only unit able to get across due to her infiltrate. Mostly took down a full unit of Stormtroopers by herself, and cleaned up half of a mother by charging into them. Overall I think she is fun but maybe not always the best choice for her points.
  13. HelHound

    Aphra's Ship

    Not a whole lot of combat in the comics, the first Ark Angel does get destroyed though so there is an Ark Angel II that has even less page time. Besides 0-0-0 and BT-1 I believe the Wookie bounty hunter Black Krrysstantan (sp?) flies it at some point, although he also has his own Auzituck Gunship as well. In any event I’ve been wanting this ship for a long time, if anybody here hasn’t checked out the Dr. Aphra comics I recommend them, a ton of fun, and a lot of cool characters.
  14. Played a fun custom list night at my shop a few months ago, normal 200 point list, no scum lists, then you add one bounty hunter ship for no more than 70 points. Lot of ships and craziness on the table but a ton of fun!
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