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  1. On the “Decoyed” cars it really makes it sound like you can give the boost to yourself in the bottom half of the card.
  2. I played a game with Generic Commander Boba Fett 3x DLT Stormies and 1 naked 3x Death Troopers (2 w/DLT 1 w/DTF) It did okay but was facing Vader/AT-ST list that was able to cut off major chunks of the board.
  3. If I recall correctly the Lost Mission episodes were originally planned for the regular seasons but the episodes were cut for room. So they were racked on as a little bonus for us all.
  4. When Ashoka meets back up with Rex and his crew have her facial markings pattern on their helmet! *chef’s kiss* I will one hundred percent have to paint up Clone squads to match for whenever we get an Ashoka Commander or Operative.
  5. SNAP SHOT A-Wings are BACK! Well...maybe, I can’t make out the text on the card so I don’t know how the new snap shot works.
  6. I wouldn’t mind seeing First Order in this game in an eventual sort of way. However can we get some Mandalorians first to fill this role role!
  7. @Hiemfire “Get Low” by Lil Jon is the song in question.
  8. An entire song that was not edited for radio in the beginning because people didn’t know it was a vulgar reference. ☺️
  9. YES! Now I can run some Shoretroopers and Death Troopers with Krennic.
  10. As we move into year two with a slower rollout of Rebel and Imperial units I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of an identity emerge for each army. Now that we will have four choices you can move away from the feeling that each needs a mirror unit per release.
  11. HelHound

    Happy Friday

    Ark Angel! I need Aphra in this game!
  12. I played Mace, Sinker, and two blue squadron protectors. First match Mace melted to a pair or ARCs. Second match let my ARC and Vs distract Wedge as Mace looped around to catch Wedge from the side. With the Calibrated Laser Targeting, full force, and a focus was able to kill Wedge and defend nicely against my opponents U-Wing.
  13. The Aethersprite fighter in X-Wing has failed me so far, and even though he’s a long shot; GIVE ME KIT FISTO! (please). And even though I don’t have plans to run CIS Cad Bane is my fav bounty hunter and Commando Droids are awesome so I’d love to see those units show up as well.
  14. Now you’re going to confuse me in the Legion boards too @SpiderMana!
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