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  1. I should add that it (the Miniature Market bag) also has exterior pockets that I keep a tablet in for the rules PDF, and a water bottle holder. Foam comes in different depths for larger minis.
  2. Feldherr makes great stuff, but it gets pricey. Miniature Market has awesome bags in different sizes and pluck foam for a good price. I have the bigger bag and it can easily hold a full army. I recommend checking them out. https://www.miniaturemarket.com/accessories/gaming-supplies/gaming-bags.html
  3. Miniature market is running a 50% off sale on some X-Wing ships! Just started today.
  4. Here to second the miniature market pluck foam and game bags, can also be ordered on Amazon Prime for that sweet 2-day shipping.
  5. Spoilerish territory below! Give First Order a Palp crew that can dish out ion tokens. Then give Tie daggers a ship ability: Final Order: When attacking a ship with at least one ion token you may turn one hit into a crit
  6. I feel like we have a few great options for Scum left to explore. Razor Crest, Aphra’s Ark Angel, Hondo’s flying saucer. At the rate we are getting new ships for each faction it might hold us over for the next year. Plus plenty of room for cool new crew and illicit cards in each expansion.
  7. It would be cool to do a generic Jedi as a single lower cost card (70-80) then make a slot where you can choose which of the lightsaber forms you want them to use, and maybe one or two force slots as well. You could run them naked without the form for a cheap filler.
  8. It could have really cool Grappling Struts: When you overlap an enemy ship you may rotate it 90 degrees
  9. Sale on at Miniature Market Leia at $4.99USD BARC Speeder at $17.99USD
  10. I really like that new Guavian Death Gang ship. Looks like it would be medium or large base, 3 red forward arc, maybe a 2 red single arc turret.
  11. Saw this posted today https://starwarslegionnews.wordpress.com/2019/11/28/fan-made-first-order-core-set/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  12. I know this time frame is explored in comics form, essentially placing him in that noble ronin role (which is interesting considering Toshiro Mifune was originally considered for the role of Obi-Wan). Also he could fight Maul at the end in a live action version of the Rebels scene.
  13. So in GW’s new Warcry game you draw cards to determine terrain setup, I’m giving some thought in doing it as a fourth setup option. The deck is quite a few cards, made for a smaller map. But if you drew two cards, one for each side of the map it might mix things up nicely. Anybody have any thoughts/suggestions on their use?
  14. My dream list is Ashoka and Rex leading some Clones, with the Phase II it looks like maybe an 8 activation list which I feel is the bare minimum for a viable army. I’ll still do it but I might not win any games. 😁
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