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  1. I'm seeing some of the double dipping nerfs that I hate from X-Wing here, such as Phase IIs and ARCs costing more AND no longer being able to share tokens. Maybe do one or the other and then see....? Other than that it's all pretty solid, I mean, paying less for stuff is always interesting, it opens up so many list building options.
  2. This isn't a question of differing opinion. This is an issue where someone is a prolific poster with "opinion X" that they are not interested in discussing, just hammering home that they're right. So every thread "But I have opinion X" Then every other post in that thread "But I have opinion X" And every quote and reply "But you're wrong about opinion X. I am right." The. Same. Thing. Every. Thread. This coupled with what is extremely clearly a very tenuous grasp of the rules and tactics of the game in general. It roadblocks discussion by spamming the threads with endless, repetitive and nonsensical posts. For me it was an easy decision to just use the ignore function (and even that's flawed), but I can't say I disagree with the statement you were referring to...
  3. On track with the thread, my wish is for more frequent points adjustments. Sure it's a physical tabletop game, but FFG tends not to adjust points on recent releases, so if, say, Clan Wren is underperforming severely, with the timing of the upcoming adjustments, they will remain sub-par for a whole year. If they over adjust anything, they will remain over-adjusted for a whole year. That's not much fun.
  4. Yeah how varied to have to use that every time because order count is the key to any list. It's a losing battle to even talk about. GAR is so easy to call nerf on. Hopefully the devs have a more even hand than what players would like.
  5. I'd really like to see the standby sharing go away combined with some sort of point cost reduction. As a GAR player I don't like having to play the Clone ball this tight to take advantage of standbys, but I also don't like that I can't fit anything else into my list once I get my clones in there, and since there are no cheap filler options in the army, it really limits list creativity. The divide between Phase Is and Phase IIs also needs to be addressed, but an increased point cost on Phase IIs would (especially combined with standy sharing removal) would completely neuter the faction.
  6. In the end it just doesn't have to make sense that much in universe. It has to be playable. How much would those models need to be buffed to compensate for their terrible positioning choices and poor time on target? And how fun would that be, with either you're on target and you devastate a unit or you go too fast and woops the crappy secondary shot. Just like the Jedi are never "out of force" in the movies, but that doesn't mean you should be able to push and choke every turn.
  7. Yeah the forced speeder move might be the thing that brings down all those models until it gets changed. It's hard to understate how much taking away the choice to be perfectly positioned affects those models. The extra mobility is mostly moot given how fast they generally are. In a competitive game, this type of "being forced into a bad situation" rule, even if it's just sometimes, will ensure speeders are relegated to the shelf outside of casual games. I get that Snowspeeders are not supposed to stand still IE they're planes not helicopters, but in the context of this game, it becomes extremely hard to balance.
  8. Played at the right time, the downside from the 2-pip is very easy to avoid, and the downside from the 3-pip might as well not be there. The 1-pip can be problematic, but it probably isn't coming out until late in the game. I also think that the perception that units "used to be more versatile" really stems from the fact that since there were less units, people were kinda forced to take them. Stormtroopers looked pretty **** versatile until Shoretroopers came along. So it's more an issue of internal balance, and often also groupthink.
  9. The reminder text can only be so long. Soresu Master does a bunch of extra stuff that can't fit on the card. Since it's a modified deflect, it still might. We'll see.
  10. I am interested in your opinion and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Seriously, I agree with all of this. A few details I feel that people are missing : - Anakin needs a suppression token for his Flaw card to be played, and it's only at the start of the command phase, so if Anakin has cleared his stress at the end of the turn you're free and clear. Crack open a yuengling. - We're talking about "3 suppressions a turn" but realistically, only the 1-pip is at real risk of happening. It's extremely easy to keep any friendly model within *range 2*. Sure you need saber throw for his 2-pip but you kinda want it anyway because 3R Surge crit pierce 3 ranged attack?? - I think Situational Awareness might be stapled to him. If he's in cover with a dodge token you might as well be shooting at yourself. And he's throwing Jedi haircuts at you. Jury's still out if defensive surges also return damage on top of Djem So, but I feel like they will? - Also notice that Djem So works in melee. Yeouch.
  11. I think the combination of move 2, jump, and Djem So is so insanely good. Automatic damage is really scary for a lot of reasons.
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