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  1. Thanks for the reply, I did see those caps and checkers I like the red caps but my OCD wants blue ones too and not checkers. I may have to cave and get them since I can't find anything about the Star Playmat company.
  2. No those lines are just part of the art, the board for AH3rd it modular. No marks for decks and I personally like it that way, I prefer to set up the cards where its comfortable for me an I love the 3x3 mat as it give you plenty of room for the location cards which depending on the scenario can be everywhere. Plain? well it has some very cool art.
  3. I already preordered one of each starter and one of each squadron plus the upgrade card box. I just can't help myself! I see something new Armada (or X-Wing) and I gotta have it! and I play solo in my own convoluted way! 🤣
  4. I tried several times asking in the stream about reprints and was completely ignored!
  5. Honestly after reviewing all three movies the only thing I have to say to LucasFilm/Disney is what Spock said to McCoy in the episode I Mudd I find your arguments strewn with gaping defects in logic.
  6. Did they happen to say anything about an insert for storage in Red Skull? Or a storage box??
  7. Hey guys, have any of you ordered caps from Star Playmat??? Metal Caps
  8. Does anyone know if Rise of the Red Skull will have a plastic insert like the core set?
  9. Game Nerds has the Chimera Expansion pack for $40 USD for anyone who wants a ISD https://www.gamenerdz.com/star-wars-armada-chimaera-expansion-pack
  10. First I’m not trying to say that this has not been a problem with reprints on any game (look at Arkham Horror LCG most products are out of stock on the LGS level) BUT Asmodee has been cracking skulls, money is the issue and my thoughts are the handling is FFG all together. The fact that Andrew Navarro “stepped down” is a big part, question is did he step down or was he asked to leave?? the thing to most consider is the MONEY! And it effects all their games. Look what happened with 2.0 X-Wing rereleases the Saw’s Renegades, Tie Reaper and the huge Raider. FFG claimed they were “not printed” a couple weeks before release due to too much 1st edition stock. Now mysteriously they are back up for preorder on Cool Stuff and other sites. Looking at the Asmodee store these 1st edition items are now out of stock. So they need to move product which sets back everything to be reprinted. As I said before it’s the next thing that will be printed first.
  11. I was one who has been looking for the Countless Horrors mat for YEARS! When I got Arkham Horror 3rd edition I bought that mat which is much bigger 3x3 and I love it. Though those are also getting scarce, the best price one I recently saw is on eBay for $47USD and free shipping...good luck in your search!! Arkham Horror 3rd Edition Gamemat
  12. I love the return to boxes, the RTNOTZ box I keep the encounter cards plus the stand alone sets but all my player card I like to flip through the so I keep them in a Case It zip binder. Keep in mind though other sets use encounter cards from NOTZ and FFG actually includes dividers for the in other sets in guessing so that if your OCD needs to have these cards in each box then you’ll need more core sets.
  13. Unfortunately you have to be patient and wait, with this virus stuff, factory delays from China etc it’s a big problem. FFG is usually slow to restock anyway now it’s just crazy!! if you have a local B&N check there as I know there is an MC30 at the Coral Gables Florida store. Other then that zilch. There is a small sellection of items on the Asmodee store and a small sellection on Atomic Empire in North Carolina. https://www.atomicempire.com/Item/List?txt=Star Wars armada&cat=-1
  14. You know how right that is!!! I actually had ordered the expansion to Fallout from them just as the protests happened up there. Two post offices were burned down and my package was lost. It took me a month of emails, tweets, calling the Asmodee corporate offices but finally they sent me another one. So yes I forgave them! Love their games!!!
  15. I had that problem too so I took two blank 3x3 mats and cut them to fit next to the seams to even it out then laid the SW mats in top
  16. Again I hole heartedly agree! But in the end I believe FFG has their hands tied. Parent companies like Asmodee are looking for the next dollar forgetting the rest! Look at WOTC and the MTG thing with all the over priced sparkling product. This is Hasbro telling them more cash more cash! In the end they are only driving the secondary market. The initial take is more important then the after take. In all the gaming world how many games have gone out of print when companies could sell more of current product just to release the “next best thing”?
  17. I can agree with that but does it go beyond that issue? Is it Asmodee giving FFG a budget limit to what they can do? We don’t have all the facts in any case when there is a parent company.
  18. It seems they have some stock in the Asmodee Webstore, some Rebel and a bit of Imperial https://store.us.asmodee.com/search/?q=Star+Wars+Armada&p=1&s=0&f=e30%3D
  19. For my small game room I use a Alpha Game Table. They fold up and are portable, they come with a carrying case. I love it works great for all my games. You can check out the site and there are some vids on YT. The tables run $235 including shipping https://firmerterra.com
  20. Yup look at the MGT secondary market, heck look at Nintendo Switch prices in the USA since they sold out
  21. I’m still a member of the no open club so....Don’t do it!!!
  22. I'm having slightly the same problem, where I did get my ship I had also separately ordered the New California expansion for Fallout. It was shipped out the 26th but never left Minneapolis, the PO supervisor here in Miami told me they were having problems at that PO. I tried to call Asmodee for two days and all I get is a "were closed" message. Not sure what to do now. I hope you get your ship!!
  23. 44 total ships listed between active and sold, top price for a sold one is $200!!!
  24. I'll never join you!! My ship will remain in the box FOREVER!!! I'll be the only one!! MAWHAHAHAHA!!!
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