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  1. Mburnaugh64

    Happy Friday SSD is one day closer

    I’ve already got mine on pre- order, really looking forward to it!! It will be both for the shelf in my game room and the table.
  2. Mburnaugh64

    Arkham Novellas

    Thank you but It went out of stock this morning EST
  3. Mburnaugh64

    Arkham Novellas

    I just can’t understand why FFG does not print enough of these books!! Ire The Void is already sold out in their store as are Cool Stuff, Game Nerdz, and Miniature Market and it just came out yesterday!!! I missed it again!!!
  4. Mburnaugh64

    Arkham Horror: The Card Game Player Questionnaire

    Done! You did not have Mansions of Madness in the game list.
  5. Mburnaugh64

    Return of the Awkward Shaped Box

    I use the Return to the Night of the Zealot box for the champain, my two current player decks and the stand alone decks. The Return to Dunwich box I'm using for the main set and all expansions I just cut down the box insert so everything fits perfect. My player cards are all in a Case It zip binder in the Ultrapro pocket sleeves so I can easily search and deck build. I LOVE the boxes they work great for what i want them for. Can't wait for the next!!
  6. Mburnaugh64

    How do you avoid buying every faction..?

    SSSHHHH...Not too loud the wife will hear!!!
  7. Mburnaugh64

    How do you avoid buying every faction..?

    I did the only thing I could do...give up my retirement money and bought everything in X-Wing...and Armada...and Imperial Assault...and Arkham Horror LCG...and Masions of Madness...well there was also the Star Wars Destiny buy...
  8. Mburnaugh64

    Ignore thread....delete.

    Hmmm...I’ve been drinking legally for 34 years, I love single barrel bourbon whiskey especially Blanton’s, Even Williams, Knob Creek, Jack Danials etc. Nice and smooth amazing flavor goes down easy either sipping or all out party shots...to me Scotch whiskey tastes like battery asid BUT I still would not call it garbage...now Pisco, Sambuca NOT A FAN!! But still not garbage It’s alcohol!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!
  9. Mburnaugh64

    Promo Damage Deck?

    So I caved it...I went i to my CoolStuff store today and bought 2.0 core set and all three conversion kits surprisingly they had the promo decks and were giving them out with purchases. They had a at least 15 of them in a drawer here in Miami.
  10. Mburnaugh64

    What are you buying today ?

    Big trouble in little china board game and the Alpha portable game table ?
  11. Mburnaugh64

    How old are you

    First Welcome to the forums!! I’m 53 started rpgs with Dungeons and Dragons in the 80’s, didn’t start with Call of Cthulu till 1999. I enjoy playing Arkham Horror and Mansions of Madness, also play other board/miniature games Star Wars X-Wing 1.0, Armada, Imperial Assault, Destiny also Buffy board game (still have the Buffy RPG Eden Studios put out) Legendary Marvel/Buffy looking into picking up both the Terrinoth rpg and card game.
  12. I know!!! I’m trying sooooo hard to keep my Star Wars OCD in check! I want Legion too...no I don’t...Yes buy it...No Never...you need it...I have plenty with IA...Darth Vader in choke mode...AAAGGGGGGG HELP!!!!
  13. Mburnaugh64

    Novella stock/availability

    They’ll get reprinted soonish look on the bright side...The Star Wars dice bags have been “awaiting reprint” since 2015...maybe china ran out of the material or the string that ties them...or the Star Wars dice bag factory is on strike for better wages...or the image license expired...or they don’t care...or the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane...or the plans were not in the main computer...or it all has to do with Thanos finger snap...or I have nothing else better to do then type or things...or interdepartmental communications has been horrible (sorry watching re-runs of Sabrina the teenaged witch)...or it has to do with Trumps tariffs...or it its due to X-Wing 2.0...or...next
  14. Mburnaugh64

    Launch Party Kit??? No party for my store :(

    Three events : Flight Training quiz, Quick Build Battle, and Squad Builder Startup...alt cards for prizes https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/22/scramble-the-fighters/
  15. Mburnaugh64

    Who is Armada for?

    I like checkers and chess, just like X-Wing and Armada. I play both game, collect both games. It has just taken me a little longer to purchase all the ships. I buy what I can when I can and the same should be with other folks. You don't NEED every ship that comes out right away. So sit back relax and purchase when you can if you want to get into both. I recommend both they are fun games!! Sometimes I want to be methodical/tactical and sometime I just want to KILL THEM ALL!!! ?