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  1. Some places will ship it so you receive it on the release date, Cool Stuff in my experience doesn’t ship until the release date. Game Nerds has them in stock even though on the page it says preorder
  2. Just got my shipping notice from Game Nerds! Delivery on Friday!
  3. Your not raining on my parade!! I love it!! And really chill out it’s a toy after all, and what a great way to instill fear! The rebels see that smiley face knowing their doom is upon them!!! The emperor would love it!!! Cue Palpatine’s evil laugh!!!
  4. Magnificent!! Game or not it’s a show piece fore sure! Star Wars collectors are going to buy it up quickly! Will be interesting to see how fast it goes out of stock!
  5. For me sadly the Nubian didn’t have any weapons, would love to see one of those on the table!!
  6. I’m not a fan boy! SSD SSD SSD SSD I want my SSD!!! 😭
  7. How was it playing two different characters? What about the secret cards? I’m pretty much a solo gamer but have been on the fence in picking this up.
  8. For me, Cool Stuff is my FLGS one of the only ones in Miami Florida. They also offer free store pick up on any item ordered on their site so win win.
  9. That’s very true! There are actually Star Wars dice bags that have been on the reprint queue since 2015! So you mileage will vary on that queue.
  10. Just saw this on DiceTower news New Publisher
  11. I’ve already got mine on pre- order, really looking forward to it!! It will be both for the shelf in my game room and the table.
  12. Thank you but It went out of stock this morning EST
  13. I just can’t understand why FFG does not print enough of these books!! Ire The Void is already sold out in their store as are Cool Stuff, Game Nerdz, and Miniature Market and it just came out yesterday!!! I missed it again!!!
  14. I use the Return to the Night of the Zealot box for the champain, my two current player decks and the stand alone decks. The Return to Dunwich box I'm using for the main set and all expansions I just cut down the box insert so everything fits perfect. My player cards are all in a Case It zip binder in the Ultrapro pocket sleeves so I can easily search and deck build. I LOVE the boxes they work great for what i want them for. Can't wait for the next!!
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