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  1. For my small game room I use a Alpha Game Table. They fold up and are portable, they come with a carrying case. I love it works great for all my games. You can check out the site and there are some vids on YT. The tables run $235 including shipping https://firmerterra.com
  2. Yup look at the MGT secondary market, heck look at Nintendo Switch prices in the USA since they sold out
  3. I’m still a member of the no open club so....Don’t do it!!!
  4. I'm having slightly the same problem, where I did get my ship I had also separately ordered the New California expansion for Fallout. It was shipped out the 26th but never left Minneapolis, the PO supervisor here in Miami told me they were having problems at that PO. I tried to call Asmodee for two days and all I get is a "were closed" message. Not sure what to do now. I hope you get your ship!!
  5. 44 total ships listed between active and sold, top price for a sold one is $200!!!
  6. I'll never join you!! My ship will remain in the box FOREVER!!! I'll be the only one!! MAWHAHAHAHA!!!
  7. Nooooooooooo!!!!! The dark side you have turned!!! oh wait one more ship out of the box, soon I’ll have the only one in the box!! 😁🎊🎉
  8. Don’t do it!!! Be strong keep it in the box!!
  9. I got mine today! It’s so beautiful I don’t think I can take it out if the box!
  10. I guess I spoke too soon and now there are 5 up on eBay
  11. I play solo and have fun with it! Down her in Miami Florida we have no FLGS that has the tables or set up to play either X-Wing or Armada. I'm actually surprised to see none of these ships popping up on eBay for a quick flip.
  12. I just got my tracking number, and I was one of the last to get the code.
  13. Well Mep is right this is just a we’re charging your CC notice, do you still have your confirmation email when you ordered?
  14. I was one of the last to get it and got my shipping notice
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