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  1. I believe most of my thoughts on the RPG beta are already covered in other topics, I found no reason to duplicate those but I still would like to leave some observations regarding ranged combat. 1st: It is awesome that the Crab now has access to the crossbow from the start of their bushi career. It was a main weapon on our real world great wall. In 4th ed it has been sad that the Hida has to climb down the wall, or wait until their foes climb up, before being able to actually fight them. 2nd: The bow was the samurai main weapon. Yeah, I know katanas are beautiful and there are a lot of romance about it, but every school should start with a bow. A bushi must be able to shoot an arrow. Avery bushi should be able to shoot an arrow. Please. Except by 4th ed, every great cla bushi school started with bow + 20 arrows. An archer on horse back is the most dangerous foe ever if not every bushi have a bow. In every edition, but the 4th, all bushis used to have a bow, which makes lots of sense in terms of samurai history and strategy. Even if 5th ed bushis don't get the ranged skill from the start , just having the bow will allow them to at least roll the ring.
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