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  1. So.....I've played about 25 games with Koshka in the last 10 days. She's best when she's not R1 of something. Slap Perceptive copilot on her, drop the fearless and maybe look at seismic instead of rigged. I also love running her with Lone Wolf. Will be harder with 3 ships than the 2 (Boba + Koshka) I was doing. But at R2-3 she's a sharp shooter from that rear arc and you are sitting on two focus tokens to mod both offense and defense.
  2. Well, I went 4-2 with Boba + Koshka at the Worlds LCQ and then 4-3 in Day one with it. My last game was vs UUUU and lost by 35 points. I lost Boba and Koshka was full health. Killed one uwing and halved another. Other losses were to 5xSF and 4 x T70. Also lost to and incredibly well flown Jendon + 2 x Inquisitor + Soontir. It struggles vs high health lists with a decent defensive profile. Just can't keep up with the damage race and the trading of points. I love the list though.
  3. I went 4-2 and scored dice at 50 person HST this weekend running Boba + Koshka. My two loses were vs 1&3 overall swiss players and it was my first time ever playing the list. There's something there.
  4. Back when Wedge + Braylen + Cassian + thing was..a thing I take credit for "Beef Wedgington". When we started to changing that to Wedge + Luke + Braylen + Jake I moved it Rebel Gristle. Technically Kylo + Tavson + SKB is Bunn^3. But I prefer "Two angry bricks and a win condition".
  5. I think some of it is because 2.0 brought in a lot of new players so there's a lot more n00bs to take advantage of.
  6. I'm on team "R". Have played each of them at a trial. This weekend I was the *only* rebel player at a trial. I may keep with it to maintain snowflake status.
  7. It's incredibly good on 3 dice ships that typically only get one (or no) mods for offense. You can punch some natural rolls through a lot harder.
  8. There's not an exact response for this, but I highly favor independent functioning pieces. Meaning, I can take my stuff and spread it out and it can run independent of others and can inherently modify dice without needing to be in range of others.
  9. Super does. Can't totally disengage and get back up past half health. Now they are on a lot tighter clock.
  10. Drea was most certainly not on my radar at all. I was not expecting that. Trick shot doubling *again* was also unexpected but I'm fine with that. Hate getting priced on base size was something I thought was sort of needed (my own prediction was hull based) but not at the pricing levels they took it to. Man SithBro's and Dreadloks got BLOWN UP.
  11. Iden. It's one ship that never should have existed. I hates it. That stupid ability doesn't keep Howl alive for an extra round, in practice it's more like 2-3 more since you never get the dream shot you want the next couple attacks or the stupid Tie nattie evades every attack and simply refuses to die.
  12. What if Fenn is Ketsu + fearless after Han gunner goes down? I'm pretty sure I'm in on a 68'ish point Protop Kavil + two other things that are legitimate threats on the board for him to be somewhat ignored for a turn or two. If he lasts 3 turns he's going to hurt something. A LOT.
  13. If Scum gets a re-costing on Han Gunner, Ketsu + Kavil + thing is going to get some serious reps from me.
  14. Wookies, YT-2400, Scum falcon, M3-A, YV, Y-wing (either faction), K-fighter, either Aggressor. Edit- forgot the entire CIS faction. Still in the box. F. And I don't own Resistance Bomber.
  15. You have no idea how long I ignored that first part of the card text. Reading kids, it's fundamental.
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