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  1. Well the obvious first, it’s Star Wars and a limited edition, second, it’s where the Star Wars rpg began, and its still the best version (IMHO) It’s a classic, highly playable, very intuitive, and feels like Star Wars, if that doesn’t appeal to your Star Wars collectible sensibilities then I don’t know what will,
  2. I bought my copies due to being a Star Wars fan, and a Roleplayer, I bought multiple copies because I will use one, keep one, and gift one, i’ll be using this with the companion,
  3. Look, if you don’t want them hold on to them awhile, then sell them on eBay it’s a collectors item, limited run, it will go for a lot of money, So see it as an investment, and maybe along the way you will want to keep it, it looks amazing (got my copies today, “Happy Dance”) all you nay sayers, see, faith
  4. You don’t know all the ins and outs, I’ve heard things being held at customs imports for months
  5. Once this is out of print/stock I guarante it will go up in price, like I've already stated, the only way this doesn’t sell out day one is that people did not know it existed,
  6. Dude, I just noticed it’s sold out at Leisure games in London (where I ordered mine) looks like it’s a limited run, selling out, if you want one order it now or you may not be able later, Look at this-this way, buy it and regret it, sell it on eBay, it will be worth a lot, Don't buy it and later want it, your options are limited,
  7. Amazon is notoriously unreliable, so bad in fact they have twice this year extended my prime membership for messing me around, stuff goes missing all the time,
  8. Come on guys, stick to your guns, no matter how long it takes it will be worth it, you willl kick yourself if you miss this
  9. Feige is a roleplayer? one of us one of us one of us i hope FFG sends him a couple of copies of this limited edition when it comes out, I’m sure he would appreciate it, (in fact, if they don’t I will...)
  10. Do it, even if you don't use it, it's a collectible part of gaming history,
  11. Well there is still a large fan base of the D6 system version of Star Wars out there... That there are still fans of a game decades out of print is a testament of the game, How many can say that?
  12. Hey, Rogue one was good, better than some others I could mention... lookin at youz Jar Jar Abrams.....lookin at yoooouz...
  13. Thanks I look forward to seeing this On a related note, the ships in Star Wars that have wings, they are obviously not for aerodynamic purposess, i think they are meant to increase maneuverability at the cost of speed, right? you keep them closed to move fast and deploy them when you need more maneuverability, 'for larger ships like shuttles, I think they act more as lifting frames to increase the weight they can haul, i think they probably work via gravity, pulling and pushing on the wings, using related speeder technology,
  14. That's true, but the very first version of the game came in hardback and with the D6 system, master book came later, apparently the owner of WEG wanted to keep the D6 system exclusively for Star Wars, but he later regretted that decision,
  15. Totally agree, its pay to win extortion, I was so outraged by this that I'm not even considering buying battlefront 2, very unwise, they must of pissed of so many customers due to this and as a result lost sales, best Star Wars video games always came from Nintendo....
  16. Just had a thought, not many people know that the first print (limited) run of The World of Indiana Jones (the RPG) was in the D6 system, and a hardback book format, its incredible rare, (hence not people knowing about it) now thinking, that both properties belong to LucasFilm/Disney, and that FFG already has the rights to produce the current version of Star Wars.... 'and that they also got to reprint a West End Games game.... 'so many things things under the same stable, 'and that there are a number of reprinted retro games being printed right now, so seems to be trending, if FFG could reprint this version of this incredibly rare game it would be like printing money... and it's so rare that to many this would appear to be a new book,
  17. How did they cannibalize their own system for this? do you understand what this is? Trust me, this is a WIN, the only way this doesn't sell out day one, is that people don't know it exists,
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