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  1. For sure almost no Scorion player will play with the new Stronghold in competitive matches and FFG seems to be unaware of that. These cards are really good, thinking on the new Stronghold, but in combination with the Core Sets's Stronghold are totally broken. Most of the times, for the "Ignoble Defenders", your opponent will be paying 1 of those 3 Honor used and, in the long run, maybe all 3...
  2. You're assuming that some assume "that some bushi schools create bushi who are by definition less spiritual", lol. Anyway, whats a fact is that a school gives you some teachings that mark you for life and traditions that are handed down from nearly the birth of the Empire in some cases. So, many bushi who study under the same tutellage of the same sensei, tend to be similar. Thos creates stereotypes, that are a classic in Rokugan. Notable exceptions are some remarkable NPCs and the PCs, of course.
  3. Yes, but why should everyone have access to Rituals. It feels more at place for Mirumoto or Shiba bushis, but not for a Moto or Hida...
  4. Seems to me that three Techniques for every School is a bit too much, specially considering that there are 5 Techinques available (not counting Maho). I know that School Abilities give now some huge edges, but besides that they are not very different from each other. I think that allowing just 2 Techniques types per School would be a way to further make Schools feel more different, both mechanically and on their own approach to teaching.
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