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    Synnaq reacted to Poposhka in AOA completely killed Keyforge at my local game shop. Here's why.   
    *guy has great op deck*
    *op deck gets nerfed*
    "everyone hates this at my lfgs"
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    Synnaq got a reaction from TheSpitfired in Masterplan getting Destroyed. What happens?   
    Read "leaves play" section in the rulebook.
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    Synnaq reacted to dperello in Game Over man, Game Over!   
    I wish this was accurate, but comments by Richard Garfield contradict these ideas.  On Biomatrix Backup he has said it was simply a typo and the word "may" was not supposed to appear in any Destroyed effects.
    With Restringuntus, he has said he likes lockouts.  This is something I have trouble understanding as it seems, to me, that any game state that prevents someone from actually playing the game is working counter to the whole point of any game's existence, to be played.  There are obviously others that disagree with me, even beyond the example just given of Richard Garfield, and that's fine.  There's nothing wrong with conflicting opinions.  No one has yet been able to explain to me why not being able to play a game is a good design choice beyond that they like it, but maybe that's enough.
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    Synnaq got a reaction from Derrault in Meta Level 0   
    I think this is a wrong approach.
    Every deck has a strategy to gain aember and slow down opponent aember gain methods. Every house of a deck should be more or less capable of this tactic, maybe goin more on the generation and less on the slowing.

    When you play a deck, you should know really good the main strategy to gain aember, and the methods of that deck to slow the oppnent. Now, when you start to play, you should see how the enemy deck can slow you down and how they could gain aember. If you see that some particular card is really strong because they have other cards to accompany them, you should focus on how you can prevent that, and if you can't, how you can win before they have the chance to play.

    This game require flexible thinking and good understanding of the 36 cards at your disposal, nontheless you have to be good at analyzing the opponent's deck.

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    Synnaq reacted to SupaGerm in Mad   
    I was working on a set containing factions called Red, Green, Black, Blue, and White. Might make a colorless artifact faction too.
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    Synnaq reacted to noxeor in Mad   
    Me too.  Next set will introduce my new factions: "Dat" and "De Other"
  7. Haha
    Synnaq reacted to TheSpitfired in Mad   
    Sorry they didn't take your ideas. They took mine.
    It was supposed to be a secret for a little longer, but what the heck. Look for my counterpart to House Untamed, "House Tamed" next Fall (2019)!
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