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  1. AoA require thinking, CotA require spamming your hand and discard cards which you can't use well. AoA is much more compley and more punishing/rewarding on mistakes or good plays; CotA is very easy to push, you just have to luck out on the nut draw, which is much more braindead. I prefer a lot more AoA and would like that FFG decide to put a ban on old CotA decks. A rotation is much needed on this game, otherwise new decks will have much more less value than old OP decks than cota (5 Dust Pixie and Key Charge, everyone, or others bull).
  2. Read "leaves play" section in the rulebook.
  3. This is what the rulebook states. As you can see, this card should interact with only the cards which are in play zone. But rulebook also states: So the first part interact with the hand as the rulebook states. Now we have to ask, is the fact that this card is interacting with the own player's hand, make it implicit that the second part will also interact with the own player's hand? To me it shouldn't be so, but it's pretty clear that this part is ROI instead of RAW. FFG stated that the rulebook must be read as RAW, so they have to clearly add "discards" as the same part they did in the Archives.
  4. Synnaq

    Meta Level 0

    I think this is a wrong approach. Every deck has a strategy to gain aember and slow down opponent aember gain methods. Every house of a deck should be more or less capable of this tactic, maybe goin more on the generation and less on the slowing. When you play a deck, you should know really good the main strategy to gain aember, and the methods of that deck to slow the oppnent. Now, when you start to play, you should see how the enemy deck can slow you down and how they could gain aember. If you see that some particular card is really strong because they have other cards to accompany them, you should focus on how you can prevent that, and if you can't, how you can win before they have the chance to play. This game require flexible thinking and good understanding of the 36 cards at your disposal, nontheless you have to be good at analyzing the opponent's deck.
  5. This seem a lie; I am not aware of how someone can craft a deck on crucible. Maybe that palyer was just angry at your deck.
  6. Play creature from hand -> creature enter the battleline -> adjacency effect triggers -> ETB effect triggers (autocannon) -> Play effect of creature triggers.
  7. Synnaq

    Surprise Combos

    Meh, it's still the same drawing, you are just drawing the same card. The only difference is if you want to destroy an enemy creature or guarantee a capture instead of reap.
  8. I completely agree that they designed Restringuntus very poorly, but I don't think they intentionally tought to have game end this way; I think this was just a not so tested card like Biomatrix Backup where they missed this type of interaction. IMHO they just wanted to avoind a player using card of one use, but they didn't realize the lockdown possibility this will bring. This would be a perfect balance for the card and an excellent solution for the feeling of a "stole" game and an unfair loss.
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