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  1. SpiderMana

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    Another thought back on the original topic: the very term fortress invokes imagery of heavy, tank-like ships. Any fortressing strategy I saw in 1e (mostly just for kicks, nobody trying to be overly competitive, no) involved at least one large, tanky ship, and I think they other ships tended to be pretty tanky as well. Conversely, Vultures are like bugs: annoying, but you can squish them without a second thought (so long as they don't evade you). They're only problematic when there are too many to squish.
  2. SpiderMana

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    If not, they’ll surely be getting a Sheathipede sooner than later.
  3. SpiderMana

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    Read that first and last line again. 👍
  4. What the actual #!¢&. FFG has not said worlds would be Hyperspace (again, if I’m wrong, feel free to show me where), nor that Hyperspace is their only competitive format. They have repeatedly said there will be varied formats for competitive play. Don’t believe me? On top of that, I’ve never supported Hyperspace. I don’t have a problem with Hyperspace itself so much as the fact that everyone seems to think it’s the only format, when it clearly isn’t. Learn some reading comprehension or stop being a troll, please.
  5. SpiderMana

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    Does it? They’re ignoring the obstacle, hasn’t that pretty well been confirmed to mean any negative effects, such as obstructing their attacks? Maybe it needs to be clarified in this particular case as well, but. Or if they choose to Barrel Roll off on their own. It’s an interesting detail. Ah, thanks, I didn’t recall that one. So many slight variants on the same phrases/effects 😅
  6. SpiderMana

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    This exactly. A swarm is expecting some of its ships to be in arc. And it expects roughly half of the swarm to have arc on an enemy, at least. But Vultures have a capability to keep arc in a way TIEs don’t. (I won’t say they’re definitively better at this than TIEs, but it’s different.)
  7. SpiderMana

    つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ

  8. Ah, my bad, @GuacCousteau, I still manage to assume the best in people, sometimes. Thanks for clearing that up.
  9. ...What? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. That I like Extended? Is there a problem with that? Edit: and feel free to point out where they’ve said Worlds will be Hyperspace. I don’t see it in any articles.
  10. SpiderMana

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    So... you have to end the maneuver on the obstacle, right? If you move through an obstacle but don’t end at range 0 of it, what happens? Can you flip the struts to ignore the obstacle’s effects, still? Or is it too late once you pass it, as you are no longer moving by the time you flip the card, and no longer at range 0? Perhaos more importantly, if you manage to zoom through an asteroid, but end your maneuver on the new type of obstacle, you can flip the struts thanks to the asteroid, right? But the open struts allow you to ignore any obstacle at range 0? Eesh these things are a logistical nightmare to word well.
  11. Has Worlds been announced to be Hyperspace only? I'm fairly certain it hasn't. Regardless, there are large tournaments, run by FFG’s OP, that aren’t Hyperspace. It would be asinine to ignore the Extended format as completely as you’re suggesting while rebalancing points.
  12. The fact that I’m going to a System Open in March sortof pokes a hole in that statement.
  13. SpiderMana

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    Not to mention if you launch 2-forward and then barrel roll. Since the others include your action, you might as well count that as potential ending spots.
  14. SpiderMana

    Vulture Launching (from rocks)

    The barrel roll came up briefly in I think the SoS preview article thread. I hadn’t considered how many different ending positions that could put you in, though! I’m so psyched for Vulture Swarms, and the hype train is just getting faster. They’re going to fly so wonderfully differenty thanks to these struts and their easier turns compared to banks, and I’m hoping it lends some unpredictability to them if flown well. What happens the next turn is also something I’m curious about, if you roll off and your struts are this left open for that turn. Goodness the sheathipede and it’s coordinate is gonna be a truly great thing for this faction. Can’t you? You’re already ignoring the obstacle, no? Maybe we should get the card text in this thread.
  15. RZ-1 A-wing - Green Squadron Pilot - 34 Green Squadron Pilot - (34) RZ-1 A-wing - •Arvel Crynyd - 39 •Arvel Crynyd - Green Leader (36) Intimidation (3) VCX-100 Light Freighter - •Kanan Jarrus - 136 •Kanan Jarrus - Spectre-1 (90) Dorsal Turret (4) •Maul (13) •Saw Gerrera (8) •Ezra Bridger (18) Hate (3) Total: 209/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder If the VCX and/or RZ-1 go down at all, I’d love to give this a go. Saw can be taken off if 9 points is too much to hope for.