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  1. You could play with 4 Aggression decks in one game, if you had the cards for it, yes.
  2. Nope. Based on the date Steam has for the Ember Crown DLC last year and the date FFG put up their “now released” article for it, the app update might be available next Tuesday (the 7th) at the earliest. The expansion isn’t due out until the 10th, so really the only reason to release digital content any sooner is for preorders that arrive a little early.
  3. Ooooh gotcha, "cleave" for the enemies' attacks. I think you'll be pleased with the box. Two of the five new roles seem to have support vibes, to me, and as I mentioned there's some distinct new enemy types.
  4. ...Cleave only hits enemies that are in the same group? I might be misunderstanding what you're getting at here. They straight-up mentioned in the last Journeys livestream that the worm-like enemies and the new undead enemies will move uniquely, and that the taskmaster will interact with other enemies (presumably giving them some extra movement or attack or something), and the Balrog will absolutely be a unique encounter (something you can't kill). I think it makes sense that Atarin is fairly straightforward, as well, since he's the first boss. I agree they should branch out a bit, but I trust the devs to keep things interesting.
  5. We were so close to the end I was honestly just planning on trying to find a video of the end so we could see what happened. We felt pretty confident that we'd kill him no problem.
  6. Ah, I am playing on Steam. I’ll probably start doing that, then. Unfortunately I didn’t know about this bug before last night, so our save file is pretty well screwed by now.
  7. Not with Shield toss, no. The damage is all done simultaneously so the villain can’t be targeted.
  8. Dang, Smith looks cool. I dig it. And Delver + Burglar is gonna be doooope. I assume Traveler will pair nicely with Pathfinder, and Herbalist with Musician. I had wondered if Meddler would pair best with Burglar, but I don't know at this point. I'm just so glad multiclassing is getting so diverse! Also, if anyone was curious about new items
  9. No, Vapors doesn’t explicitly say that this effect can cause anyone to have two of the same status. That’s the only way a card could override that rule. Vapors isn’t nearly as strong as his other invocations, since it requires somebody to have a status effect and you have to be willing to change that status effect, but it sortof balances him out a bit.
  10. I’ve been assuming about 1PM Central, which is... 2 minutes now, so yeah.
  11. With the box officially set to release on July 10th, it might not go live until that day? I can't find any discussion regarding the timing for the previous expansion/DLC going live. Best I can find, looks like the Ember Crown campaign was released on Steam July 30th last year, and the announcement article on FFG's news page was put up August 2nd? So maybe a couple days before the product release, for people whose direct preorders arrive a bit early? It was a Tuesday and Friday, looking at last year's calendar, so here's to hoping it goes live 7th and shows up at my doorstep by then, since my game night for this is on Tuesdays! 😂
  12. Just that it exists, really. Presumably this box's version of Villains of Eriador with 3 boss minis and some trinkets/titles.
  13. It depends on the card’s trigger. Attacrobatics doesn’t require Black Widow to be the target, so she can still trigger that on attacks against other players or if an ally blocks.
  14. Ah, it might be under the "Per Player" section that explains that symbol. Sorry I'm too lazy to actually check 😅
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