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  1. SpiderMana

    Wave 3's cards and points are up in the Builder

    Hmm. I built a similar list without the TFD, opting for Hull Upgrades, one less Energy Shell, and w/out the Munitions Failsafe. Dang, I’m going to have to dig out extra copies of some upgrades I never thought I’d use more than 4 of 😂
  2. SpiderMana

    Wave 3's cards and points are up in the Builder

    Ooo 4x i4 Jedi has 23 points for upgrades. Interested in that one.
  3. SpiderMana

    CIS first draft

    Dang, Heightened Perception is an amazing card for Dooku. Hadn’t noticed that. Personally I’m enjoying showing as many Vultures as possible in with one non-Vulture, but it’ll take some experience to really figure out what’s best for them.
  4. SpiderMana

    Hyperspace options expanded

    Thanks @Hiemfire I’m on my phone and lazy 😁
  5. SpiderMana

    Hyperspace options expanded

    Last article says it.
  6. SpiderMana

    Sith Infiltrator has moving wings

    I’m sure there are players who want 8 Separatist Vultures but not 4 Bellabubs (Dammit now I want somebody to pitch in $15 or $20 for a Bellabub and I can get the Vultures cheaper.) I’ll find out soon enough, but @dadocollin how many struts do you get between the two packs?
  7. SpiderMana

    New Hyperspace?

    FFG says no to Juking U-Wings!
  8. SpiderMana

    8 ship max, right?

    Right, I’m just saying it currently doesn’t stop you/give any sort of warning about legality. I think some people will take this as a ruling on the matter, unfortunately.
  9. SpiderMana

    8 ship max, right?

    Its in the tournament rules doc. The app allows it, currently. We’re just waiting to see, now.
  10. SpiderMana

    The Impact of Y-Ion Wings & 5 RZ-2s on the New Factions

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/20/the-battle-of-eindhoven/ Mentions people flying Wave 3 for the Hyperspace side event at Adepticon
  11. SpiderMana

    Hyperspace options expanded

    Also confirmed legal for day 2 Hyperspace at Adepticon 😍
  12. SpiderMana

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I would think? Ah, sorry, couldn’t remember which thread the link had been shared in. Thought it was right above my post.
  13. SpiderMana

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    4x ARCs, 8x Energy Shell Vultures... They'll have some fun options. ALSO I GET TO PLAY WAVE 3 DAY TWO OF ADEPTICON ...Assuming I don't make the cut 😜
  14. SpiderMana


    Did that article just get posted? It's not showing up on the XW2.0 News Feed for me.
  15. SpiderMana

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I would absolutely not mind being a new player right now. Part of me wishes I was just now getting on this train, because I'd probably do Clone Wars alone for a bit, and save some money in the long run 😂