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  1. We wanted Keeper of fire, but that was chosen, second was Seeker of Air because it unlocked Pathfinder Blade, and Test of Skill. A lot of crane run card control, so disdainful remark was popular but really swingy. Test of Skill gives us great card draw in combination with Kakita Yoshi, Dodji Challenger, and Kakita Kaezin. It also gave us double resource provinces (Fertile fields, and Manicured Gardens).
  2. We used these in my area for old5r. They were good for old5rk, the token storage is small. FFG has more tokens and extra things that this box will not fit all in one little package. If you can find one of these, they are amazing. Dragons Egg. I dont know if they are still made or not, a quick google search did not find anything. Holds all tokens, cards, accessories. Holds it all very well and is very durable.
  3. The big thing I want to see is reconnaissance come back and playing off the scout keyword. They can be cards that are responses to provinces being flipped. "If you have a scout participating, blank province text box." "If you have a scout present, take first action." Things like this. I think not as strong as the old Recon rule (you just take first turn and then play a recon card for more power) but some kind of play with scouting and recon. I think we have the grounwork with the Scout keywords, I just look forward to seeing how it is played.
  4. You claimed the ring, and the reaction is to claiming, not to it firing so I would have to say yes. You get one use instead of two.
  5. The community here is encouraging the use of the roles. It is part of the game, and part of the hatamoto responsibility/privilege. We are happy to provide that honor to them, and help make each clan more distinct.
  6. Theres playing by houserules and if this community is not planning on running OP events then yes, it is not cheating. If they are planning on playing sponsored OP events, then yes, it is cheating because they are ignoring known rules that are published and have an assumption of play. If people come from out of town and find they can play in an event (I do this when I travel for work), they are not going to have the same construction of their deck. They may have an assumption of play for their opponent that is suddenly invalid because that player is not playing cards they are supposed to have.
  7. The rules are the rules though. If an individual places well in the OP where you are, and they are not following the assigned roles, then they got their standing by cheating. While the roles may not be some peoples cup of tea, the roles are part of tournament rules.
  8. Personally I do not see loss of three honor in a flash as terrible as some might have. Right now the game is still an infant. Bid 5 actions are still all over the place, and you can lose 4 honor immediately to that. Its the same card draw/honor payment. Backhanded Compliment would not have been NPE in the long run. Already people are talking about bid 5's going out of favor with way of the Chrysanthemum because it could mean an 8 honor gain first turn. Between Honored Characters leaving the battle field, and Ring of Air, its a non-issue. Dishonor has always been and will always be tough for the person being dishonored. This was an issue in the CCG, and Scorpion came under the same fire and called out for NPE now and then due to combos, and in that game you could easily lose 6-8 honor in a turn and have no control over it. If a Scorpion is having you draw cards and lose honor, then why are you continuing to bid high? Hes giving you card advantage, and if he wants to bid high as well to close the gap...then your getting that honor back, if he wants to keep bidding one, then hes got choices to make. Lose an honor to get an extra card then steal it back with box (and be susceptible to Ring of Air and all the Dishonor they do for cancels). Disdainful Remark+Backhanded would not work for any player with a modicum of strategic thought.
  9. Well I mean if a Lion player wants to blow two of their three way cards on one fight then...I mean...go ahead. Have fun. It will be risky against Crane and Scorpion though due to cancel mechanics. Voice of Honor or Forged Edict will ruin that strategy.
  10. So I have taken suggestions and ideas from folks on this forum about the best means to duel and when and I have been completely won over by the new dueling mechanic. Its smooth, but can be worked with in various ways. 1. Contingency Plan works with the Honor Bid. since dueling is another Honor Bid Contingency plan can work to modify the dial. 2. Good Omens works after the duel if you find you bid more and had to give up some honor, you can get something from this exchange. this is a great combo with Kaezin if your sending some horde of Lion home, you can then get some extra Fate for him. With a Fine Katana, and honored, Kakita Kaezin is looking at MIL 7 which will be handily above most opponents in a POL fight. I often times use him in POL fights over MIL for this reason. I treat him essentially as a Courtiers enforcer. He can bid 1, and on average still win against a LOT of POL opponents (Crab not withstanding...). If I know I wont win a fight against multiple opponents, his ability baits them into a high honor bid to keep their personalities on the field and lets him run home with some of their honor and be useful for future conflicts. In two conflicts in two separate games I managed to have him run home with 4 honor stolen from the opponent, without the province breaking. I am currently trying to fit in the Duelist Crane Attachment, dueling to bow. Dueling is a really fun mind game.
  11. I played Scorpion in the CCG, but the Iron Crane won me over to the Crane, and I began going Crane. then the CCG was sold. I was thinking of picking up Scorpion again, but the beautiful art of the Asahine Cards and the Clan Champ card completely won me over. Unlike others it seems the Dueling system is actually really growing on me. I have found good ways of baiting high bids from my opponents with Kakita Kaezin, to then leave the battle stealing their honor, or having Kakita so buffed that he needs to bid very little to win. I have also found synergy with both Good Omens and Contingency plan to rig and benefit from the duels as well. The dueling mechanic has some support but its potential to grow is great.
  12. I think this is the biggest issue currently, there simply is not a lot of, if any support, for dueling.
  13. This is actually a good point I had not considered, it is hard to seperate the differences between JUST a dial check versus a Dial PLUS Mil stat check. A Duelist with 5 MIL vs Courtier with 0 MIL...well...you can bid 1 and win no matter.
  14. That is a good point, but the rules make the assumption that all duels are "X beat the snot out of Y because they are better and should be looked down on!" when really that is not the case of duels. There is no equality associated among duelists, so there can only be an honor loss for winning a duel. The only time you win is when you lose, which is not the best method for a game mechanic. Granted, dueling can work very well if your generating a lot of honor, but at this course in the game, that is not the case. While the honor gain/loss is only based on the dial you could try and bait a mook out to overbid while winning with a lower bid, and take Honor. also do cards that affect the dial numbers work in Duels? Contingency Plan for example.
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