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  1. I've been playing the game for years. From second edition through the fourth. I've rand three campaigns, two in the third edition on one in the fourth. I've played quite a few characters with different GM and edition. And I really like what's coming with this new game. Perhaps it is because I don't see it as "L5R 4.5". As just a new iteration of the same thing. But as its own game.
  2. I really like it yeah. And my players did too. The Strife mechanism is very interesting both from a gamey perspective and a roleplay tool. The duel we had was both very cool and very cinematic. Even the players not involved in it loved it. The skirmishes were a bit too chaotic. And too many steps from rolling the dice for your actions to the end result. (maybe we just need more practice, to get a shorthand) Choosing the Ring/Skill is still a bit confusing. I don't know if it's because players are used to be told what to roll or something else though. Overall we had fun. And that's the goal.
  3. Yeah no. That's not simple. I play samurai drama, not trigonometry ^^
  4. The system works if you only track relative distances between two characters. When there are more, it becomes confusing or incredibly complicated. But maybe I'm not understanding it right.
  5. It's TN 1 if you use Water, 3 if you use Fire, and 2 for the three other Rings.
  6. Yeah the band mechanics seemed nice until I arrived at the "detailed" paragraph. As the range is relative to each pair of characters, it looks like it would be really clunky in play. I thought that maybe I was missing something.
  7. Hi, To say it simply, I don't get range bands. Or more precisely, I don't get how to track them when there's more than one character. Let's say you have three characters. A, B, and C. Situation 1 : They all start at range 2 of each others. If A decides to move to 2 ranges away from B. Are they range 4 from C too? Situation 2 : A and B start at range 2 from each other and both are range 4 from C. Can C get closer to A without getting closer to B? How do you track it? Range bands are the only thing confusing me in those rules.
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