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  1. This was discussed back around the start of 2.0. The short answer is: no, blue actions would be too powerful, complicate the rules needlessly, and are not an interesting design space. Longer answer: Blue actions make the rules for performing actions while stressed more complicated. You could get around this by having stress prevent blue actions, but a blue action could clear strain/deplete - but then you're already in the confusion zone because players will expect blue actions to clear stress. This isn't a major issue but it is worth noting. Blue actions are way too powerful. Performing an action is a benefit. Performing a blue action is a double benefit with no cost. Normally, extra benefits come with an extra cost (eg. stress for two actions). Hard decisions are what makes x-wing fun, and blue actions are the opposite of a hard decision. Blue actions don't add to the design space in an interesting way. We already have (limited) ways to perform actions or red maneuvers while stressed, and we already have ways to remove stress tokens (eg. Ten Nunb).
  2. The V-19 torrent is cheap and durable. Its job is to soak up damage and take a long time to die, and it is very good at it. Dedicated blues are one option, but the golds are also great. It's not as good as it once was now that TIE/fos and scyks have dropped to an absurdly low price, but it's still a sound ship. Stick it in range 1 and annoy your enemy with it. Don't be afraid to hang onto a stress token occasionally if it gets you a shot or a block. The Y has 2 main roles: torps and ion. You've already discussed torps, and I agree oddball is pretty lackluster. If you want to try the lower init ones with torps, perhaps something with synched console and wolfpack (and a LAAT for rerolls?) might work, but I've not tried that and it suffers badly to arc dodging. AnakYn is indeed very expensive and tough to fly (r4-p and dorsal help) but he can do good work as a trader, deleting a high value piece before he dies. Ion from the Y is a really useful tool for all kinds of republic lists. It helps clones lock down arc dodgers that they struggle with and jedi to line up bullseyes. It doesn't synergise with Ric so be wary of that. Broadside is the ion king. I don't have much to say about bombs, but I know other players have found them useful as a control element particularly in clone-heavy lists. R2-D2 in the Y is also worth a mention as a cheap crew/gunner ship. N-1 fighters are very fast and have a hard time turning around, meaning that they often spend half the fight zooming away into the corner doing nothing. As you found, though, Ric is still effective (especially if you can convince the enemy to chase him) and daredevil helps keep him in the fight. Anakin with passive sensors is a great cheap torpedo carrier - he doesn't have to move fast to be scary and can easily fire a double modded torpedo at anything that lands in arc. N1 Anakin is the main reason we don't see more anakYn. The generic might be alright at flinging a torpedo, but the rest are overpriced and ineffective. Delta-7B is real expensive right now and with the number of swarms about and the high price of regen, CLT is the way to go on this ship. CLT jedi are powerful in the endgame and cheap enough to fit into almost any list. If you're not a fan, there are other options, but this is one of the strongest ships the republic has to offer and it brings endgame strength that most of the other ships lack. Gunners are completely unnecessary on this ship, and I have almost never seen competitive ARC-170s carrying gunners. The best options here are the cheapest generic (bargain price at 42pts) or wolffe with his rerolls, although I'm not sure if wolffe's rerolls are worth his price. This ship will probably die, but it can take a lot of the opponent's squad with it - just make sure the rest of your squad can clean up the mess afterwards. I was very underwhelmed by the LAAT on release, and I still think it's a bit pricey, but it can do decent work if you build your list around it (and at the price it costs, you have to build your list around it). As you've noted, it needs something good to support. In my book, that means at least one natural 3-die gun somewhere, and then the ARC really wants either cody or 7th fleet gunner to make those rerolled attacks really count. Here's an example list that I enjoy. Unfortunately, ARCs are the only reliable 3-die attacker. That said, they should be kept as cheap as possible. I usually just bring the 42pt generic. 25-30pts: torrent territory. Best options are a gold or a dedicated blue, or tucker. Not fancy, but they are cheap bodies that your opponent will have to deal with. 30-35pts: Not much in this space right now, but the V-Wing will fill it soon. "all the good stuff is 50+ points": A lot of the good stuff is 40-60pts. Often that means bringing two ships just over 50pts and two just under. CLT jedi are popular because they are strong ships in the mid-40s and help a lot with that list tetris. You've also got a generic arc at 42, DD ric at 47 and ion broadside at 41.
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