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  1. The Y is a slow slow potato compared to the zippy Jedi, so if you're feeling the need for speed then look elsewhere. Broadside isn't a pot-shotter, though - he's a slow-moving area-control monster. His ion turret arc is a huge no-go zone for enemy aces. His job isn't to do damage, but rather to deny space to the enemy and lock down fast ships for you to kill. Spot on - the N1 has very poor time on target, and Ric exacerbates that by flying very fast all the time. Personally, I've found Anakin to be best, because he doesn't have to go fast to be alright (proton torps + passive is alright on him, and advanced protons ani has been very successful too).
  2. For sure. In this case it was the perfect storm - a very efficient ship and one that no one expected. Ironically, everyone was probably expecting the inquisition instead
  3. I'll do you one better: having a plan on how to use a squad and practicing with it a lot + picking a viable squad
  4. You raise a fair point: beginner players can certainly build a strong list without buying into an entire faction. You have made several good examples of this (such as sear swarm), although I'd like to add one caveat: a good deal of the lists you've posted require a conversion kit and 1.0 purchases. I do not think this is beginner friendly, especially the part where players have to buy 1.0 ships. This is the main point of disagreement between us, I think. I don't think that sticking with a single list is a viable competitive approach in the long term. The meta constantly shifts - look how it's changed in the last 6 months, with droid swarms becoming more and more prevalent. Earlier this year, I made a strong scum anti-ace list and did quite well with it, but the list struggles against droid swarms and has been getting weaker as swarms grow in popularity. Furthermore, points changes can and will change the strength of lists - I guarantee that the sear swarm will not be anywhere near as powerful in January as it is now. Is a single strong list enough for a player to play their first competitive games? Yes. Is a single list enough for a new player to play competitively for more than a few months? I'd say no. There are some players who stick with a single list for a long time, but I doubt those were the first lists those players purchased.
  5. I know rotation sounds like it will cost more money in the long run, but for new players this is not the case. To play extended, you need to buy every existing ship for the faction, or close to it. No matter how you slice it, that means buying a conversion kit and a bunch of 1.0 ships, which either costs a lot of money or effort finding a deal (or both). You then need to buy every new ship released for the faction. Large initial investment + steady ongoing investment. To play a rotation format, you would need to buy all the currently legal ships, which would be in print and on the shelves. You might opt to not buy the ships that are due to rotate out on the next rotation. You then need to buy every new ship released for the faction. Moderate initial investment + steady ongoing investment = less than playing extended. More importantly, you would be able to walk into a store and buy all the ships you need to get playing competitively there and then - no need to go and trawl facebook for old collections. This is a big part of why I like the prequel factions so much - they make it dead easy to get into the game.
  6. I've also had these. If I don't do anything for 5 or so minutes I get dropped. I don't think this is anything to do with the X-Wing module, though - it's probably windows or vassal killing the connection. It could perhaps be prevented by sending periodic "keep alive" messages.
  7. Part of my point is that perfect balance between similar ships is not possible - one will always be slightly better. That said, the kimogila and g1-a are close enough right now that you can probably choose one on preference and not lose out too badly. If a new player wants to play competitively, they need to buy all the ships in a faction. EDIT: just realised I forgot to type this part out, so here it is properly: If a new player wants to play competitively, they need to buy all (or almost all) the ships in a faction. No matter how balanced the meta is, they will always be at a disadvantage against someone who has all the ships and upgrades at their disposal. The scenario of buying a ship only to have it rotate the next week would be unfortunate, but I suspect it would be very unlikely. If the new player intends to play in the rotation format, or speaks to anyone playing the rotation format, they will already know about the rotation timeline and avoid this mistake. If they don't know about the rotation format, they are only going to play casually for the time being, and the rotation won't bother them. Besides, the extended format isn't immune to this sort of effect either. A new player now might purchase a pile of vultures and then find them getting nerfed in january. A nerf is less bad than a rotation in some ways, but for competitive play there isn't much difference between the two. END EDIT A fair point. Many players (including most of you here, by the look of things) prefer extended over hyperspace. Part of the purpose of this thread is for me to defend the benefits of a proper rotating format over plain extended, because, like you say, many players currently prefer extended. It doesn't help that FFG have done a fairly mediocre job with hyperspace thus far - they haven't tied it to newly released ships (so it's no benefit to new players), they haven't curated the ship list to be particularly interesting, and they haven't announced clear plans for where the format is going or whether it will rotate at all. I do firmly believe that the benefits of rotation vs extended will become clearer as the ship and upgrade pool grows. Right now, extended is not too bad (except for scum, who feel quite bloated to me), but as the game progresses the issues I've outlined with extended are only going to worsen
  8. See my previous post: I want to see what they can do with an open design space, and how they can focus and change the meta by rotating things out. Optimal balance is good, but not as interesting to me as rotation: without rotation, x-wing will eventually get bloated, even if the ships are well balanced against each other. In the extended format, each new release has a relatively smaller impact on the game than the releases before it, because it is competing against a larger group of existing ships. For example, look at the scum faction: it has so many ships filling similar roles that it's almost impossible to balance them against one another. Assuming the upcoming razorcrest is a medium-base ship, how will it meaningfully differentiate itself from the scurrg, G1-A, and kimogila? The format of the official events heavily influences the format that players use at their local store. With all events (except system opens) being extended now, I expect extended to be far and away the main focus of players at all levels of competition. Finally, rotation means fewer purchases for new players. Instead of needing to buy every ship in their faction they only need to buy a core set and the currently-legal ship pool. This is particularly pertinent because old ships frequently go out of print (and many strong ships are still not available outside of a conversion kit).
  9. And it will be hyperspace format, which could look totally different next year
  10. Great stuff. Anyone building a list would do well to read this
  11. On discord, the devs said the following: Extended is very much the main event, with hyperspace as an alternate format for system opens. System opens have a history of running a weird or unusual format. I know the devs spoke about rotating things out of hyperspace in the twitch AMA, but with all the chopping and changing of plans I think we'll have to wait for the Alex's 2020 article to know for sure if that's going to happen. Even if it does, I'm concerned that hyperspace has been relegated to a minor format just for system opens and casual leagues
  12. Changing point costs to balance ships is not the same as a rotating format - the two have different goals. Points balancing aims to level the playing field for the entire pool of ships, which is a good goal. Rotation, however, aims to do a few things: Decrease the total size of the ship pool Create a more focused meta-game Open up design space for new ideas Incentivize new purchases Extended is fun, but each new pilot and upgrade card has to be weighed against the entire card pool, which limits the design space for new cards. Sure, you can raise the points on an old card to prevent it being played in a problematic combo, but then you kill off all the legitimate uses of that card (and some points-fortressing ace might decide it's worth using anyway). In terms of making a fair and balanced game, this is true, but a rotating format has the power to achieve a lot more for the game (and for FFG), as per my points above. This would be fun to run for a league, but I'm thinking more about the trajectory of the game as a whole, and particularly the impact that rotation could have on the design of new cards and ships.
  13. Dear FFG, Please give us a rotating format for this game. It keeps the meta fresh and interesting, it can minimise buy-in for new players and it can encourage more purchases from older players.
  14. Following up my statement with maths from SOTL: http://stayontheleader.blogspot.com/2019/12/rule-32-enjoy-little-things.html
  15. It is good! It scored me a hyperspace win and two hyperspace top cuts, and my mate in the US did very handily with it as well. Key points to bear in mind: Fenn is a big hammer, but he's also the biggest threat, and as such you should be trying to bait your enemy into going after him. It's not the end of the world if Fenn dies, as long as he takes out enough enemy ships first. The two vipers are MVPs and are more than capable of killing any ace between the pair of them (or one viper + fenn). Never target lock with a viper unless you're sure you won't get shot, block enemy ships as much as you can, and watch out for enemies trying to block the slow blues on the viper (especially swarms).
  16. 1. Vorpal Blade (198) Fenn Rau - Crack Shot (69) Captain Seevor - Crack Shot (31) Black Sun Assassin - Crack Shot (49) x2 This is my ace-hunting scum list, and it hunts aces well. It's performed excellently at tournaments and is very fun to fly. 2. Chopper Jedi (199) Luminara Unduli - R2, 7B (67) Plo Koon - CLT, C1-10P (55) Obi-Wan Kenobi - Sense, R2, 7B (77) A jedi with chopper is quite possibly one of my favourite ships in the game. It's like duck-taping captain seevor onto an ace. There are a variety of strong squads with chopper jedi and I still want to explore this space, but I think this one is most promising. 3. Hot Rod (200) Whisper - Juke, passive sensors, 5bro, stealth device RAC - Vader, Moff J, Novice Tech, Lone Wolf, Proton Bombs, Hull Upgrade, Dauntless This is the creation of wizard list-builder Dalli who also made the excellent BoFrost list. It dredged the Decimator out of the dumpster and into top tier competition. Finally, it actually feels like the warship it's meant to be, instead of a wimpy fireball of crits. 4. There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom (200) Koshka Frost - Crack shot, Boba Fett, Rigged Cargo, Proton Bombs, Andrasta, Electro-Proton Bomb (102) Captain Nym - Crack shot, Ion Cannon turret, shield upgrade, Havoc, Trajectory simulator, seismic charges, proton bombs, dengar Autopilot Drone (12) This is without a doubt the dumbest list I've ever flown (yes, that includes the list below) and I love it. You really need to have a solid plan for the start of the game, because you've spent a great deal of points on the turn 0 Boba deployment and electro-proton bomb! That said, you can absolutely pummel your opponent with bombs, especially once you get their shields down. I originally had Emon, but switched over to Koshka as she's cheaper and also has a better pilot ability. You can still hit people pretty easily with a proton bomb even without the emon drop. The list certainly isn't perfect (dropping the drone and a few upgrades for seevor or something might be a decent idea) but it is pretty hilarious. 5. Dead men's Cartel (199) Unkar Plutt - Deadmans Switch Captain Jostero - Deadmans Switch Cartel Marauder - Deadmans Switch x3 Sadly, I only have four of these brilliant ships, but that's plenty when you have a powerhouse wingman like Unkar to wreak Havoc on your opponent. This list leaks HP real fast, but that's probably(?) ok because you can blow up to kill people! Dropping a marauder down to unkar has the added bonus of making room for Jostero, who is certainly janky but is easily one of my all-time favourite pilots. Props to Gisli for telling me how much fun he had with 5 deadman marauders. Honourable mention goes to the four horsemen list, which is still a mainstay of my scum list-building. This list has had a number of variations over the course of 2.0. It's not as bonkers as it was back in the days of torpedo kavil + palob, but it's still pretty nasty. There are plenty of variations, and we are even seeing 5-ship versions now, but the key is usually starting with captain seevor and adding pilots at i3 and below. Stars include Sol with mines and bombadier, 4-lom with advanced sensors (powerful, but a little expensive), cartel executioner with r5-p8, and the whacky trick shot zuckuss with qira. It's a strong list that brings plenty of control and big guns, but is a bit lacking in mobility.
  17. Thanks for the explanation. I've whipped up a quick flowchart for struts based on your explanation: https://imgur.com/a/WenozzA
  18. Jendon Bombers with proximity mines are pretty good. Maybe not S-tier but definitely viable
  19. Why does regrouping cause stress? Joining A ship that has split from its wing can join that wing. When a ship joins a wing, the ship is placed back into formation, in its wing position, and becomes a wingmate again. At the end of the End Phase, a split ship can join its wing if the following conditions are met: • The ship is at range 0–1 of its previous wing leader. • The ship is not stressed, ionized, tractored, or cloaked. • A ship can only join its previous wing, which is indicated by the ID card of that wing’s leader.
  20. I thought this thread was about maximum efficiency in terms of flight patterns, in which case I suggest abusing the rules for leaving and rejoining a wing. Split the wing up to spread firing arcs/get blocks etc, but keep in close and you can regroup everyone for free at the end of the turn anyway! Hooray!
  21. You have to know about the discord to join, though, and players that don't know about it won't know they need to look for it
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    OP hasn't said anything since their initial post.
  23. You know, I wasn't gonna say it before, but this thread has gone downhill fast in the last 13 hours and it feels like the right time to say it. Perhaps FFG chose discord over these forums because the FFG forums are full of bad takes and more salt than the fields of Krait.
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