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  1. Oicunn Trapping the Ghost

    I had a similar experience flying a U-Wing against RAC. My U-Wing swung in from the board edge so the edge of his arc was parallel with the edge. RAC landed in arc of the U at range 3 and boosted towards the edge to get out of arc. Next turn the U-Wing did a hard 2 towards the board edge and bumped full-health RAC right off the board.
  2. Buzzsaw U-wing and thoughts on meta

    I dunno, the unrevealed pilots and upgrades in Saw's expansion better be pretty good if they are going to bring the U-Wing to the table (and I love the U-Wing, but every time I fly it it just isn't good).
  3. Alternative Play Format: Objectives for X-Wing

    Just played another objective match, and I thought I'd share some comments on the objective placing and initiative. In particular, I'm thinking about how hard you need to bid for initiative if you're flying slow ships. In each case I'll assume that players place objectives as close to their own board edge as possible. As per the rules, the player with initiative places the first objective (and in some cases this is the only objective). I also assume that players deploy as far forward as possible, in line with the objective, are facing the objective, and are using small based ships. Finally, I assume that no rocks are placed between player ships and the objectives. Shuttle Scuttle / VIP Assist: The player with initiative places a large base ship at range 4 of their table edge. The slowest moves they can perform which still reach the objective are 4 forward or 2 bank with a barrel roll. The opposing player, however, must perform at least a 5 forward or 3 bank and barrel roll. Rock Riot: Since there are 2 objectives, the deployment here becomes symmetrical. If a player wants to reach an objective placed at r3 of their own edge, they don't need to do anything. If a player wants to reach an objective placed at r3 of the opponent's table edge (assuming the tiny moustache-shaped asteroid is used), then they only need to go 4fwd (remember that objectives in this mission are controlled at range 1-3). Shielded Sensor: Once again, I'm using the tiny moustache rock here. The player with initiative places it at r4 of their table edge, and thus can reach controlling range of the objective (r1-2) with a 2fwd or a 1 bank and barrel roll. Their opponent can reach controlling range with a 4fwd or 2 bank and barrel roll. Crate Carriers: These objectives are attacked, not controlled. I also haven't played this mission yet. Freight Fight: Like rock riot, this is a symmetrical setup. A cargo container at r4 of a player's board edge may be reached with a 4 forward or 2 bank and barrel roll (but remember to save an action for capturing the crate). A cargo container at r4 of the opponent's board edge may be reached with a 4fwd and boost (but again, remember to keep an action spare). So, how does that pan out? 3 missions are symmetrical, so there's no big worry if you lose init in those missions. However, in rock riot, shuttle scuttle and VIP assist, the player with initiative has much more control over where the fight will take place. Shielded sensor has a large enough control area that this isn't a problem for most lists, as you should have at least one ship capable of a 4fwd or a 2 bank and barrel roll (B-wings aren't as slow as you thought, see?). However, if you don't have initiative in shuttle scuttle or VIP assist, things are a bit more dire. You need at least one ship with boost, 5fwd, or 3 bank + barrel roll. This isn't a problem if you account for it when list-building, but it does mean you have to be careful. For instance, a rebel alpha list with Nym, Wedge and Cracken will have to send nym out alone in front to contest objectives and burn his action on a barrel roll (or stress from a 5 fwd). That's a very risky move! If you're confident in your game plan, you might be able to hang back so your opponent over-commits to the objective and gets out of position, then you can take them apart on the following turn. It's a risky strategy, though, as you're essentially giving them free points! TL;DR if you don't have initiative, you better have a fast ship (boost, 5fwd, large base, or 3 bank+br). Even if you do have init, you need to be able to go at least 4fwd to contest objectives on turn 1.
  4. Alternative Play Format: Objectives for X-Wing

    Nice list Cloaker - that Tetran Cowall is one unexpected ship! I pulled out a win the other day with the following against triple TIE/sf: Nu Squadron Pilot Heavy Laser Cannon Linked Battery XG-1 Assault Config Long-Range Scanners Carnor Jax Push the Limit Stealth Device Autothrusters Royal Guard TIE QuickDraw Expertise Lightweight Frame Fire Control System SpecOps Training Total: 99 I goofed with Carnor and bumped into the parked shuttle (we were playing shuttle scuttle) so he evaporated instantly, but quickdraw hung around long enough to bring the closing game to the Nu vs an out-of-position Zeta specialist, and the Nu with his HLC did the job to finish the match. If there wasn't an objective it could have gone very differently, with the wounded zeta specialist disengaging ad then coming in behind the Nu. What other lists are people finding effective? Palp aces seems to go pretty well, and I suspect anything with more than two ships has a fighting chance.
  5. Oddball Cheap (stand-alone) Ships?

    A nice filler I recently discovered is a Binayre Pirate with EMP Device. 14pts for one turn of chaos.
  6. The big alternate formats thread!

    Top post updated with -
  7. The Scum and Villainy Open

    Which hangar bay rules are you using @blairbunke?
  8. Regional Results thread.

    I haven't seen anything on here about the stockholm regional back in January, but I want to highlight a crazy jank list that made it to top 4. It faced a field full of meta staples and its only losses were to the same ghost fenn list (once in swiss and once in top 4). Look at this list, it's nuts. David Sandberg, you're a hero for flying it. Karsabi sortof makes sense as a budget variant of HLC karsabi - take a TL at range, SLAM in to fire (or focus if slow rolling) and then flee or go to range 1 to reload. Kath seems a little more sensible, but is missing guidance chips (maybe a mistake by the list uploader)? Still, an imperial Kath scarlet doing well is most impressive. The synergy between harpoon crits, rebel captive and her ability is clear at least. Zeta leader is just straight-out bats though. I assume that the aim is to engage in combat with focus, evade and predator reroll, but that is hideaously expensive compared to just taking wired. Even wired and comm relay is a little cheaper, and that gives you evade, focus rerolls and then barrel roll or target lock. I just wish I could have seen some streams of this jank kicking butts. Lieutenant Karsabi — Alpha-class Star Wing 24 Crack Shot 1 Harpoon Missiles 4 Long-Range Scanners 0 Ship Total: 29 Kath Scarlet — Firespray-31 38 Crack Shot 1 Rebel Captive 3 Harpoon Missiles 4 Slave I 0 Ship Total: 46 "Zeta Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter 20 Predator 3 Advanced Optics 2 Ship Total: 25
  9. The big alternate formats thread!

    Agreed. Sometimes I don't mind being a bit cagey about the initial engagement, but the objectives make you think and act fast, and force you to make compromises to win instead of waiting for the perfect moment. And as I like to say, a quick game's a fast game
  10. The big alternate formats thread!

    I played a few objective games last week for the first time and had a blast (shuttle scuttle and freight fight). In both games, the objectives didn't actually score any points, but forced both sides to engage quickly. The objectives also kept both parties in the fight because breaking off meant giving up points. Compared to the Grayskull campaign missions, it was much harder to actually score points in the objective missions. Scoring points basically required your opponent to ignore the objective, but as long as they were nearby they could prevent you scoring even if they didn't score themselves. That said, contesting the objectives led to interesting decisions (both during play and while building a squad). Taking few ships made it harder to play the objective (especially in freight fight where the objectives were spread out and required actions to capture them), but taking heavy firepower allows you to wipe out an enemy that is greedily approaching the objective. When playing, you had to keep an eye on both enemy ships and the objectives to make sure your opponent couldn't score, but also avoid flying right into their line of fire. There were also fun tricks like parking a ship behind a large base objective and just camping there. Also, the top post has been updated. I've updated the link for the map based campaign and also added an imgur link for the x-wing objectives so you don't have to go via dropbox every time.
  11. Attani mindlink is fine but no longer canon
  12. Pondering on uses for Saw Gerrera

    I posted it already somewhere, but I can't go past the idea of putting him on zeb in the tie with dead man's switch as a 17pt suicide bomber. For a full squad, add in rex, a tala squadron pilot with a harpoon, and TFA chewie with rage, countermeasures, snuggling compartment, scavenger crane, inspiring recruit and Kanan Jarrus.
  13. Not enough ship tokens in Saw’s Renegades?

    Glexor, I think you're right, but then the problem is that there aren't enough X-wing tokens to fly 5 cavern angels zealots. Personally I think it's more likely that (a) they didn't show all the base tokens for X-wings or (b) FFG stinged out on x-wing bases than that the U-wing has two secret pilots. But who knows at this stage.
  14. Is scum kind of... done?

    Scum won't be done until I have my Skipray blastboat!
  15. That extra copy of Decoy really bumps up the price