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  1. gadwag

    Hyperspace options expanded

    Starvipers and Z-95s don't add much that scum didn't already have. Z-95s are competing for filler space with the mining guild TIE and the lando shuttle, but the Zs don't bring any interesting tricks or pilot abilities. The starviper fits a similar role to the fang, but at least Guri has a strong pilot ability to make her worth bringing. I can't see the others getting table time, though, and even Guri is a hard call over Old Teroch. Imperials got the biggest boost imo, with soontir, vader crew for vermeil, and particularly barrage rockets.
  2. gadwag

    Who'd you rather?

    Old man vader is best vader
  3. gadwag

    New Hyperspace?

    Barrage rockets
  4. gadwag

    ARC Article - Hammer the Opposition

  5. gadwag


    Definitely worth a try. You might consider dropping predator for dutch instead of Horton
  6. Buzz droids are very thematic but are going to make the activation phase take forever to resolve
  7. Lol hex I still think you're wrong - losing a shield is an effect of suffering damage, but losing a shield does not count as suffering damage (I wish)
  8. Answering OP's original question: no, losing a shield is not the same as suffering damage. "Suffering damage" will cause you to lose a shield (if you have any) or be dealt damage cards (if you do not). "Suffering damage" is one of several game effects that causes you to lose shields. Optimized Prototype and Dalan Oberos are other game effects that can cause you to lose shields, but they do not cause you to suffer damage. (Actually, optimised prototype could cause you to suffer damage by exposing a direct hit, but that's separate to removing shields). Thus, Dalan sadly does not work with Jostero, as fun as that would be
  9. gadwag

    Rebel Captive is Back! Stress-Sith!

    We haven't seen all their ships yet, but the hyena bomber has blue hard 2s (white banks though). The actis will probably have a lot of blue
  10. gadwag

    5 Barrage Gunboats

    It's gonna get stomped by 5Ys, but sure I think the control from ion turret and/or the extra attacks from VTG are more valuable
  11. gadwag

    5 Barrage Gunboats

    5 barrage gunboats certainly sounds better than 4 barrage k-wings to me. You trade the turret arcs for much greater maneuverability, more bodies, and more green dice. Losing bombs hurts a bit. Barrage rockets have an awful time against palob, teroch, and seevor though. I'm also not sold on 5 Nus being better than 5Ys. The Nus hit harder at r3, but the Ys have kturns, ion, and turrets.
  12. gadwag

    What Does 2.0 Offer to the Casual Player?

    Have you played this format? It's a lot of fun and I've heard nothing but good things from people who have tried it. One of the best parts is that it's a completely different approach to squadbuilding, and it lets you fly some builds that are normally illegal and are highly thematic.
  13. gadwag

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Yes, I think this would be broken. The gunboat configurations allow you to shoot after slamming but heavily restrict your firepower when you do so. Even just allowing a primary weapon shot (instead of a cannon) when slamming would be quite good. Allowing both would be a bit too good.
  14. gadwag

    I'm a bit confused about upcoming Wave content...

    They've said that re-released ships won't contain new cards. So far, that has been true (for example: the upcoming B-wing has no new cards, even though the resistance transport in the same wave has a new torp and a new cannon). They've also said that you won't need to buy ships out-of faction to get access to generic upgrades, BUT not all factions will get upgrades at the same time. Technically this statement can't be false unless 2.0 ends before all factions get all the generic upgrades. Unfortunately, "no new cards in re-released ships" means that rebels, imperials and scum could have to wait a fair while for the new cannon and torpedo. However, FFG are clearly making some effort here - 000 and BT-1 are available along with Darth Vader in the Decimator expansion, even though they were previously only in the scum conversion kit. tl;dr buy a 1.0 quadjumper
  15. gadwag

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    I think you bring lone wolf, trick shot, or nothing. Wait, I forgot: outmaneuver is alright as well, particularly if you want to make your opponent choose between going for the gunboat and going for your other ships.