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  1. gadwag

    What factions are you most excited to play in 2.0?

    I think that the resistance and First Order will become very popular. The tech slot opens them up to unique tricks that will be unavailable to other factions (and the FO ships just look so darn cool). If there are still stress-management options like primed thrusters and pattern analyzer then these factions will be very resilient to stress in a way that other factions are not.
  2. gadwag

    What's the point of jamming beam in 2.0?

    Jamming beam has no real purpose - it does almost nothing that a regular attack can't do. Regular attacks will still strip tokens even if they miss, and will actually do damage if they hit. The only thing making jam special is that it can remove target locks and reinforce tokens. Removing a target lock is only marginally useful - you're sacrificing your own attack to make the enemy attack without mods (and preventing them firing munitions) but they can still shoot, and thye took no damage! Removing a reinforce is only useful if the token would block more damage on subsequent attacks than the damage you lost by firing the jamming beam in the first place. However, if jam tokens stayed after the end of the round, it would be very possible to dump a large pile of tokens on an enemy ship, preventing it from ever taking an action again. This might not often be an effective strategy, but it would certainly not be a fun strategy. Preventing your opponent from taking actions forever is very much against 2.0 design philosophy.
  3. gadwag

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    I'd much rather have 3 attack and +3 shields than the escape pod. I'm sure the escape pod will add some fun new things into the role of the scum falcon because currently I'm not too sure how it should be used. As someone else mentioned in this thread - the real fun looks like using Beckett to move a rock and then spawning a ship with Boba crew on that rock
  4. gadwag

    Ask them anything?????

    When spoiling the scyk generic, they said that the heavy scyk was the most-used version of the ship and that was the version that gave the ship the most character, so they stuck with the heavy scyk ability. Since it's baked into the ship now, it's unlikely we'll see a light scyk card. This is especially true now that the z-95 has a red barrel roll ♥️ @heychadwick I'm not gonna be online when the AMA goes live but I'd love to see you or someone else ask those questions about OP, missions and other 200/6 alternatives. Everyone has been focussing on cards, squad points and rules in the past few weeks, but in the original stream of 2.0 games they mentioned some tidbits about using the app to support tournament-specific restrictions, so they are at least partially considering alternate formats. Remember also that in the last pre-2.0 interview the devs expressed interest in alternate formats, so make a noise about that!
  5. gadwag

    This is where the fun begins -- Eta-2 Actis Interceptor in 2.0

    As others have said, 3 hull seems about right - these shouldn't be more fragile than TIEs. They have very little material on them, but they can clearly withstand more impact than a TIE - compare Obi-Wan's crash landing with a TIE fighter exploding when sneezed on (and also note the Jedi interceptors being flung about the hangar bay with no real damage). If there was ever a candidate for 4 green dice, this ship would be it, and the 2.0 evade action makes that not too crazy an idea. Adding in stealth device for 5 dice just gets nuts though so I think it had better stay at 3 green, with at least two mod slots. It also definitely needs a native barrel roll (probably more than a native boost) based on its movie performance.
  6. gadwag

    Will FFG comment on the generics issue?

    No one knows, and we won't know until FFG tell us, which won't be until after wave 1 release. All they've said is "there will be a way to get new content without buying plastic [ships]". They were asked repeatedly on stream for details and would not say any more than that. The baggies may not even be baggies for all we know, we've just assumed that they are from the way the wave 1 content was included in the conversion kit.
  7. gadwag

    Will FFG comment on the generics issue?

    Bear in mind, folks, that when the wave-by-wave card packs are released you'll be buying extra cardboard and pilot cards, alleviating the generics issue. For instance, look at the X-Wing: only two of each generic pilot in the core set, but the wave 1 T-65 expansion baggy provides the cardboard necessary for an additional copy of each generic.
  8. gadwag

    Proton Rockets 2.0: What Ships Have Missiles?

    Th Outlaw Tech artwork has been re-used for novice Technician (a hilarious card that I can't wait to pair with Greedo, assuming he's the same bundle of laughs as he was before). They could use another character for outlaw tech rules though (maybe Latts Razzi, because I really doubt she gets her old ability again)
  9. gadwag

    Proton Rockets 2.0: What Ships Have Missiles?

    Personally, I'm keen to put prockets on Vader, along with afterburners and some dark side force power
  10. gadwag

    Luuke pilot confirmed!

    How about bigger Luuke?
  11. gadwag

    Luuke pilot confirmed!

    How has FFG produced new versions of pilots for X-Wing 2.0? The answer is simple: clones. None of the reprinted pilots are really our old friends from 1.0 - instead, they were all birthed from cloning canisters in a secret facility beneath FFG HQ. All hail our new cloned pilots! Luuke and Weedge shall rule the meta, and watch out for Maaarek Stele! (Serious question though: how do we know that the Maarek of TIE Fighter fame wasn't the clone of another pilot called Marek? Ask yourself that).
  12. Devs have confirmed on steam that you can't take the same action multiple times in a round (BoLS stream, near the start, when discussing Vader)
  13. gadwag

    Spinning it's a good trick -- N1 in 2.0

    This is very true. A lot of the ships in Star Wars are quite old but still run fine. If anything, clone wars Y-wings should have an extra hull compared to rebel ones, because the rebels ripped off all the hull plating to make repairs more easily. And if we really want to stick with movie canon, we need some mechanic whereby N-1 starfighters barrel roll constantly after taking a crit.
  14. gadwag

    Spinning it's a good trick -- N1 in 2.0

    I've got another pilot for you: Anakin Skywalker, Amateur Podracer Initiative 4 Force rating 1 Setup: Apply the Autopilot condition to your ship. When you perform an action, you may spend 1 force to perform an action. Autopilot You may not perform actions or make attacks. At the end of every round, roll one attack die. On a hit or crit result, discard this condition.