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  1. I thought you had just adopted more rocks as your regular play format because 6 was too few. Practicing with tons of rocks sounds like a great idea!
  2. gadwag

    Quickbuild: Are Kullbee and Leevan priced incorrectly?

    Quick build is a great format, and lots of fun. I'm sad that so many people are completely uninterested in it
  3. clustering rocks tightly and fighting amongst them will also make the rocks relevant Any ship can mess with other ships in rocks by blocking them onto rocks, using rocks to prevent enemies flanking them, or simply by being in the way of the one path through the rock that the enemy really wants
  4. gadwag

    R2-D2 crew should also be for Resistance

    Triangle this time
  5. I don't know about that. Dash/Roark is a powerful gimmick that some squads have no answer to, but a seasoned player with the right squad can handily beat it. Dash/roark is also quick to play, meaning it's less brain strain at tournaments. It's not the "best" rebel list though - 4-ship lists and torp lists have also been doing really well
  6. Yes it is redundant, but it is still be best way to keep him alive and out of arc. Some folks are considering hate on vader as an alternative but supernatural is still the best option for keeping him alive and useful.
  7. gadwag

    Biohexacrypt codes???

    Null is the best squad leader
  8. gadwag

    Cloaking Device... meh, good or very underrated?

    I tried graz with cloak in my first 2.0 squad (and vizago sawpped the cloak around to cloak koshka up for a laugh) but I did a rather poor job with him (thanks vassal). I've since tried him with cybernetics, which are also nice. Vizago is a lot of fun swapping cloaks around
  9. gadwag

    R2-D2 crew should also be for Resistance

    I hope she gets sliced in half by buzz droids like in the movie
  10. gadwag

    Quickbuild: Are Kullbee and Leevan priced incorrectly?

    So do I, and same goes for the pilots who are woefully overcosted. I recommend you bring it up with FFG (on twitter, or through the rules question contact form, or preferably both) because that's the only way anything is getting done. In the meantime, the underpriced pilots aren't absurdly powerful so it's not too much of a problem. The real losers are the overcosted ones on the bottom end that will simply never see play.
  11. gadwag

    Quickbuild: Are Kullbee and Leevan priced incorrectly?

    Sarco, Viktor and Unkar sound right. Rebel Han and the Lothal rebel are pretty low as well
  12. gadwag

    Quickbuild: Are Kullbee and Leevan priced incorrectly?

    Most quick builds have more than 25 points per threat, but generally they aren't fully optimised builds (R2 + dead man) so it doesn't matter. There are some woefully overcosted builds as well (Lothal rebel). FFG have errata'd exactly one problem build, which was two threat for two gunrunners (it is now 3) but they don't seem interested in doing more than that.
  13. gadwag

    TIE Silencer vs Defender

    Hmm, sounds like fun! I've only got two squints but perhaps strikers can pick up the slack on that end. Outmaneuver sounds hideously expensive for such a fragile ship, but I like swarm tactics with soontir - powerful but requires some tricky flying
  14. gadwag

    TIE Silencer vs Defender

    How do you stop them just popping? I've tried them and they have a nasty habit of just dying from opportunistic shots through rocks
  15. Fenn and his two bounty hunting buddies scored me 3-0 in the side event after my last tourney. Knife fighting with those bounty hunters is a joy. If I swap one out for Han, he's going to have to pull a lot of weight! The Han/Fenn combo feels a bit more like two aces, though, and then the solo bounty hunter is at risk of getting mobbed.