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  1. Apologies, I got confused about who was making what argument in the initial comparison between aggressors and triple ace lists. (I think it's wrong to say aggressors are worse than triple aces, but most imperial players are in the faction for aces, not tanky turret ships, which is why aces are preferred). Adding a full front arc is a lot better than adding a range 3 band to the turret. As for support, aggressors have access to Howlrunner
  2. Linked rotate->Focus is nice, but at initiative 2 you're going to get much better time on target with a dorsal aggressor's 180 degree arc. The HWK has excellent action and upgrade bars, but it is not an efficient generic filler ship. If you think it's a good deal at 30pts, I suggest you try out the aggressor with dorsal or ion turret - you might be pleasantly surprised.
  3. I guess I achieved my goal of bringing torrents into the conversation. Let this thread henceforth be about all 2-agility ships with 5-6 health.
  4. Yeah, Hyenas are actually pretty good, particularly when they are getting networked calculations. This thread really goes to show that many players grossly undervalue 5-6 health 2-agility budget ships. I'm not sure why - everyone saw the value in torrents when they were released, and they are almost identical to the TIE aggressor. Note: Torrent swarms are slightly less popular now due to the sinker nerf and the strength of droid and Focho/scyk swarms (torrents are better against big attacks, but don't love a swarm of smaller ones). I don't expect this to be a lasting setback - they are still good, and only stand to gain with the arrival of the LAAT.
  5. Sinker with 4 golds and either Ric or Luminara (or Broadside in an ace-heavy meta) is the classic Sinker swarm. It's been discussed already above - droid swarms are a bit better so the sinker swarm has fallen out of favour. It's still pretty good and would be a fun way to get torrents on the table. Golds are excellent filler in any republic list - a pair of them alongside some 7B jedi can absorb a lot of fire, for instance. 1-2 filler golds is probably one of the better uses for them right now. That said, I've been messing around building whacky lists with ion missiles on torrents to give them 3 red dice. I think it is a bit of a janky idea right now, but once the LAAT lands it will be able to pass a lock with synched console and also provide rerolls with the ship ability (which is handy when you need to pass the lock on to someone else with synched console). Below is an example list that I want to have a go with: Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Ion Missiles (4) Synchronized Console (1) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Ion Missiles (4) Synchronized Console (1) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Ion Missiles (4) Synchronized Console (1) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Ion Missiles (4) Synchronized Console (1) Jedi Knight (37) Calibrated Laser Targeting (2) Red Squadron Bomber (30) Dorsal Turret (3) Clone Commander Cody (4) R3 Astromech (3) Synchronized Console (1)
  6. They should really be called TIE Miners instead of TIE bombers. Think of them as mini Sol Sixxas
  7. Have you flown a HWK-290 with the moldy crow title? It's expensive, but it is certainly a powerful ship. That goes even more so when you heavily modify it with engine and shield upgrades.
  8. gadwag

    Fang Philosophy

    This is what kills Fenn. If he's ever defending at range 2, he's in trouble. If he's looking at two r2 3-die attacks, he's as good as dead. He might take a beating at range 1, but he will often survive and deal much worse damage back. At range 2, though, he's weak and vulnerable. When flying Fenn, you must recognise that he is expensive and dangerous, so your opponent will put a lot of effort into killing him. The trick is to anticipate what your opponent is going to do about Fenn. If they go for Fenn, run and bait them out of position so your other ships can destroy them. If they ignore Fenn, punish them.
  9. https://stayontheleader.blogspot.com/2019/11/x-wing-buying-guide-introduction.html This buying guide will serve you well. Slave 1 and 2 fangs is a great start for scum, although try and get an m3a scyk interceptor as well if you can
  10. Jedi knights are pretty good, but right now nothing comes close to the awesomeness of a cartel spacer with ion cannon
  11. Statistically, evade is better defensively if you are rolling 4 or fewer green dice. Focus is better if you think you might be able to shoot
  12. gadwag

    Vassal Matchups?

    There is a vassal league that runs regularly as well, you can get in touch with the folks running it at xwvl.slack.com I believe. I've found that there are usually a few people sitting around in the vassal lobby and I'm sure that number will increase as we get stuck at home
  13. Yeah, advanced sensors is still good at the low end of init, but it's even better at high init, because high init ships are more susceptible to bumping. I don't think advanced sensors should drop down anywhere near 1-2pts at low init, but I do think there should be some scaling with initiative. Perhaps something like 4/4/5/6/8/10/11 for init 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/. Around 4-5 points feels about right for an i2 b-wing - not cheap enough to staple on, but cheap enough that it might actually be worth taking. At the current 10pts there's no way you'd consider putting it on.
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