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  1. gadwag

    Beating high init

    The way to beat high init is to block 'em
  2. gadwag

    Dalan Oberos Kimogila Ability

    Pretty sure you can do it. The conditions for the effect are that the enemy ship is shielded and in bullseye. The results are that the enemy loses a shield and Dalan recovers a shield. The recover part just fails.
  3. gadwag

    Your opinions on Force, and counters to it

    Force pilots and crew are already pretty expensive. The best counter is to just bring more guns with those points and burn them to the ground
  4. gadwag

    1.0 upgrades you hope will find their way to 2.0

    I've got to agree that snap shot would be cool to see again. Targeting computer would also be nice, but I worry that it might cramp design space when considering cards like tarkin. Cruise missiles would also be cool, but they'd probably need to cost them at 9pts or raise the price of the generic inquisitor. All these suggestions of cards that provide free mods like k4 or autothrusters - no way, if we get those we may as well still be playing 1.0
  5. gadwag

    Double Tap Initiative 7

    Han doesn't say you can't fire twice form that arc, he says you can't fire from that arc after using Han. So you fire normally from that arc (thanks to Roark) and then trigger Han out of the same arc.
  6. gadwag

    Is everyone as impressed with the 2.0 HWK as I am?

    Stop telling everyone or it'll get nerfed
  7. gadwag

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    I'm using a similar solution with cardboard dividers between card types
  8. gadwag

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    GOOD GRIEF there are a lot of cards in the conversion kits. If you need a place to store them in bulk, try this: https://www.bcwsupplies.com/660-card-storage-box You can buy boxes of varying sizes from these guys for very very low prices. Won't work for me due to exorbitant international shipping prices, but hopefully US players find this useful.
  9. gadwag

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Update: according to a speech made by Alex at the NOVA open, extended will be the main organized play format. Bring on the gunboats! As celebration, here's a list of the arsenal Vynder loadouts I have lined up to try: Lone wolf, fcs, protorps, advanced protorps, advanced slam, arsenal loadout Saturation salvo, fcs, cluster missiles, homing missiles, advanced slam, arsenal loadout Lone wolf, fcs, homing missiles, advanced protorps, advanced slam, arsenal loadout I've previously flown him with lone wolf, homings and clusters, and he did alright but struggled to push more than one damage a turn (at that point he may as well be rocking an ion cannon). An ion cannon build is probably best tbh, but I want to try him with missiles flying out by the dozen. If I was going for ion cannon, I'd do: Lone wolf, assault loadout, advanced protorps, ion cannon, advanced slam. FCS optional, probably not needed.
  10. gadwag

    Quick Build Pages Updated with all Pilots!

    Yeah we've been playing half points on threat builds. It's a casual format so there's no reason not to. As for escalation, you would need to kill both wingmen before they can be replaced by reinforcements. That's straightforward and do-able
  11. gadwag

    1.0 upgrades you hope will find their way to 2.0

    Honestly, I'm not missing anything from 1.0. Pulsed ray shield would be fun as DarkArk mentioned, but I can't think of any upgrades I'm desperate to have.
  12. gadwag

    Ships and pilots you were wrong about

    If arvel is moving first, take a focus and use your boost (if needed) to get into a blocking position or to dodge expected arc positions. If arvel is moving second, take a focus or TL and then (if you're in arc or want to trigger intimidation) boost into the enemy so you can shoot them but they can't shoot you. If they are bumping arvel, he's doing his job! Even if he's not getting a shot, your other ships should be pointing that way so they can take advantage of the situation. Besides, the enemy ship can't shoot arvel if they bump him (apart from another arvel, oicunn, or zeb)
  13. gadwag

    Ships and pilots you were wrong about

    Try Arvel. I thought he was good and I wasn't wrong
  14. gadwag

    Scum Questions...

    Here's what happens: Before you engage (no measuring ranges) trigger feedback array, gaining an ion and a disarm token Trigger feedback vanes as a replacement effect on the ion token. If there are no ships within range 0-1, then you can't pass away the ion token and feedback array triggers as normal, damaging you. Assuming there is a ship (friendly or enemy) in range 1, you take a stress and pass the ion token to that ship. This is a replacement effect, which means that the effect it replaces no longer occurs. Since you have not paid the full cost of triggering feedback array (receiving both an ion and disarm token) feedback array does not trigger, and no one gets hurt. It's like 1.0 soontir passsing stress to yorr - if he does, then he doesn't get a free focus token from his ability
  15. gadwag

    Quick Build Pages Updated with all Pilots!

    Someone on reddit did card designs for the original quick build documents. I'm going to try and find him to ask if he can make another set. Drafting quick builds is going to be awesome