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  1. Advices for Hwk-290

    If you're flying the scum version, a great cheap (but frustrating) ship is the spice runner with TLT and greedo for 23pts. It's a twin laser turret that dishes out crits, and really annoys people.
  2. It was good while it lasted I guess

    Or they could nerf the actual problem combo - trajectory simulator and genius. FFG's practice of "nerfing around the problem" hasn't worked well in the past - see the Jumpmaster. That said, if they nerf the trajectory genius combo then maybe removing the crew slot as well would be ok. I don't fly k-wings so I'm not sure if it would be better or worse for the game.
  3. The mountain you die on

  4. The mountain you die on

    Ello asty and the U-wing
  5. Alternative Play Format: Objectives for X-Wing

    Anyone interested in playing this on vassal soon?
  6. [TLJ Spoilers] Did any one notice...

    Excellent! Good eyes spotting that, I just assumed they were all cactus. Snap, Jess, etc probably all got sent off on some other recon mission moments before TLJ started. At least Poe still has his buddy Oddy around (RIP Ello)
  7. [TLJ Spoilers] Did any one notice...

    I'm pretty sure snap died in the opening scene with the bombers - there was a shot of him yelling something and then exploding. Unless that was some other stout bearded xwing pilot? I'm not too optimistic about the other pilots though - unless they reappear in the next film or the comics, they could have died in the hangar explosion (RIP Tallie). Maybe Jess got sent off on another mission during the evacuation?
  8. The big alternate formats thread!

    That last game sure was fun. RIP Goose 1. Don't let this minor victory fool you, rebel scum - the empire has destroyed your base and we have plenty more elite pilots lined up and ready to wipe you out once and for all!
  9. The big alternate formats thread!

    Top post updated - pallas added and the holodrive has been moved into the campaign section.
  10. Flight Assist Astros. Xwing Saviours?

    Blame the wookies
  11. The big alternate formats thread!

    Top post has been updated with links for age of icons and 59-point cross-faction. That cross-faction looks really fun, I'll have to give it a try soon! In other news, the Vassal Grayskull campaign is wrapping up soon (I have finished all my games, and there are just one or two more left to be played). Some of you might have been lucky enough to see the games being played on Vassal if you were online at the right time. If you missed it or want more info on how the campaign went down, don't worry. We will be posting up narrative reports of some of the missions after Christmas so you can get an idea of what Grayskull is like. I'll post a link here when we do. In the meantime, though, I've got to say that Grayskull was some of the best X-Wing I've ever played. Apart from some very ridiculous dice in round 1, the missions were tense, dramatic, and generally ran on a knife edge right up until the end (especially the final assault on Grayskull base). The noble pilots of duck squadron flew admirably, and I had a blast. It was a bit weird playing games where generic pilots were the aces ruling the board and the main stress mechanic was thrust control fires, but it was great fun. I did find that there was much more dice variance than usual as well, since the pilots weren't all armed to the teeth with dice mods.
  12. The big alternate formats thread!

    got a link?
  13. The big alternate formats thread!

    I've just added the fantastic X-Wing objectives! This is probably our best shot at making a community-founded-alternative-format-that-could-become-official, so I encourage you all to get behind it and give it a go! It's already playtested and ready to run!
  14. XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat

    @Kieransi PTL is great fun on the gunboat, despite limited greens. I've had success with: Rho Squadron Veteran (PTL, advanced SLAM, harpoon missiles, OS-1 Arsenal Loadout) - 32pts. I paired him with carnor and echo in early gunboat testing and handily defeated some scurrgs. He generally fired a harpoon, slow rolled in for a range one shot, then bugged out to reload and repeat. SLAM into a missile shot is great fun. This guy has some serious competition though from the linked battery HLC crackshot rho (same cost) or even a linked battery HLC Nu for only 28pts. In the missile department, the 22pt Nu with only a harpoon and LRS is also worth a look for threatening high damage on a budget. Major Vynder (PTL, advanced slam, harpoon missiles, advanced proton torpedoes, OS-1 Arsenal Loadout) - 43 points. I paired him with RAC (VI, engine, kylo, dauntless, inspiring recruit) and it's a real fun list with serious speed. Vynder at PS7 was handy for bumping aces (as was the rho above) and pumping out damage. He's way too fat but he's lots of fun to fly, and is reasonably tough as long as you keep on slamming. Expertise is also another option for him
  15. Threat Tracker: The new best Tech?

    For those who want to see threat tracker in action, see this video. Ignore the fact that Mark jousts with his aces. At some point Mark managed a really nifty dodge with threat tracker, but I can't find it. I think he dodged out of Boba's arc at close range (possibly off a bump) and got a shot of his own. Threat tracker adds good versatility to a TL and makes it a great bail-out option, especially with barrel rolls which should let you still have a shot in most cases (or more than boost, anyway). It makes it extra tricky to pin aces and also lets low-ps pilots pull cute moves like setting up a bump, taking a TL, then rolling to get a shot/be safe.